Hello everyone! It’s my absolute pleasure to announce that this year’s Digimon OTP week is coming up with an AU centric theme! 

For any newcomers to the DigiOTPWeek, this is a tumblr event that is designed for fans to indulge themselves with their favorite ships from any and every Digimon season! It’s a simple event that tries to encourage everyone to create content for their favorite pairings. 

If you want an excuse to flood the tag with your favorite ship/dynamic, now is your chance! Any kind of pairing is accepted here. OTPs, Rare Pairs, Crack ships, even just family bonds and brotps. So long as it’s a part of the Digimon Series, all is welcome and accepted here! 

The Digimon OTP Week starts on August 14th and ends on August 28th. Each prompt is deliberately broad so that everyone can interpret it as they see fit. For example, with “Professions AU” you can translate that to Tattoo Artist and Florist AU, or with your pairing as office workers, or even a firefighter AU. There are no wrong answers here, so feel free to have fun with it!

Thank you everyone for your continued support and enthusiasm for this event. I hope to see everyone else enjoy this year’s DigiOTP Week! 

(For further information such as detailed Rules/FAQ, a full list of Prompts and other information, please check the links on the top of the home page.) 


DigiOTPWeek Day 3 - Soulmates

Although I love writing Mimato fanfiction, Taiora was the first couple that I shipped when I first started watching the show. To me, Taichi and Sora have a connection that can’t be conveyed properly in words, but the word soulmate does this connection ample justice. Especially in Soushitsu, when Taichi repeats Biyomon’s words to Sora about how she’s always trying to help everyone else but when it comes to herself she tries to do everything on her own, but that’s what he thinks is one of her good qualities, and Sora loses her composure and starts crying, that scene just made me believe in this special connection even more. They might not have ended up together romantically in the canon, but for me, they’re definitely soulmates.


Digimon OTP Week: day 3 - fantasy au

dragonhuman!taichi magicalgirl!sora werewolf!yamato and succubus!mimi

plot: Sora and Taichi are agents of the association of licensed magical users in this universe, their main task is to investigate cases and arrest wayward/out of control magic users/magic creatures in different dimensions. Sora was a student from a magical girl academy affiliated with the association while Taichi and his little sister were taken in as children because they were accused of being “cursed” by their human community. Sora and Taichi met when they were 8, have been best friends since then and became official partners on the job when they were 17.

Yamato is one of the many werewolf children born into their respective wolfpack, his father being the leader/alphawolf. as a child, he was considered not one of the strongest, but also not one of the weakest. his many brothers frequently overshadows his presence in the family. this changes when he wanders in a random forest and gets into a fight with a girl over a grapefruit, they eventually become friends and spend the season together. he finds out that Mimi may be the last surviving succubus. however, the wolf pack needs to migrate and Mimi and yamato ultimately separate. they reunite again after several years, Yamato being the one chosen by his then dead father to inherit the status of alpha wolf. he asks her to be his fiancée, urging her to abandon her lonesome lifestyle.

Yamato reveals to Mimi that he wants to know who murdered his parents and why his little brother closest to him is missing (he couldn’t care less for his other siblings though). Their current lead are the vampires, though not much are known about them because they haven’t been active in roughly a decade, their investigation coincides with one of Taichi and Sora’s missions, that’s how they meet the first time.


  • Taichi and Yamato both have full beast versions, aka a full dragon and a full wolf mode.
  • Mimi also has a human mode, when her ears would change and her wings and horns would disappear, but she prefers not to do it.
  • Koushiro is a pixie who works in the research department.
  • Taichi’s seals (silver bands on his neck and wrists) prevent him from going haywire. red eyes indicate bloodlust and little willpower, however blood-related, Hikari doesn’t need seals.
  • Sora considers Yamato to be one of the few people Who are eye-to-eye with Taichi in terms of strength. this is based on a brawl they once had when Taichi’s seals accidentally cracked. Yamato barely kept up though.
  • Sora made Taichi’s red scarf as a commemoratory present for being appointed together as a unit/team. she said dull colors didn’t fit him, and even if Taichi never gets cold, he always wants to wear it
  • while Taichi is a fire elemental dragonhuman, Hikari is one who can heal and restore energy, at the early chapters of the story, she only works indoors of the association.
  • In the early chapters, Sora has a crush on Jyou, a merman who works in the health department. their families also know each other.
  • Sora’s magical girl outfit and wand change depending on how much strength she applies in battle.
  • Mimi’s outfit changed once she became Yamato’s fiancée.
  • there are rumors about the werewolves being a critical aspect of how the succubi were wiped out.
  • since succubi are born through a seed planted in soil, Mimi has the ability to manipulate soil and plants.
  • no one currently knows the full extent of Mimi’s strength, though it’s known that when her hair turns pink, it indicates that she’s really really mad
  • a succubus falling in love with any creature will increase the latter’s physical capabilities, whilst returning the feelings will also increase the former’s
  • Ken is a mysterious vampire who applied for a job in the association. He and Hikari often spend time together in the libraries, though not knowing much about each other

Digimon OTP Week: Zombie / College AU

Since canon already gave us some college Nishihime, I decided to go for the Zombie one~ they are survivors also I tried to make Hime-chan a little buff and gave Nishijima-kun a beard~


Digimon OTP Week: Zombie/College AU

The theme was supposed to be college or zombie, but I ended up using them both. Actually it’s more highschool then college. I always draw Daiken stuff, so this time I decided to insert another pairing, ‘cause in zombie stuff the more is the better, right? This four are the last survivors in the whole school. Ken is chased by his ex girlfriend… he will be the next one to be zombified, I guess. Poor thing. Mimi is too cool, so she will be the only human remaining.

Note that I didn’t choose the zombie characters ‘cause I don’t like ‘em or don’t want ‘em in my fav pairings. In fact I think that all the kids deserve love~♥ 

But yeah, this time they are all gonna be zombies. I know it’s sad, but that’s how things works in zombie stuff.