digital drug dealer


@Regrann from @hebrews_to_negroes - HSBC (Hong Kong Bank of China), Mastercard and other money/credit companies are pushing for the end of “cash” and the beginning of “digital money”…..or “digital everything”. Barbers, Drug dealers, basement hair dressers and all those who get paid “under the table” without paying taxes….won’t be able to hide once every monetary transaction runs through a bank, paypal, ebay, amazon etc. People think its a game. When cash is gone, the “Jewish Money Masters” can freeze, erase or manipulate people’s bank account if you are “a problem”. This is complete control.

The next step is the crash of the dollar….like venezuela currency. A old Jewish Stock broker told me this was gonna happen too. smh.
Should we stop being “afraid” now of coming together and forming sustainable communities because Black Wall Street was bombed by the USA? Wake Up! - #regrann

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