E-Mail Marketing VS Social Media Marketing

Written By Ahmed El Dabaja 

Social media is our home. And it’s difficult to hear anything against it. You’re probably even wondering that what the point of a comparison is when we all know the answer – social media, of course!

But, while we hate to break your bubble, this is not the truth. E-mail marketing still has the power to crush social media marketing. Here are some reasons why:

1)    Simple Numbers

According to some basic facts, the email accounts are almost three times more than the accounts on Facebook and Twitter, combined! That’s almost 3 billion accounts! In fact, Facebook and Twitter only make up of 0.2% of the emails sent every day.  If for example, we enumerate the number of emails sent out every day to be a full cup of rice, Facebook posts only make up to be 10 grains while twitter is only 4 grains of the whole bowl! (Spam not included).

2)    Email is the most personal medium

Many think that Facebook is one the most personal mediums out there, but when you look at the stats, it’s quite the contrary. Since a lot of people do not use Facebook, especially if you want to target some older audiences, Facebook loses its approach to the vast majority of the population. In fact, many businesses use emails for a more professional form of contact. This makes email one the best marketing medium as well.

3)    Emails are the most “business-y” medium

Even though some businesses use social media platforms like Facebook for communication purposes, when it comes to building up business-related relationships and communicating with your clients and partners, emails are thought of as the most “grown-up” and “serious” form of communication there is. So basically, with email marketing you can target all your potential customers in a very professional way, focusing all your resources and energy on that one platform - while on the other hand if you want to use social media, you have to divide your focus on multiple platforms in order to expand your reach, which makes quality suffer.

4)    Email is a transactional medium

People already expect offers and promotions through emails. When they open up their inbox, they are already primed and might even trust the email promotions much more than trying out an offer on a new and unexpected platform. Taking Facebook, for example, you don’t expect any offers in your inbox and if you do get them, you will become immediately annoyed and delete or ignore the message.

5)    Email gets more attention per customer as compared to other mediums

Email is a much more “invasive” form and you will definitely be more likely to read something lying in your private inbox as compared to a post someone made. In fact, chances are that your post doesn’t even show up on their homepage. You have a much higher chance of missing out on reaching your potential clients as compared to using email marketing.

Contrary to your thoughts, Email has won the marketing competition while social media lost significantly.

Fandoms, ladies and gentlemen, are the biggest untapped online advertising resource.

‘Fandom’ is a term used to refer to a subculture composed of fans characterized by a feeling of sympathy and camaraderie with others who share a common interest. And Tumblr knows all about it. Some special TV shows, movies, and actors have become popular over night entirely due to Tumblr. Tumblr is probably most underestimated resource for movie/tv advertising. The social platform with more than 25 million unique visitors has single handedly changed the way we watch TV and created a whole new lingo around it.

  Along with fandoms came a whole new way to relate to the home screen and to understanding the new kind of viewer. The kind that engages with TV and movies on an emotional level and integrates characters and actors in their personal life.

Terms to know:  “OTP” stands for “One True Pairing,” and makes reference to characters in a movie/tv show that fans think have great chemistry or should be together.
“I ship it” is lingo for people that support a specific relationships. People have multiple ships at the same time and will show support through creating .gifs or writing fan fiction.   Most advertisers fear that the younger generations have more than one screen next to them while watching TV and that their interest in watching television is slowly dying in favor of online entertainment. What they fail to capitalize on is the emotional attachment fans have for their TV shows. Using .gifs in ads to reward and recognize loyalty would create that emotional connection between viewer and show that will actually bring in ROI and quantify the show’s importance. Creating ads with content viewers relate to will definitely change the metrics in terms of click-thru, dwell rate and the general attitude of the demographic towards display advertising. Here is to fandoms, gifs and display advertising’s happy union!   References: For those of you unaware, here are some of the most popular fandoms:   Whovians for Doctor Who

Sherlockians for Sherlock

Who sometimes offer each other moral support in between seasons:

Teen Wolf:

Hunters for Supernatural:

Potterheads for Harry Potter:

Hiddelstoners for Tom Hiddleston:

and Cumberbitches for Benedict Cumberbatch

And then there are “ships” (relationships created by viewers that are not necessarily mirroring the actual storyline).
Destiel (Dean and Castiel on Supernatural):

Sterek (Stiles and Derek on Teen Wolf):


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRKOh9rcNho)

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Is Email Marketing Dead?

This article was written by Ahmed El Dabaja

In the past few years, more and more people have started to rely on the new methods of marketing, seemingly leaving the older ones behind. That’s why email marketing and content marketing are not as popular as they were before, however stating that these marketing methods are dying is not true at all. In fact, plenty of businesses are already using them and integrate them via a CRM solution or any other method in order to generate incredible results for their company. But, are there any benefits that come from using email marketing or content marketing in this day and age?

Better one on one relationship with customers

Email marketing helps companies acquire a direct meeting with the customer in the virtual world. Sending messages to the customer and keeping him informed is necessary if you want to create and nurture a relationship with him. There’s nothing better than that feeling of opening up a mail and receiving the latest information from the company you follow, and that’s why all businesses should harness the power of email and content marketing immediately.

Better exposure

There are many types of marketing nowadays that can offer great exposure, but email marketing isn’t dead for a reason. That would be the fact that it can deliver a massive reach without requiring a lot of investment in the first place. Instead, it helps you create a mailing list and connect with new people that might be interested in your offerings. According to a survey from inc.com, 46% of all companies in the US use email marketing, CRM solutions and many other tools to get closer to their customers.

Easy to get into

Creating an email marketing list is easy and you can easily grow that list to thousands of mails. The idea is to offer a great piece of content for free and ask for the mail address in return. Make sure that you create a list of mails for whom people volunteered to deliver that piece of information. The last thing you want is to have emails listed as spam.

More sales

When you create a content marketing and email marketing campaign you let potential leads know about your offering. This helps you generate a lot more sales than ever before, and the results you can get here are huge. You can obtain anywhere from 20% to a 400% increase in sales, it all comes down to your copywriting skill, your offering and many other features.

You have hundreds of software tools to use

One of the things which show that email marketing is far from dead is that according to Capterra, there are more than 250 email marketing software solutions on the market. They can help you grow your list and maintain it as well as share your content to your audience without a problem.

Mobile marketing is booming right now

More than 75% of Gmail users are accessing their mails on mobile devices and there are countless millions of users that you can reach on mobile via their mail. That’s why you have to focus on creating content marketing and email marketing campaigns focused on mobile users because not only is marketing via email not dead, in fact it’s the best way to reach customers even while they are on the go.

As you can see, email marketing and content marketing are far from dead. With a good CRM solution and quality content you can really get incredible results and a very good user experience. All you have to do is to go ahead and create such a marketing campaign, focus on e-marketing  because even if it might seem old, connecting with customers via mail is still the future and it’s well worth the time investment!