Check out this music video created by Studio Doulzia for Open Mike Eagle! It premiered on Saturday (Feb. 25) on Adult Swim’s Toonami block.

Everything Is Static Still Changing


Sahara ! (part5)

Two years ago I had the pleasure to work on the animated movie “Sahara”, that was released a few weeks ago in France.

As a Color Designer, my main job was to define the color schemes and texture indicactions for the characters created by my talented friends Adrien Gromelleand Gaultier Buiret. It was very interesting because of the specific art direction of the movie, which was to achieve a realistic yet painterly look.

This is the final post about my work on Sahara I think, It’s taking up a lot of space on my Tumblr, so I will probably put everything somewhere else at some point, and just put a link here ;)

Concentration #8 Animatics!

I took a random page from my comic’s script and made them into animatics! There are a few line changes in courtesy of anyone watching without background context.  First time using Storyboard pro, super fun program!

(If you are reading my comic, this is sorta a spoiler, but not anything big. There’s also no sound sorry!)


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