digital art is hard as poop

First meeting

Not gonna lie, but I think I may have peak in art (for me) on this
Also I decided to color it in with color pencils than going digital bc no way was I going to do lineart for all that
I wish i could explain the story behind but I got nothing
All I can say is Gary is pretty happy to get some attention other than being use for magic or for pooping in places he shouldnt poop… I think it’s hard to tell with his somber like face what he is actually thinking :/


The Day is Saved
Watercolor, Gouache, Brush Pen
8″ x 10″

My piece for the Powerpuff Girls art show happening at Cartoon Network!  I’ve always loved in the old series when the girls would relax on clouds (I think it only happened in Too Pooped to Puff though), so for my gallery contribution I decided to translate that idea into the reboot style with our new pancake/pringle clouds.  The girls take a breather after a hard day at work, the City of Townsville safe in the distance…for the time being.

I had a fun time making this painting, and this time I wanted to try and make a gif showing my watercolor process.  

A clean line art version that I inked digitally is under the watercolor paper to trace over (I use a light box), similar to the process I first tried with my Lapis Lazuli piece.  Leaving the inking for last and having no pencil markings on the paper gives it a nice, clean look to it.