Lockdown - by Johnson Ting

Video timelapse [here]

“Done for recording purposes, didn’t plan anything initially so I just paint and make up stuffs as I go, sorry for the long video! You can read some of the information regarding the video on the youtube description.

Done in around 5 hours over the course of a week, a lot of errors and messed up the recording a couple of times so some parts are missing :/ Gotta learn how to use these software properly.
Thanks guys!”


It’s been a couple of weeks now, but here are parts of the doujinshi I made for the T2 Only event in Tokyo! It was my first time selling overseas on top of my first time being in Japan ever, and it was truly an amazing and irreplaceable experience.. I’ll never forget it!! Thanks so much to the team and my friends for all of the help and support!! (;_;) <3333

And thank you so much for all the fun this summer & con season too!! I was totally absent when it came to updating tumblr, but if you stopped by at Fanime or AX thank you so much!! This year was again loads of fun and I’m really happy to have met and spent time with great people. From here on out I hope to focus on some new projects!! *_* Love you guys!!

Day 457 - Doublan | ダブラン | Duosion

Doublan undergoes mitosis incredibly slowly. This is why it takes a while to evolve. It has simple limbs starting to form, and its growing ESP is allowing it to morph its cytoplasm at will.

(P.S. Daily new Pokémon drawings, follow to see them! As always, e-mail animeleepocket@gmail.com for inquiries on prints of all existing drawings and commissions.)

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Sarada: … Well…? (-////-)

Sasuke: …!!  (o___o) <(?!)

Sasuke: *thinking*

Sarada: …?

Sasuke: … Looks good. (~////~) <(…)

Sakura: EEEEH?!? B-But… you only said “Hn” when I grew out mine!  You’re always holding baaaaack~ (; A;)

Sarada: Papa!  (^ 3 ^)

continuation of this post (though I changed the outfits a bit)

A long-haired Sarada would probably remind Sasuke of Mikoto.  The feels went into maximum overdrive, so I had to do something light-hearted to fix the hole in my heart!