digital manners

A farewell gift born of immense gratitude. For Alexis Kennedy when he recently departed from Failbetter Games, known for Fallen London and Sunless Sea particularly.

For those not familiar with Fallen London, it’s a great browser game with all focus on narrative and storytelling. The lore and worldbuilding is fantastic, exceptional and utterly delicious. Sunless Sea is a zee-faring survival exploration game set in the same world, also with a heavy emphasis on storytelling.

Fallen London has taught me so much, and showed me that storytelling still matters, and that a love for words is never a love wasted. It made me come up with the genre ‘shadows wearing a smile’ in order to explain what it was for others. It’s often silly and ridiculous in a good way, but sometimes, sometimes it bares its teeth for just a moment and reminds one that even stories can have a sharp bite.

I’ll always be grateful for the work he’s done, and I’m certain that wherever he go and whatever he does next he will find other ways to bring beauty and marvel and important words to the world.

Seven is the number, and a reckoning will not be postponed indefinitely.
All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well; this the Bazaar has promised us, and the Bazaar would never lie to us. <3


I’ve noticed that Halloween things are out at the stores around me, which made me wish fall was here as well. So in wishing for fall, here are my pumpkins, including a recent doodle based on the tag that the lovely Lady of the Manners at gothiccharmschool uses for the arrival of Halloween things, Threat Level: Pumpkin.