digital negative

Cyber / Tech Protection Idea

☆ Put sigils or small herbs inside your phone case to prevent it being stolen or broken

☆ Safely wash the back of your phone and phone case in a magickal wash

☆ Enchant screen cloths for wiping mobiles, televisions or computer screens.

☆ Leave your phone on charge and place under a full moon to boost your mobile’s magickal energy or cleanse your phone

☆ Likewise, have your television or computer facing a direction to a window where it can bathe in moonlight while you sleep

☆ Place loving, healing, cleansing and protecting crystals around the computer

☆ Smudge or mist spray the area around the computer

☆ Surround your wifi modem with a crystal grid or mist spray the area. When it gets dusty, wash gently with a damp, not soaking cloth using a wash

☆ Watermark sigils into your digital photos before posting them to prevent negativity, drama or having them stolen etc.

☆ Put sigils into your profile, banner or cover photos / pictures to protect and cleanse your digital footprint on places like Facebook to prevent negative people going to your profile

☆ Using glamor spells to ‘disguise’ or make a profile seem ‘invisible’ to someone is another variation.

☆ Use Empath Techniques or products to shield yourself from negativity and others drama. I suggest The White Witch’s Parlor ‘Empath’ solid perfume