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Welcome to the Stucky Big Bang Challenge!

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Authors write a fanfic and pitch the summary to artists who will make art for the fic. The minimum word count expected is 20 000 words. We’ll require a 5000 word draft by 12 Midnight MST May 20, This is ¼ of the expected minimum word count. Authors may either: start writing after you sign up or continue working on something they are already writing provided it isn’t published. After the sign up close, Authors will have three and a half months to complete their fic. We’ll also require each over 20 000 word fic submitted to us by 12 Midnight MST August 12. Authors can do some minor editing if needed between then and the posting date, but the fic must be ready to publish on August 18. 

If you are co writing, only one of you needs to fill out the form, there is an option to include co authors contact info.

Authors can sign up until 11 PM MST April 25

For complete rules see FAQ

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Artists will be invited to claim a summary of a fanfic and then make art for the fic.

Artists will need a minimum of one finished piece per fic claimed. Art can be a drawing, painting (either traditional or digital), fanvids, fanmixes, manips, songwriting provided it can be recorded and posted, 3D art including fibre, sculpture, bookmaking, craft, provided it can be photographed.

Fanvids must be at least 1 minute and 30 seconds. Fanmixes must be at least 10 tracks and have a front and back cover.

Consult the author on any squicks/triggers they may have before making your piece. Art pieces are not to be posted until August 18 and must be complete aside from small edits by August 12. Art must be submitted to us by 12 Midnight MST August 12 or it will not be included in the masterlist or AO3 collection.

Artists can sign up until 12 Midnight MST June 7.

For complete rules see FAQ

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Pinch hitters volunteer to step in and complete at least one art piece in the event an artist has to drop out. You can sign up to be a pinch hitter any time up until 12 Midnight August 12. 

The form requires contact details as well as a list of Hard Nos: any triggers or squicks you are unwilling to make art for. 

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You can sign up as a beta until 12 Midnight MST July 15.

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Did another one! :D It was much harder to do, and I also realized that Ariel has a HUGE head (so Flounder looks enormous beside Belle). I also experimented with the water shadow thingy things (what are they even called?!). 

Aurora as a mermaid

Jazzelle Zanaughtti by Nick Knight - Comme Des Garçons Fall 2016

Dean Winchester of the 73rd had a knack for using his hands. Back home he could fix near enough any car that rolled though his way, so keeping him close to his flight squadron was like making sure you wore headdress during a salute: essential.

Dean’s magic fingers spread though more than just fixing things. His talent for capturing the imagination onto any flat surface made him more than desirable before the big flight. Girls were a popular choice, bombs that looked like sharks too, but on Sgt. Winchester’s own plane, he decided he needed an angel watching over him. 

Digital manip and paint

Biker Tom

Hey look Watermark!

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Here’s an edit of @starrycove‘s Breakdance AU!! I LOVE IT.  I did a ton of redrawing and a totally butchered Adrien’s hood (how do u draw hoods properly omf) 

Also, I decided to keep Adrien’s hair instead of Chat’s because I thought it looks nice.

My instagram is @marinette.x if anyone is curious and/or has seen this before.  I’m not a theft, I just started up this Tumblr account xD