digital art jewelry

’Sorceress’ by @chompwell

I am doing the same thing here. Breaking the complex into a series of simple tasks. The only difference is that i’m taking the time to fix mistakes and modify things i don’t like. No references were used, only theory.

I try not to modify things I like too much. It helps me make progress in the painting.


Was moving at snail speed, but now I’m moving at turtle speed to complete this piece. Super excited because, it’s turning out better than I expected and I keep modifying it. Each time I fix it, I love it even more ^_^ 

Click here to see past progress, down to the first sketches (then u will have to click more on that one teehee finger twerkout)

Part 1: Outline + updates
Part 2: Update
More progress from this morning ♡♡ So much thought goes into my outlines and it’s overwhelming figuring out whether concepts fit together or not. Like, why in the world did I decide to create a collaboration with ingredients for an ice cream sundae & jewelry? I don’t even know if those two things go together. BUUUUT, HERE IS THE UPDATED VERSION ANYWAYS ♡♡

A lot going on in my life. A lot of anxiety, stress, and I find peace doing this. I luv <3