digital art couple

Some Old Married Spirk cuddles! This was supposed to be an illustration for ‘To hear an Instant’ but I figured, better late than never?

He startled out of his sleepy state when he found the Vulcan’s eyes open and fixed on his face, tender but full of queries. Kirk sighed, knowing there was no escaping the conversation, and he figured he might as well get it over with sooner rather than later. “Spock, do I look old to you?” A blush crept upon his cheeks at the suddenness of his question: he had not intended to be so direct, and part of him expected his husband to blank out in front of such illogic.

Spock, however, merely raised his head from its nest into his neck and said, quite simply: “No, Jim. You look to me as you always have: beautiful, and bright.” Then he cupped his face in both hands -not without difficulty, given the way they were crammed together- and offered him a delicate smile. “I am grateful for the time we have spent together. And for the time ahead of us.” His index finger slipped up across the bridge of the human’s nose, halting the imminent fall of his new glasses. “I do find these rather fetching.”

At that Jim had to laugh, and some of his earlier irritation was dispelled by the heartfelt kiss he bestowed upon his husband’s lips. “Oh, honey. Whatever would I do without you?”

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Never again Lonely~ 

I have this feeling, besides Ozzie being around of course as Angus’ only company, Angus was totally alone. So now and again he might have little nightmares of being alone again. He just got way too into his work, which isn’t a bad thing to be determined to achieve his music career goals, but he had absolutely no social life because of it. He probably went to after concert parties and all that but he had no close relations except for more or less his manager Ian. So when Bodi stepped in that’s when he had to adjust himself a bit further. Glory is supposed to be a different deal entirely with a growing loving relationship over time that took a little longer, because of the assistant job coming first, then bonding over time.

also this comic piece came out looking more artsy than usual Idk why xD