Weird comic I made for @nhipotle ‘s Blind Karamatsu AU because someone decided to point out that Karamatsu would probably have to touch people’s faces to “see” what they look like and it’s hella hard to do that with six same faces. But Karamatsu’s observant and notices the tiny details.

sorry my handwriting is so darn messy.  hope you guys can read it…. :/

and sorry for the sudden change in styles lol


Poetic Surreal Settings by Lory

Focus on the amazing work by Laurent Rosset known as Lory on Instagram. Each images he publishes inpires adventure loves ans fascinate fantasy enthusiasts. The visual stories he creates depict hot-air balloon above a stormy sea or a little craft in direction of a mysterious island.


Zootopia (2016) | Clip - “Have a Donut"