En enero participé “indirectamente”, y gracias a la ayuda de unas chicas maravillosas ♥︎, en la feria del dibujo HolaChao que tuvo lugar en Concepción, Chile. Este dibujo fue parte de las prints que estuvieron disponibles para su venta.

A pesar que no estuve físicamente en el evento, fue una experiencia increíble! Espero pueda repetirse en el futuro y ojalá de manera presencial ; v ;


some lightbulbs. All inspired by Fall Away.
I feel like these as a concept have been in the works for a long time, but now I have three lightbulbs, it all seems to click and feel complete.

lowkey want these as tattoos? But that would involve convincing my parents to accept me getting tattoos lmao. Especially tattoos without “meaning” (because as much as Fall Away means a lot to me, it just wouldn’t make sense to my parents and they wouldn’t get it, and to them it’d seem meaningless - not like tattoos for family or home or something).

I would really love for more people to get on board with this idea by @wubkins for sharing love and positivist during to time of aggression. The idea put simply is to do a little doodle of Sam wearing a flower crown to show support to those that need it in the community and not just Jack’s community since the flower crown symbolizes a type of unite among us all. :) 

 So go make a quick doodle today and share it with friends and strangers by using the #SamsWithFlowerCrowns and go check out wubkins original post for this darling idea!!!

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