digimon: blackout

While Eos spent years researching, subduing and capturing rogue Digimon, it was noticed that many of the most common Digimon seem to take the forms of dinosaur-like creatures. 

One species in particular, the Tyrannomon are large, powerful Digimon, that took an appearance of a carnivorous theropod dinosaur. Although the name suggests that they mimic the looks of the Tyrannosaurus  Rex, in truth, it is more of a mix of several different species. 

Around 13-14 feet tall at the hips, they possess tough skin that protects them from injuries, a row of spikes on their backs and tails, and their build is typically robust. They are easily distinguished  by their typical red-and-white coloring. Tyrannomon are physically strong, and will attack using their strong jaws and tails. In addition to this, they can also produce fireballs for long-range combat. 

Despite being of the Data attribute, many Tyrannomon are very territorial easily angered, though most seem to be above average in intelligence.

Digimon of Blackout

Digimon are energy beings composed of code and data, and the inhabitants of the cyberspace known as the Digital World. They come in a vast array of different shapes and sizes, assuming countless forms, that tend to resemble the many flora, fauna, and objects of Earth. Most Digimon are sentient, with intelligence that is comparable (and at times, even rival) to that of humanity, though some ‘wild’ Digimon are less so and can be considered 'feral’ by our standards. 

They have no physical sex, are much more resilient than any living being known on Earth, possess immense power and regeneration abilities, and can live for thousands of years, usually being reborn at the end of their life cycles.

A Digimon’s life cycle is different from what one might expect, as they do not reproduce sexually, rather through a sort of universal system involving the recycling of their data. While Digimon age in a fashion comparable to that of a flesh and blood organism, it does not necessarily “die” at the end of its life. As it is made from recyclable data, it will be reborn into a Digi-Tama (Digi-Egg) if it dies from “old age” (after their data layers become too worn out, and their bodies need to “reboot the system”, basically), and goes through its life cycle again.

The key to prolonging a Digimon’s life is evolution, also called “digivolution”. It is a process by which a Digimon truly “ages”, growing into a new and powerful form. This sort of evolution is - at its core - a very fast metamorphosis, as it changes a Digimon from one form to another in mere milliseconds, with the new form often wildly disparate from the previous one.
Most Digimon will reach their Adult forms over the course of their lives, with a few able to evolve to their Perfect, or even Ultimate forms (though this is a rare occurence).

The length of a Digimon’s life cycle is directly connected to how far it is able to evolve. Child level Digimon can typically live up to 50 years under ideal circumstances, Adults live longer - sometimes for 200-500 years - and if a Digimon reaches the Perfect level, it can live as long as 1000 years. Ultimate Digimon are a true rarity, however, as there are only a handful of them left in the Digital World. They are capable of living for thousands of years, being close to “immortals” in the eyes of humans.

Death (permanent) is possible provided the cause is unnatural and damaging to the digicore (being killed in a violent battle is not uncommon in the untamed parts of the Digital World, for example). When death occurs, the [Digimon’s] body dissolves into infinitesimal bits of data that are either scattered across the world, or downloaded by another Digimon. If the latter does not happen, their data will become part of the ever-expanding Digital World by being reconfigured into the building blocks that shape the world, or - in some cases - it will be combined with other bits of free data to create a Digi-Tama, from which a brand new Digimon will be born.

If the data is absorbed by another Digimon, it is “lost” in the sense that it becomes part of the Digimon that consumed it, making it stronger.
It is rumored that it’s possible for a Digimon to take part of its own data and combine it with “free” data, or the data of another Digimon to create a Digi-Tama, although this is uncomfirmed and would probably have a low success rate if it were possible.

Though Digimon do not age in the same manner as organic life forms, some differences can be seen between the Digimon of the same species as they grow older. For example, “older” Digimon will typically be larger, often having longer horns and bigger spikes, claws, beaks, manes, etc. While it is less noticeable in mechanical and “inanimate” type Digimon, some may still show signs of “aging” - developing rust on their metal parts, looking more worn-out over all, etc.

Digimon are resiliant and can survive without food and water, as they are not organic life, but will still need to consume something capable of providing energy - as they grow weaker and their regeneration processes slow down if they lack sufficient energy to “run”. They can consume anything - food, CDs, glass, stones, nails, plastic, phones, etc., as everything a Digimon consumes is recycled into pure energy within their bodies.

Another trait that is exclusive and defining to the Digimon race is that all of them have different (species-based) offensive and defensive abilities. They can write and generate codes (usually by calling the name of the ability they are going to use) to produce things like shields or blasts of flame, ice, wind, weapons, etc., that are used for offense or defense. These techniques are capable of being incredibly destructive and can cause serious damage in the Real World under the right circumstances.

Some Digimon are also able to influence the weather and their surroundings - be it water, earth or fire - while others can create illusions or open portals to other dimensions, with a few gifted with psychic abilities that may included telepathy, telekinesis, etc.

'Attacks’ aren’t an aquired skill, rather they are innate abilities, unique to each species on a 'biological’ level; it’s a trait akin to, for example, having wings and being able to fly. The 'attack’ mechanics are activated by the will of the Digimon on the personality level, and by the call of a certain function/method on the data level, and then are executed automatically according the Digimon’s design. As such, Digimon can consciously control their attacks until the moment of the actual 'launch’ (in most cases there is some wind-up required before that). Within this time lapse he can delay or abort the attack if need be. After the 'launch’ the control over the attack’s course is usually lost, and, depending on the Digimon type, the owner can be completely focused on it, incapable of movement or communication.

In the Real World, a Digimon typically exhibits an ability to absorb information and process it quickly, which in turn can be used to learn new languages, read entire books and understand them within minutes, etc. They can also reconfigure their own data into energy to get inside human digital technology and travel through the web or even via wireless signals, an ability that could allow them to hack into most computers.

This ability to dissolve into raw data can also be used to move around via power and data streams created by humans. It isn’t clear if they require specific entry or exit points, however, it’s confirmed that they cannot always enter shielded power or data cables and devices and have greater difficulty doing so.

The stronger the Digimon, the more durable transfer channel must be to accomodate their “size”.

A freshly hatched Baby can use a low-power cord (such as the kind found in home appliances or a weak wi-fi connection), but an Ultimate would require higher grade optic fiber or high voltage power lines to travel, and a Mega cannot currently use any of the available transfer channels at all.


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Britney Spear's "Blackout" is FLAWLESS!

I was reading a list of some of the best produced albums of the 2000s and “Blackout” was near the top of the list. I decided to buy it, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase; I’m addicted. It was released in 2007 and it sounds way ahead of it’s time! Brings back a lot of high school nostalgia (I remember listening to “Gimme More” and “Piece of Me” when they came out, and they were huge hits). All of the songs are great, and the album makes me feel like getting freaky. ;)

Top favorite would be a tie between “Break the Ice” and “Get Naked (I Got A Plan)” and my least favorite is “Heaven on Earth”, but I still even like that one a lot.

Fun Fact: Funny how I’m a huge Lady Gaga fan and that this album can actually be linked to her in a small way: Gaga wrote Telephone for this album. Britney recorded it, but decided not to include it the end. Glad Gaga for to keep Telephone though!

Rating: 9.8/10