digital letterpress

Augmented Type

We were set a short brief to take this existing letterpress typeface and ornament it in a way that could be lasercut and replicated for contemporary letterpress techniques. We were split into groups of 3 and given 4 letters or numbers. My group received IJ£9 and we decided we would take 1 character each and split the I because it was seemingly the easiest but also the hardest as it was a complete blank canvas. I received the £.

The first design was using the blend tool that I learnt in the earlier tutorial. Secondly, I looked at the way I draw a £ when handwriting it and came across this second pattern. Then for the remaining I was looking at vanishing points to create the block ‘spiral’ pattern. 

The first again is using the blend tool and clipping masks. The second design is inspired by totem poles and old wood carvings. With repetition of shapes it looks like a set of faces. The third is inspired by a kaleidoscope table I’ve seen designed that uses fragments of mirrors in a similar layout to this but at angles to create a kaleidoscope within a glass table.

I messed around with my favourite of the two letters in the ‘vibrating boundaries’ colour theorem I quite like to revisit. It confuses the eyes and the mind and provokes intrigue in the image.

Vanity Project

I had these polymer plates on my desk for about 8 months collecting dust and finally had a chance to get the printing done with my partner, Mystic Multiples. My supply of beautiful business cards is now replenished. The cards are 4 color letterpress on Cranes Letra 220lb. I love the overlays and depth of impression on the card face. I think there’s something Sailor Moon-esque happening here ;D

Never Over The Rainbow! Publicide x Pride

With Friday’s Supreme Court ruling finally making same-sex marriage legal in the United States, companies are scrambling nation-wide to imbue their logo with a rainbow hue in support. Naturally, our New York print shop was way ahead of the trend.

Our 2013-era business card wields a mesmerizing, holographic logo foil stamp on bright white Finch Fine stock. Foil, a plasticky laminate that prints opaquely onto many surfaces, is a more dimensional and dazzling method for rainbow printing. Below, a foil flood coating the surface of Lower East Side art gallery Ramiken Crucible’s business card (stamped with red ink letterpress):

Publicide is proud to have printed for some of queer community’s most daring artists, designers, and activists. We’re proud to be your New York letterpress and digital printer of choice!


‘Pick Me Up’ College day trip - London.

Tuesday 28th April 2015

On the 28th April we went to the somerset house in London to look around the ‘Pick Me Up’ exhibition. The exhibit was a lot smaller than I was initially expecting however it was really diverse. Their were many different kinds of work  ranging from; Letterpress, digital, traditional, watercolor, screen-printing…etc

It was awesome to see all this diversity in such a small exhibit. I found some of the work here really inspiring. I will showcase additional pictures of the some of the work at the gallery in a later blog post as I can’t fit all the photos in one blog post. There were also demonstrations done by some of the designs at the exhibit. They gave an insight into their work and their process, their process varying depending on their style of work.

Here are two artists that I looked at after entering the exhibit. I found their work to be really interesting because Gaurab’s work featured bold, highly-saturated uses of color on normal day to day ‘boring’ objects. Whilst Thomas had a very unique way of working by taking panoramic shots of the sky and using the architecture as borders to create designs, characters mostly. It was awesome to see things like this as it inspires me to create more art in the future.

After exploring the Pick Me Up exhibition I also went to the Tate Modern briefly. It was interesting to compare this to the Pick Me Up exhibition as the Tate seems to be aimed at the general public the Pick Me Up exhibit while diverse seems to be aimed at designs. 

The trip was cool as it was nice to see some designs in their element and it helps inspire me to create.