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//World needs more folks who are so open, thank you for showing folks that it's ok to accept yourself. Glad I decided to follow you~

I legitimately want to go cry right now, for all the right reasons, and will once family goes to sleep, because seeing that these words mean something to others is such a big deal to me. I’m probably a tad raw still from writing it but it’s driving home that yeah, I have a career in being loud and protective for those that can’t afford to be

Seeing you all back me up is genuinely what gives me life and what I draw on when I train and writer. Thank you all for existing, for without you I wouldn’t be me now

Ok, I haven’t been in the fandom for long but I remember hearing of Padlock (Tony and Sketch) was the main ship for a while? But now there’s just a giant ass implosion of Digital Time (Tony and Colin) that sorta…sucked me into it?
It’s kinda sad to realize that I’m now shipping a fucking clock and computer…
But then again…I ship a refrigerator with a giant slab of steak and feel no shame in it soooo….?

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I wanna give you a high-five for the Senran Kagura post. I'm torn on SK, because I genuinely dig the design but never really gelled over the dichotomy of presumptuous, overwrought character writing and blithe cheesecake. But fetishy as SK is, it's not outright CREEPY as anything Itagaki made. I'll always wish SK were written by a Gail Simone or the like, for a better working of unapologetic gay women being badass/drunk/smelly, but you made me reconsider SK. Major kudos to you. You're cool.

I’m absolutely thrilled to be getting responses like this, by the way everyone you have been so fucking amazing with this post and if I had known you all needed this catharsis sooner I’d have said it weeks ago! But, here we are, and I figure my gods told me it was the right time for a reason and here we are

Anyways, you’re welcome, and thank you for telling me this. I love getting feedback and knowing I’m doing good work and that yes, if I’m honest, it does better serve others who may be looking for a way to be honest with themselves.

I can at least understand the being torn part. If it helps, I’m working on setting up starting my own original story serial soon about a lesbian paladin, and I am a lady identifying type, so maybe stick around for that? It’ll be at @sordidsorcery and this goes for anyone looking for some female made lgbt fiction that doesn’t focus on stuff like homophobia or real world struggle or drama. I’m a bit done with that myself.

Tho SK as done by Simone is something I’d donate an organ to see. I bet she could pull off the spirit of it pretty well. I mean, she did justice to one of my other faves, Red Sonja, so.

If you do give it a chance, I hope you go in with my viewpoint in mind instead. If you want a starting point (or if any of you are curious now), Bon Apetit just got released on Steam, and it’s a standalone game about a cooking tournament with Iron Chef levels of absurdity. It’s a music game, and the plots are all self-contained and pure nonsense/fun. It’s legitimately one of my fave games of all time now because I never feel sad after playing a round.

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I love you. You are such an amazing person. Never stop being who you are, liking what you like, open with it, and opening peoples eyes (as you did with mine, is why I followed you in the first place) with your perspectives on life.

It really means a lot to me to hear people tell me this. It doesn’t happen often, but every time it does it helps me stay on track that much longer. I can’t do this without you all, after all. A leader’s nothing without her army.

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yo sorry for the silly and out of nowhere ask but i just wanted to like. show my appreciation for you? because you are a hella rad person and i admire you a lot and how unapologetic you are about yourself and your interests! your posts always make me happy and i just think you're great ;w; sorry if this is weird skdjfhskd

Not at all! I actually really appreciate hearing stuff like this, it is what keeps me going is stuff like this, and makes absolutely all the crap worth it. You all are worth having someone protect you, teach you, show you the way, get you to the point you can be like me too and enjoy yourself without negotiating it or losing any of it around others.

Digital Fridge tag is there for stuff I don’t want to forget, much like putting a drawing your kid did up you’re proud of, and some of it is so dumb or so bad it’s hilarious, but most of it is for things like this.

So thank YOU for being a wonderful follower/audience and being something worth not compromising who I am and what I am for.

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Thank you for writing that. No sarcasm, it was a wonderful read and very heartfelt and you put into words what I've been struggling to say for a while. Thanks for being a cool gal, Atma!

This is absolutely the response I strive for, since I know I’m not the only lady identifying type that feels this way, and if exposing myself (ha) means others will find shelter in it, then that’s what I am absolutely all about as a human existence is that. Hearing that does fuel me and spurn me on to work harder and better for us all.

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Is it weird that if I feel like if I ever have children, I should send them to you for training so I never have to fear for their safety?

I wouldn’t say it’s weird, and I would be honored to train anyone’s kids, even yours, anon. Kids seem to really love me, too. (Today, I had a kid from last week who was just SO EXCITED to see I own an actual for real sharp sword and he got his mom to meet me going THIS IS THE REAL SWORD LADY! HEY SHOW MY MOM YOUR SWORD and I was like oh wow. I also have a ten year old girl idolizing me right now.)

Part of what we do is a kid’s version of the self defense course which is anti-bullying tactics and how to deal with bad situations with bad adults. We’re very much a combination of hating the “The victim didn’t try hard enough to stop this” and “Zero Tolerance is bullshit.” We tell the kids if someone is bothering them, even if they wind up eating a detention or suspension, please, you have the right to exist and defend yourself. If it happens, talk to us so we can maybe talk to their school/teachers about this. 

Again, like self defense, not every dojo is great with kids, and it’s sort of compounded by this pervasive attitude in the United States that martial arts, for some reason, are either just cheesy movie fodder or an after school daycare for kids. We definitely have some parents who view us like that, but overall the kids love us and you can tell they’re getting something out of it. Recently, one of our first black belts, a teen girl, entered high school and joined the wrestling team. She’ll go far. It’s also just a general healthy outlet for them in many ways.

But I believe it’s something, even kids, have a right to do and that’s exist and defend their personal space. Morally and ethically, I believe you give up the right to not be harmed once you’ve assaulted another. (This is part of why we preach “Don’t throw a first punch” but also “You better believe we’ll finish a fight”) It doesn’t matter if it’s the Pope, me, you, a kid, grandma, or the sleaziest taxi driver in New York, we should all be allowed to fight back.

I also feel strongly about it since, well, you’re all so kind and trusting of me with your pasts, that I can divulge I started training in my preteen years (I did Chinese Kenpo, Kickboxing, and Boxing. Funny enough, my old sensei is still friends with my current one.) after being mercilessly bullied for a couple years by an ex-friend’s rumormongering turning me into some sort of school monstrosity. It’s a long story, I don’t mind telling it if anyone’s curious (especially since learning I was once a very weak and meek and quiet introvert and shut-in who wouldn’t hurt a fly is probably a huge surprise to most of you given what I am like now) but while it never happened again once they found out I was enrolled, they kind of dissipated. But I stuck with it for a while and really enjoyed it for what it was as a whole, so I’m glad I found my way back to it and a way of life in it.

So while this got a bit long winded, it’s actually not a shameful or worrying or weird thought at all. We all want our loved ones to be safe and happy, especially if we’ve seen or experienced some of the worst ourselves. It’s always a huge compliment to me to hear things like this, and makes me believe that I was given this career path for a reason.

I’ll train hard for your future kids.

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More like you didn't do a real response because you can't prove them wrong ayy lmao. What are you still doing on Tumblr at 28 years old anyways? Embarrassing.

man i knew working with kids would pay off someday

i’m mostly publishing this ask instead of just deleting it and forgetting is i cannot stop fucking cracking up at this, every part of this anon is fucking gold, come laugh with me everyone you gotta see this. this needs to be in my digital fridge tag

also i’m pretty sure everyone knows by now i’m an embarrassing grandpa. thanks for showing me how old i am i guess? thanks for indirectly making my day great, anon, i had a good laugh