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Songstress Elaryn-

Finally finished with the full painting of my new Dungeons and Dragons character- Elaryn! I am currently participating in Wanderbots’ campaign with BirdcatcherLP and SebastianSB on a Youtube series dubbed ‘Grave of Man’. Our characters (my Triton Bard, Bird’s Bugbear Paladin, Greg, and Keith’s Lizardfolk Druid, Drez) were scouts and adventurers washed by a deluge into the ruins of a once bustling city built my humans, dwarves, and elves.

Thus far we have discovered that most of the inhabitants are undead through mystical means, and that a cult of druids seeking to end civilization may be behind the city’s downfall. More monstrous races are emerging to scavenge what, and who, they can- including Drez’s Lizardfolk clan, a band of goblins, ogres, and orcs led by Gorlarr (with whom Greg has a personal vendetta), a Kenku with a taste for humanoid flesh, and others yet unseen.

I made character portraits for our main icons, while Wanderbot vectored my thumbnails and made the maps and tokens as the DM/GM. Hope to finish paintings for Drez and Greg as well!

More on Elaryn- she is  Triton (merfolk with legs) Bard who is the daughter of a Priestess and Warlock who, with the rest of her kind, kept the leviathans of the Plane of Water from engulfing the land above the sea. After her mysterious father- pledged to a potentially nefarious being, goes missing, Elaryn’s quest to find him takes her ashore. A stranger in a strange land, she finds herself friends amongst a Tabaxi (cat people) merchant guild who will pay and aid her in her search should she provide them with the artifacts she finds on her travels. She is bubbly, headstrong, and eager to share stories and song with anyone who will listen.

If you want to see episodes of our adventures (and what I sound like/ some on the spot ditties for my Bard) visit Wanderbot’s Youtube channel!

PS- They refer to me as 'Chelle’

- Video Link for Episode 1- Started as a Podcast Prank turned into the start of an online campaign! Hosted in Roll20 with custom assets.

First pass at designing our D&D party! Only Skaan’s player gave me any visuals so the others are all straight out of my head, and are likely to evolve as the campaign goes on and we get a better idea of everyone’s personalities. We’ve only done one session so far but already have some amazing dynamics going and I’m super excited to continue. I may also attempt to make mini-comics out of some of the best scenes, if I get the time.

From left to right we have: an Air Genasi bard, a Dragonborn ranger, a Wood-Elf fighter, a Tiefling warlock, a Gnome barbarian and Jamie the Almighty Dungeon Master (click for full view!)

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Herizen and Zunai Guardiola for True Religions’s Spring 2017 “This is True” Digital Campaign

My sister makes me laugh until I cry every single day. My biggest gift in life is not my voice or my talent – it’s my sister because she is always there supporting me.


More sketches of my Dragonborn ranger Etney Bronzetooth - some of these are referenced from poses from Hero Forge, from which I will 100% be ordering a 3D-printed mini-Etney in the near future. I still haven’t fully nailed down her costume but I’m getting much better at drawing her giant monster feets

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Bridgit Mendler was once voted as one of the most annoying celebrities and just because she avoids drama and scandals; that’s so sad. She’s in USC studying Liberal Arts and Anthropology. She also studied Jazz History, Medieval art and Medical anthropology. Not to forget that she became ambassador to First Book, a campaign to encourage reading and gives books to children in need, she’s also a part of Disney’s friends for Change. She released a promotional single  called, “We Can Change the World” and raised $250,000 for the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. She won the honorary award Common Sense Media as Role Model of the Year for her work against bullying, she was the third young artist to win the award. She also became ambassador of the campaign Give With Target with Target Corporation to raise funds to reform schools in the United States. They campaign raised $1 billion by 2015. She was featured in a public campaign Delete Digital Drama with the Seventeen Magazine to end cyberbullying.  She also traveled to the United Kingdom to fundraise for Comic Relief, given the aim of making her laugh with their jokes for a £1 donation. The campaign raised £100,000. Bridgit also participated to the World Challenge Marathon for Save the Children Foundation, a charity race to helps children with health problems. She traveled to the region of El Quiché, Guatemala to participate in the other project of Save the Children that helps underprivileged children in developing countries. She has also been in a relationship with Co-Star Shane Harper since 2011 but unless she doesn’t have any drama or scandals she’s irrelevant or annoying to this society.

10 rules for writing a good headline

1. Self-interest. What’s in it for the reader. 

2. Arouse curiosity. Make them STOP and ask, “How can that be?” or “What do they mean by that?” Then answer the question well. 

3. Does your ad SINGLE OUT your intended audience? 

4. Is it EASY to understand? 

5. Is it newsworthy? 

6. Is it believable? David Oglivy: “The customer is not a moron. She’s your wife.” 

7. Quick results. 

8. Be specific. 

9. Something of value. 

10. Make it well known. Brand names and testimonials make people feel comfortable.

source: Murray Raphel "Mind Your Own Business,”

Concepts sketches for a Test Chamber style Dungeons and Dragons homebrew I wanna try.

Basically portal style where you and your party have to run a maze of puzzles and encounters to escape the testing chambers. The ominous observer is watching you in every room and you get tokens for completing rooms in creative ways that you can spend on equipment and upgrades.

The 100 + The Walking Dead crossover – Blake siblings (weapons and outfits borrowed from Daryl and Michonne)

edit: on this note, check out The Prisoner and The Cure by PaintedGhostOrchid, awesome The 100/TWD crossover fanfic.