digital art pack


This was what I was working on all semester! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and I hope that maybe it can help some other artists.

I’m by no means an expert, just a student wanting to share my work with others. :)

hey my internet keeps cutting out! which sucks eggs!!! but you know what doesn’t suck? this LB charm design I finished wow!

currently finishing up chat noir atm. here’s hoping I can post him soon before my internet dies again╰( ; ∇ ;╰)


welp today i just get inspired to draw some charcter from “night in the woods” after i watched @therealjacksepticeye​ youtube channel this morning and so i draw them in human style. ihope you guys like it!! :3

*leans into the microphone* Uhh, did I mention that I like Monster Hunter as well?

Quick sketch before going to work!

(I like the look of this tamamitsune b/c it looks like it’s creeping up on him thinking “you little bitch…”)


For the people who were still interested in buying the pack :

You can contact me at this adress :

Above are all the things that were supposed to go in the Roll20 pack.

The price is 5$ for the whole pack of PNG files. It’s what it would have been on the marketplace. (I will give you my Paypal adress.)

By default I will send you a zip file with everything in it but if that doesn’t work for you we can figure out another way.

I hope I didn’t forget any info. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me. (I still don’t really understand how to Tumblr so that way at least I’m sure I’ll know how to answer you.)

Let me explain this weirdness I just drew. I was watching Wolf 359 AMA #3 and imagined the characters saying the same things as the actors. I’ll try to draw some more of those if don’t start hating this idea tomorrow. You know how we artists are - feel the urge to start all over once we’ve finished or quit drawing for good. :D
Anyway, have Maxwell complimenting the plant monster and Hera being jealous.

“Familiar Strangers”

New Zealand is rich in cetacean wildlife, of all kinds. Together with the duskies, short-beaked common dolphins are perhaps the most numerous of the familiar crew. They live there year-round, roaming around the two islands, making their homes in many of the numerous bays.

Once in a while, there are visitors from Antarctica. Small, greyish coloured killer whales with enormous eyepatches and a skin full of algae. Pack ice killer whales, also known as ‘Type B’s. Sightings are few and far between, but it could be that they make this round-trip every year. They may seek New Zealand’s warmer waters to shed their skin, and lose their cast of diatoms with it, for the frigid Antarctic waters are too cold to do so. It has been confirmed that Type B killer whales in a different part of the Antarctic make such trips to South America.

And the Type B’s are not alone – Type C (Ross sea) killer whales are also sporadically seen in New Zealand waters, possibly for the same reasons. Even though human encounters are rare, it might be that these whales come by much more frequently. The resident common dolphins must see them from time to time. Every year visiting, in small numbers, silent, and not nearly as dangerous as the resident mammal-eating killer whales.

I wonder what they might think of these familiar strangers.


“Anon: For the drawings thingy, Panther!Carmilla wrapped around Laura as she sleeps on the floor? Also, your art is really freaking awesome and has been an inspiration, thank you for sharing them!”


Dragon stickers!!

I’ve been working on these designs for a couple of days now - each design is based off a polymer clay dragon that I’ve made - pictures and links to the clay dragons can be found here!

This sticker pack is now available on my etsy here!

It’s free UK postage and international shipping is available!