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silvaer  asked:

‘ someone will remember us. even in another time. ’

✦ ANNE CARSON SENTENCE STARTERS | ( status :: accepting ! )


      ❝ that would depend on who you are. whilst the successful build their legacies, there are others who simply fade away in the background. perhaps, for some, it’s better that way than to be defined by their misdeeds. ❞ but no, not he— WHAT IS IT THAT DEFINES HIM, EXACTLY ?  perhaps, a walking paradox is what he is: one who bleeds duality and grasps at dominion with gilded hands. ❝ since you say this— what would you want to be remembered by ? ❞ profound is his question, and tapered digits drum against the polished tabletop as he awaits the other’s response.

[Leaves this for him and isn’t sorry one bit tbh]

Levi presses his fingers to the card, turning it one way then the other against his desk as though checking its validity, making sure it’s actually there as he reads over the text another time. Petra sent this? He wonders again, seemingly caught on that part in particular, then whether it’s a turn in her humor that he’s yet to see or… 

And Levi taps at the card, digits drumming along as he muses over the thought of bringing this note and presenting it back to her to see what she has to say about it then, in person, to his face. He thinks about it… but soon dismisses the idea.

@aiishite​ |||

                 “Say, Aishi-kun…have you ever taken pictures of her while you hide in the bushes like a creepy fucker?” But her question is full of expectation, her eyes enamoured with the scenario her own words describe. Her fingers touching his hand, digits playfully drumming with a random rythm.

I want to see it…”