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score! two classic albums for sure. am i correct in my assumption that these are on vinyl?

These are on vinyl, yes and Jesus Christo, they sound amazing. That warm low-end. Aaah! Almost picked up Opiate, too, but figured it’ll be around for awhile (whereas Parliament - well, it’s not exactly flying off the shelves which means the repressing may not last and be harder to find in the long run and yeah, I’m rambling, but I get going about music. lol) 

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Seems I’ve fallen out of favor, but that’s what I get for trying to diversify the content of my blog lol. Love yours as much as ever, but I’ll be damned if you end up gettin me into a series like Dr. Who. There’s just too much of that shit to watch!

Oh sir, you are never out of favor. You’re one of my favorite blogs, and there’s a lot in my queue (it happens, y'know?) Though…. if you only start with the 2005 series (and not all the way back to the 60’s…) it’s not that bad… you can knock it out in a couple of months (or by the Christmas Special, which will be airing on Christmas as you may have been able to guess) and then you can be one of us… 

One of us. One of us. We accept you, one of us! Gooble Gobble! One of us. 
Freaks (1932)

All joking aside, thank you for liking my blog. And I do appreciate your diversity, just saying. And … stuff. 

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blasted char. limit - i also wanted to ask you if you have the means to encode digital copies of your vinyl music for portable music playback/archival/vinyl preservation purposes? that didn’t come out right can’t brain today i have the dumb sorry lol

My current turntable does have the capability, but only at 192kbps (TWITCH!), but when I upgrade early next year to the REGA RP-1, I will - effectively - lose the ability, unless I procure another component, but most of my vinyl has been released on CD (with the exception of this Otis Redding/Jimi Hendrix thing, but I was able to find it on a torrent site, so I can’t complain and a couple other things) but yeah, I am capable, if the need presents itself (actually, even if I don’t get the additional component [at 200 bucks, it’s not exactly pressing], I’ll still have the Denon to encode mp3’s with, even if it’s at a lesser bitrate than I prefer [320kbps minimum with a preference toward FLAC….]) 

I really do ramble. If you have any further questions, go ahead and send me a message thingy whatchamacallit. 

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Becoming is seriously THE most underrated nin song EVER. You have great taste in music, sir. I salute you.

Is it really? You think? I mean, it doesn’t get the attention of say “Closer” (and the next person who calls it the “I want to fuck you like an animal” song, I’m going to … okay, give a very stern look to, but whatever) but it was never released as a single, so that doesn’t surprise me (on the grand scale of things) but, among fans, I think it has its place. It’s not as disregarded as say…. Starfuckers, Inc.  or most of With_Teeth (which I think is a good album, less a track or two. No, it didn’t seem to be worth the 5-6 year wait, but hell, it’s not like Chinese Democracy [which was by no means worth the wait]… It’s a solid album from top to bottom, though it did take a couple years to really grow on me (I might have to add a couple NIN songs to that list, including: The Great Below and Right Where It Belongs [such an amazing song] and And All That Could Have Been, another stellar song… but sadly overlooked because of its rarity (well, maybe not so much on torrent sites as it can be found, but actual physical copies were limited)… God I’m rambling, aren’t I? lol) 

Nonetheless, back to the Becoming… I rather enjoy the Still version as well. It definitely gave it a different feel altogether, a different sensation. But yeah, there’s just something about that particular song that… resonates with me and where I’ve been… anyways, thank you. I’m glad you appreciate my taste in music. lol And from what I’ve seen, yours is splendid as well. 

(Also included on that list would be Eulogy, Right in Two, and Reflection by Tool…. Actually, want me to just make you a really stellar mix? lol)  

Hi. I ramble.