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Dreaming To Reality: 02 Remix Chapter Thirty Five - 18

 “Please!” Hikari said as she stepped in front. “Let us talk to him! Maybe we can stop all this senseless fighting!”

Kumbhiramon’s expression darkened. “If you’re going to stand by him, chu, then you’re going to die with him too!” The mouse Deva immediately split in to six copies, all of which carried the same murderous expression before diving forward at the Chosen Children - and Hikari in particular. “Chu!”

Tailmon immediately moved to intercept the first clone as it rushed at Hikari, striking it harshly with her claws and causing it to dissipate immediately. “Hikari, get back!”

“If you think we’re going to let you do what you want, you’re wrong!” Fladramon shouted, raising his claws as he was engulfed in flame before lunging at the next copy as it swerved about to the left.

“You’ve done enough!” Shutumon agreed, sending a blast of wind blades that diced yet another copy as it rushed upwards, easily dispelling it.

“There’s no reason to go this far!” BladeKuwagamon said, sending a blast of lightning at the fourth copy, incinerating it.

“You will listen to us, one way or another!” Pegasmon whipped about to kick the fifth copy directly in the face, shattering it.

Shawujinmon brought about his staff, which had what appeared to be a massive revolver cylinder on one end and a crescent blade on the other, to strike down the sixth clone. “So why don’t you calm down and behave yourselves?”

Ken stared as the Chosen fought to protect him, slowly standing to his feet. It made his heart clench in his chest, bringing tears to his eyes. “E-everyone…?”

“K-chan!” came Wormmon’s voice again and Ken tensed, then whipped about to see the final Kumbhiramon - the original - surging at him from behind after maneuvering around the group.

“Chu!” Kumbhiramon snarled. “It’s over!”

The attack failed to make contact as a pair of hands shoved the Digimon Kaiser to the ground.

“Get dow-ow!

Fladramon slammed his fist into the cylinder before it collided with Daisuke, who stood right where the Digimon Kaiser had been only a moment before. Victory turned to ash in the armored dragon’s mouth when he heard his partner’s pained cry and saw Daisuke fall over.

anonymous asked:

what two digimon do you want/ deserve to get a DNA digivolution? and what do you think it would look like?

Honestly it’d be really cool to see an HolyAngemon + Hisyaryumon DNA Evolution!
I think they’d make an Amphitere dragon like digimon! (An Amphitere is a legless dragon with multiple feathered wings)

Introducing the Parodymons  part fan “Digimon” part political Cartoon

      Subject- Starbucks red cup

  Redcupmon- is said to hate Christmas, but it is just a red cup. Can bit or swallow its enemies and fire coffee, milkshakes, or whip cream at its enemies. . in an attempt to show its holiday spirit it evolves into

 Redcupmon- going for a Christmas elf it turns into a murderous redcap goblin instead after being exposed to data from a website full of puns therefore kind of missing the mark ont that one. hes still has nothing against christmas. though some say it will give rise to the AntiChristmas


Introducing the Parodymons  part fan “Digimon” part political Cartoon

      Subject- Hidden Hog Farms

Hiddenhogmon- their hidden on a farm somewhere according to some. Hiddenhogmon evolves into 

MusHogmon- a large boar with mushrooms growing on its body. It capable of turning the data of it defeated enemies into Mushletmon who turn into Hiddenhogmon causing them to pop up like mushrooms. 

WasteHogmon- is the ultimate level of Hiddenhogmon it has died but is kept alive in a ghostly decaying form by willpower it is said to be able to draw in and create a massive amount of waste data to surround its location for miles they say the waste data flows like rivers around its location.

boars partly influenced by Princess Mononoke by studio Ghibli

Introducing the Parodymons  part fan “Digimon” part political Cartoon

    Subject- the Brexit

 Brexitmon- always has bags packed and is always fleeing at the first sign of trouble. Brexitmon Eurovolves. (Digivolves) into

 Breedommon- Because Breedom is goal of the Brexit. He is a golem that uses his coin encrusted fists to POUND those that would hinder his Breedom.

There’s a bit of disagreement about the powerl level for armour digimon. I’ve always thought of them as being closer to champions but in some places it’s more like ultimate. I used to consider Gatomon-Nefertimon as more of a ‘slide’ evolution. Let’s face it, if removing the tail ring would make Gatomon the equivalent of a rookie, why not just have her devolve and spend most of 02 as Plotmon??? She’s so cute!

Anyway…my current stance on armour digimon is that they are closer to champions than any other level but not necessarily the same. It’s ‘armour’ for a reason. It just powers up the individual using it.

A rookie using an armour evolution will become closer in strength to a champion. A rookie whose natural evo is a typically armour digimon will just be a weaker champion.

A champion using an armour evolution is like a powered-up champion. Not close enough to ultimate to be considered an ultimate but still stronger than when it was a champion.

I don’t think any other levels than rookie or champion have used an armour evo in any canon so I’m just going to say that the lower the level, the higher the power increase. An in-training using a digiegg would became stronger by comparison than an ultimate using a digiegg. (Ie. Nyaromon evolving to Nefertimon could easily battle rookies and hold it’s own against a champion. Angewomon evolving to Nefertimon would just be more resilient) Babies and megas would be incompatible.