digital autism

Here’s a quick drawing I made some weeks ago of the 11th Doctor.

You know, many of us in the fandom headcanon The Doctor as autistic - and now I’m inaugurating my art blog with autistic!Doctor. He’s wearing the neurodiversity symbol as a bowtie! It’s a literal glowing symbol, how cool is that! 

This April, please #WalkInRed, not in blue. #RedInstead ! Don’t support Autism $peaks, stim freely, and stay safe! The Doctor says so! 

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i seriously hate reposting this and i dont wanna be That Guy but im trying to get out of my abusive household. im not just gonna ask for money, so please message me if you would like to commission me. i would really appreciate it if this could be signal boosted as well aaaa

🎶☁new article on Frill-Ability!☁🎶

Oftentimes, it’s our hobbies, the things able and allistic folks scoff at as frivolity, which help us win our battles, keeping us strong and present daily. Frill-Ability, Inc.’s latest blog is about Tamagotchi’s latest US release, its accessibility, and how the little things can be our grandest saving graces in the disabled and chronically ill life.


You all seem to be as thrilled about Tamagotchi as I am, so I’ve been keeping track of their progress! This new release has me excited about a hobby I lost sight of a couple years ago due to stress, and I hope it encourages others to get back into it as well. (or something else fun they love!) As much as we feel we do not have time for good things; we have to try to make it.

My hobbies help me deal when life feels unbearable, especially my debilitating illnesses. I’ve been in bed most of the day, but I can do things like making videos, creating digital art, and writing in spurts, as long as I take breaks. I want to create things other people enjoy. Frill-Ability Inc. is just as much about finding beauty in the little things as it is about tackling big topics.

How do you take time to care for yourself everyday? And have you been tempted by Tamagotchi yet?