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666: Jersey Devil

WE DID IT! Give it up for the main monster of Jersey, LEEEEEEEEEEEEEDSSSSS DEVIIILLLLLLLLL!!!!!

You’re probably wondering why this is a pattern, welll…I started a Society6 a bit back, and this puppy is slapped onto a bunch of cool biz. Like so cool that you’ll go “what?”


I’ll be back to the end of the music monsters after this day, special number and all~


I just… Love Winged!Golden Boy!Gavin. There needs to be more of it. Please.

Please do not use my art without my permission! Ask first!

Yo, my second drawing of Robyn (left) and Hannah (right) from @crewefox ‘s awesome fanfiction Take a stand: Star of Ceartais. If you haven’t checked it out, you’re very welcome to do so! Star of Ceartais is the sequal to the Zootopia fanfiction Take a stand!! :)))))

You’ll find all of Crewe’s stories hereeee~

Hope everyone enjoys!!

And @oggzz​ , Bruh, I love you as usual. Good job getting me into this.

678: Toffee

Ready your narwhal blast, cause this week is Star vs The Forces of Evil!

Who’s your favorite monster? Demon? Hispanic Faux Unicorn? Lemme know!

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