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Sara Style - a tall drink of lovely - not about you stylist

Shopping can be challenging if you are a bratty 17 year old figuring out how to act like a lady to the beauty of others that are a tall drink of lovely.  Digishon’s client’s consisted of both - the 17 year old and the the more modern, knows what she wants 6 figure income executive - lets call her Sara Style, that takes our suggestions and it makes a shopping experience way easy. 

Obviously, as a professional, its our job to make it easy for customers to trust me, and team, and just listen.  Because as a stylist, this is not about you, it is our job as a Stylist to produce the ability to provide a platform for customers to learn about themselves by listening. Its more about each individual therapy session through clothes we put on, to escape or to show the world who we are, or disguise..its to a person who either feels inadequate or has not been feeling confident lately, or whatever the reason for their shopping spree, to have an inspiration on every experience as is a lesson for you as professional stylist too.  And, as small boutiques are still recovering at the seams of staying afloat amidst the economy continues to be volatile, we need to learn to be agile and versatile with clients.  

For the past week, I took two different clients out for a shopping.  The first one was a beautiful wall flower young lady from California while the second was an executive at a technology firm in NYC.  Each lady had her body issues, preferences and insecurities, but I had to wonder, why is it that we feel like clothes are an extension of our feelings?  

Perhaps we could be better to express ourselves differently next time, and say something about intimidation, fearlessness and confidence?  Yes, but sometimes we learn how to help each other by letting the world know where we stand through our wardrobe.  And, that is why the word “Fashion” seems to be a dirty word now amongst teenage women. They want to seem authentic, real and not sold on anybody’s opinion.  

My 17 year old pain-n da ass client ( just kidden - not ) payed attention to the the poorly photoshopped images on a t-shirt, the way the color of yellow was faking a lemon tone, or that the texture was not soft enough. She pretty much hated everything boutiques had.  For her and probably her young friends, fashion is no longer an expression and she revolts against it.  And, since it has become more about the item as the rock star as opposed to the way the designer made it, and their expressions towards them as human beings, her choices were limited.  We shopped LES and WilliB as it was her choice, and she really didn’t care for the options that were ridiculously overpriced for her budget.  Her options were vintage stores with no names or Top Shop.  Sucks.  Although, I have to say, if you own a shop in NYC, the clothes need to stand out and you can’t please everyone.

If you wonder how the big dogs in fashion are recovering from a fiscally challenged economy, I suggest go visit Bloomies on 59street to see what they are doing right.  I don’t typically shop here at all, but for my second clients’ needs, we headed out to spend her loot on a pricey and lovely gown for a destination wedding she was attending.  Sara Style is a tall drink of water, so it made sense to go there as boutiques don’t typically carry a variety of sizes.  (Note to yourself- women don’t all come in size 0, 2, 4…) Back to Bloomingdales, I am impressed at how their professional sales associates treat their customers, their online write a suggestion to other shoppers profiles and determination to “boutiquify" their stations added to a great experience and I will return.  They had a curated SPANX and Bras section and their dresses had a lovely lit dressing-rooms with long walk ways…  We spent a hole lot of money there for a fabulous ABS by Allen Shwartz dress ( by the way, the most flattering, forgiving and well draped gown under $500 Bucks! ) , and I had only wished, boutiques would allow me to re-merchandise their shops and online presence, which would drive more traffic to their existence.  Boutiques need to offer variety and price sensitive offerings for their younger fiscally challenged shoppers.

Silver Lining LA shopping with Digishon

Digishon took to the streets of Southern California offering customers with the opportunity to peak through skype styling at some of the most glamourous boutiques in LA, CA.  The best part of our scouting came when we were on our last morning after some much deserved yummy breakfast tacos.  We stumbled upon a resale thrift store on an unassuming Washington Blvd.  Graciously the women that provide the expensive clothing and accessories at Silver Lining have warm hearts.  They give so that children gain.  A remarkable moment for shoppers in knowing that 100% of their purchase goes to a worthy cause because shopping @ SilverLining offers beautiful clothes donated by the fancy mommies.  The best part is that everything you buy gives all proceeds back to the children suffering from autism in Venice California.  I found a gorg Carla Mancini purse…

And, if you are a dude, or like beach stuff, we also found a great surfer shop called Rider Shack for skate boarders and surf gear.  They have Toms and local wears.    When we booked our trip to LA knowing that Fashion Week NYC is the place to be seen, learn about trends and find a huge network of fashion stylists, editors and buyers, we made our decisions based on the guide of understanding that the industry has shifted from solely NY runways to include the sidewalks of Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Malibu. We love models wearing our favorite designers, but we actually want to help our ladies find affordable luxury the cool hunter way to include boutiques in LA county.  That is why we also are including to our fit models ranging from size 0-10 but also with 36D and 32” inseams… If you have any needs that require us to personal virtual shopping at any of our listings including Silver Lining, or if you have questions, please visit our Digishon.com and contact us directly to book an appointment.  

The Jokes on us…DKNY tells us to send idiotic fashion show requests, except she’s posting them on her Twitter shamewall. Digishon sat in on a Social Media Week NYC beauty and fashion technology startup pitch. Yes its a little stuck up ( kinda like Highschool - the popular chics vs. geeky girls ) NOT helping us here, but it is funny.  Whats the hashtag? answer back and let us all know…

On housekeeping notes for the future of digishon blog, we still are working on original server over on godaddy.com (kinda sucked), after launching two years ago we had set up street style posts and still have found a reason to talk about it..if you haven’t poked around there yet, please see it here.

Lastly, I also wanted to share a great lady with a vision.  Her ecommerce is dedicated to green stylish products and merchandise.  Kaight  - ( also her name ) runs a sustainable business and, like us, grass roots - female founder.  She rocks…

Design & Decay

That Marc Jacobs teamed with Daniel Buren for the Spring 2013 Louis Vuitton RTW collection is well established and documented, but this author has seen little consideration of the union besides its pleasing minimal design. While many may know of Buren’s work from the sculptural installation, Les deux plateaux (1985), at the Palais Royal in Paris, a work that is not only permanent, but has already been restored (2007), the work that should be considered in relation to Buren’s consideration with Jacobs is Within and Beyond the Frame (1973) that was installed at the John Weber Gallery in New York City. A series of equidistant banners are suspended across the gallery, out the window, and across the street. The vertically-striped banners were left suspended throughout the showing and deteriorated. Jacobs teamed with a particularly fitting visual artist, one whose work well represents the fleeting and momentary world of fashion or, for that matter, life.

- Joel Frederic Hopkins


On Friday the 13th of February NYFWFW15 turned into a ceremony of evocation at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week with its celebration of Monique Lhuillier. It reminded us of the exceptional delivery from Carolina Herrera’s Fall Winter show 2012. In Monique’s present collection, music was as important as the models and choreography showcasing the goods. Blonde’s vocals themselves were isolated ( Debra Harry actually ) amidst string instruments leaving us to desire each piece of Monique Lhullier as a work of art in and of itself. As I have posted the ending on our partner Digishon.com facebook

 This typically tough scrutinizing crowd of decision makers and influencers of couture, It was that good…that they applauded before it even ended.  Really… How can anyone top that show off? Monique Lhullier’s Fall Winter 2015 collection delivered an emotional connection of childhood 80’s grown up.  


No question jmendelparis has the fur trend locked down, but they’re also responsible for tracking hot redcarpet celebrities needs. We saw spectacular silk cut outs everywhere including onto pants and with thigh high slit dresses, red shoes and chunky patent leather boots. instead of spending thrifty for cheap knock offs and fast fashion, JMendel is worth saving every dollar to spend on luxury. Yesterday’s runwayshow for Fall 2015 is perfect winter wear now. We’ll have to wait? Yes, but nowadays fast fashion will somehow start to copy this. Stylists of Digishon.com suggest you wait it out to feel good and proud once you invest with this classic designers collection. Colorful furs coupled with a pop of red hits a home run.