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Photo session of the 2018 Ford Mustang.

This car is unmistakably Mustang. We’re not just talking looks. It’s the way it feels when you wrap your hand around the wheel. The power. The rush that lasts long after you park it. But what else would you expect? Like we said, it’s a Mustang.

The optional 12” LCD instrument cluster is the first all-digital display ever offered on a Mustang. Which means you’re in absolute control of everything you see. Customize colors. Choose your gauge layout. It’s easy to view. It’s fast. It’s responsive. And, like everything else in this Mustang, absolutely beautiful.


Ford GT’s Digital Cluster Featuring 5 Drive Modes

The innovative instrument display in the new Ford GT features five unique drive modes, from Normal, Wet, Sport, Track and V-Max, designed and tailored to suit different driving conditions.


Goodbye to the analog dashboard, now everything will be digital.

12" instrument screen customizable. It is so customizable that even the sound of the engine is adjustable.

Pre-collision assistance, pedestrian detection, new 10-speed automatic transmission.

2018 Ford Mustang 


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Warnings: Non I can really think of


Over the thousands of years you had been alive you never understood the concept of speed limits, and found every reason to speed whenever you got behind the wheel. You would purposely sleep in an extra 5 minutes (not that demons needed sleep, but it was a thing you needed to do to seem human) just so you could rush through the sleepy streets to get to school in time. But speeding was great, for a creature with no natural human emotions speeding gave you a rush of adrenaline even if it was for a few short minutes.

But today, even by your standards you were speeding, your baby squealing through the almost deserted streets, the tiny orange digits on your dashboard ticking over to the early morning hours. It would be hard to believe that a simple text was making you drive this fast. “Pack meeting. ASAP!!!” The text from Lydia made you bolt up in bed, instantly getting dressed and getting in the car, driving in your usual manner to the loft.

You swung open Derek’s heavy front door, having to act as if it was heavy because it would seem strange if you suddenly sprouted massive muscles and were able to open the massive door. You sped into the loft, seeing the pack standing several feet from the door. “What’s going o-“ You were cut off as you hit an invisible barrier, instantly recoiling and rubbing your nose before you realised what had just happened. A devil’s trap had been spray painted on the roof in red spray paint and you pondered quickly how they got such a complex design up there. You slowly lowered your head to look at your pack, all with varying looks of shock on your face. A tiny smile appeared on your face as you blinked, revealing your fully black eyes. “Surprise.” You said with a dry laugh. “I guess the cat’s out of the bag, or in this case demon.” You say with a shrug.

There was a long silence, no one quiet knowing what to do. “You need to get out of her.” Derek snarled before pulling something out of his back pocket. You instantly recognised it. “No.” You begin to beg. “You don’t understand! No! No! Please! It’s me! It’s always been me. I’m Y/N!” You exclaim as you begin to feel your soul being ripped from the meat suit you had occupied since birth, a unique deal to occupy the dead infant’s form, giving you a suit and the suit a soul. A screamed ripped from your throat as your knees gave out from under you, slamming onto the cold ground. “PLEASE!” you screamed as Derek began to read the last lines of the exorcism. Your mouth pried yourself open as you could feel the black smoke preparing to weasel out of the body, and you knew that if Derek finished the chant there would be a dead body laying in the middle of his loft.

Just as you felt as if you wouldn’t be able to hold on for another second the chanting stopped, the Latin words slowing until they eventually stopped. And you looked up, still gasping for air to see Lydia had ripped the sheet out of Derek’s hands, stopping his recital. “Stop!” She yelled, looking between the pack and your shaking form. “She isn’t lying.” You looked up, hope filling your eyes as she explained. “I looked up her records to find her birthday and found some hospital records.” She dragged in a massive breath. “The baby Y/N was placed in was born still born.” You couldn’t believe it, Lydia found those files, the files you thought hide the only thing that could pass you away for not-quite human. She knealt down to be eye level with you. “That’s what you did, giving a life to you and to the baby.” You nod, not trusting your throat to speak. Lydia stood, scratching one of the thick red lines surrounding you and you instantly felt your energy beginning to return. Lydia turned back to face the still shocked pack. “This is Y/N. It always has, and it always will be!”


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