digimon: blackout

To all the people who reblog my post and say that you dont need to rely on social media to tell you that youre beautiful...

Upload a picture of yourself tat took you a lot of effort to be ok with posting because you aren’t conventionally attractive in the black community.

Upload it and get no notes.

Go thru the black tumblr tag and watch all the conventionally attractive people get 5k.

Do this every Monday or every blackout. Get ignored on every occasion and watch the “wanted” get unlimited notes.

That translates to you not being valued by your own people in a world where black beauty standards are not status quo.

It fucks with your sense of self. You get your sense of self from others reactions.

Stop throwing shade at the people who feel ignored and unwanted by their own because that’s exactly what’s happening. Everyone is not like you. You can be confident but still feel unwanted or not valued by the community because people will most definitely see the picture cuz it’s tagged accordingly. You just ain’t got the right “look”

Two Poets Just Called Out The Black Men Who Hate Black Women
"These black girls need to watch out, 'cause white girls is winning." Thus begins the viscerally honest poem, 'To Be Black and Woman and Alive," performed at the 2015 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational

The accuracy of this poem is scary alarming. Please do stop and take a look at this video. Add more tags. Send it to people. It’s an issue that has been brought to the table many times and is well known but this, this gave me chills.