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ID #47330

Name: Amanda
Age: 23 
Country: Canada

I really would love to get to know new people and really learn about them and what they do the same or differently than myself.

I am very creative and I love staying busy. I coach youth bowling, I bowl 3+ times a week, my family happens to own 2 bowling alleys. I volunteer at the zoo. I am currently applying to college to the digital media program.

I love art, pandas, bowling, and much more! I love any form of creativity and I think pen pal/snail mail is another great form of art and a way to express yourself while learning and making new friends :)

Preferences: Any age, anywhere in the world except in my province (Manitoba)

ID #87967

Name: Vanessa
Age: 16
Country: Germany

Dear future penpal,
What do I have to offer? Positivity, joy and great conversations.
For your information: I am fluent in German, doing fine in English (at least I hope so), can speak some French and I can order a taco in Spanish. But I think English/German should get the job done.
If you don’t catch me wasting my time in school or studying, chances are that I am doing something I love or something completely unneccesary -or maybe even both. I am a sucker for everything that is slightly aesthetically pleasing and get lost easily in the beauty of things. That also means that I am a daydreamer inside out and unfortunately, I spend hours and hours looking through small shops when I just see a single cool postcard or notebook. Maybe this is because I am interested in a great variety of things -whether it comes to art or politics. But what catches my attention the most, is people and their stories. There’s nothing that you can learn from more than a person and their experiences. This is also a reason why I want to get in touch with different people. I want to hear about the small story that happened to you at the coffee shop this morning and talk about your opinion on the universe and its purpose. I want to share my daily stories and the amazement when I talk about my passions and my beliefs.
What I am passionate about is art in any forms like photography or fashion, politics/society and literature. I am a very positive person that is full of love for the world around her. I am happiest when I can create something like a project, a low-quality DIY zine or artwork. Because of that I would love to share my everyday anecdotes, cute creations, lazy-ass vegetarian recipes and the love that I can give to you. It was cool if we could use the good old snail mail now and then but I am also down for “digital snail mail” and sending digital artworks if you’re into that.
Looking forward to getting to know you.


Preferences: literally anyone
Handsome Brute print
Art Nouveau-styled prints inspired by the villain Gaston. 11x17 on white cardstock, digitally illustrated fan-made tribute illustration.

Okay, going to post this on my main art blog eventually, but wanted to post it for you Gaston/LeFou/BatB peeps here.

For the next month I’m going to be only freelancing and maintaining my online art sales (I don’t start my new job until June). So if you feel generous and want to help me out, I’ll make BatB-related prints like this available for you all at a cheaper price than my other prints.

If there’s interest, I’m also planning to:

-Make and sell Gafou (and maybe just non-pairing too) button packs based on my previous art.

-Do special commissions and email full digital files or mail prints (depending) for $2. (Feel free to message me and we can talk about it!)

I just like making personalized things for people! So if you do feel like placing any orders with me, I thank you for your support <3 <3 <3

Y’all are a cool fandom!



I’m opening sketch commissions for $2.5 usd!! ( For a FULL BODY OR A BUST??)  WOULD ANYONE BE INTERESTED??? IT CAN BE TRAD OR DIGITAL , ill mail it to you if it’s traditional and it’ll be up on etsy!!!! PLEASE REBLOG THIS ILL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL BC THIS IS LIKE MY FIRST TIME OPENING COMMISIONS AND STUFF!! 

idk message me or reply to this post if ur interested and pls reblog!!! <333

If enough people say yes i’ll be opening 10 slots! :’D


“Belle the Ogre Slayer” - Digital Oil Painting

Commissioned by the Lady Colette after her daughter, Belle, returned home victorious, the hero of the Ogre Wars.


This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.