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Following Spree! ♡

I’m following 500 - 1,000 blogs within the next few months! 

Tumblr’s follow limit will not let me follow this many blogs within a short period of time, but I will do my best to follow more and more people as the days go by!

Please like/reblog this post if you post anything relevant to what I’m looking for! The people who like + reblog will have a chance of being spotlighted by me to over 3,200 + followers! x] If you follow me back, you may be added to my Forever Follow list, of people who will be spotlighted the most on my blog  ♡ If you’re nice and talk to me frequently, via ask or message, I will for sure be tagging you in future posts and of course be your friend ^o^ 

I am following those who reblog/post:

  • ☆ Anime 
  • ☆ Music 
  • ☆ Nature 
  • ☆ Clothes
  • ☆ Quotes
  • ☆ Cuteness
  • ☆ Japanese things
  • ☆ Rainbow things
  • ☆ Hearts
  • ☆ Digital Art
  • ☆ Hair Styles
  • ☆ Music in different languages
  • ☆ Food
  • ☆ Cute/Pretty/Cool Gifs ☆
  • ☆ Unique things you don’t see everyday

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