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You made a graphic novel, right? One about your own characters? It looks really interesting, and I was wondering is it for sale anywhere?? Also, is there a version in English??

I did! And I`m actually not sure what to do with it.

It`s still in the process of being graded, afterwards my teacher adviced me to participate in a countrywide awarding, saying I have very good chances of winning. If I do it would make my life easier in finding a job in that field.

I don`t have it on sell anywhere, I made three physical copies of it, and I`m recultant to put the digital pages on the internet. People have been stealing my art constantly and I`m scared that they take my idea and make it their own, without me being able to do anything against it. Fanstuff I don`t really care for anymore, it`s sad but I`m helpless there.

So as of now, I`m just waiting on getting my grade, trying to win that contest and then I`ll see what I`ll do.


‘Cyberhelvetia’ - 3deluxe (2002)

“Themed installation with Internet connection for the Swiss Expo.02, in the context of a traditional Swiss swimming baths. Instead of the pool: a glass ashlar with interactive projections. 

The so-called pool was filled with ‘virtual water’, which visitors both on the spot and on the Internet enhanced by adding imaginative life forms. The reciprocal interaction between real and virtually present people and the digital creatures constantly created new atmospheric images on the projected surface of the pool, so that the overall impression was essentially of a living organism. The virtual water also responded to climatic conditions in the form of data from a weather station on the pavilion roof. The artificial surface of the water changed during the course of the day and seasons, and thus linked the artificial with nature as well as the virtual with what can be experienced in reality.”