So many anime reboots/remakes/sequels lately!

This was interesting to make, as well as seeing the differing art styles of both new and old. <3

[This is how I see the relationships between the Leaders:


  • Taichi and Daisuke have a Sempai/Kohai relationship.
  • Taichi treats Takato similarly to Hikari because of his big brother instinct. He also admires the fact that despite being the youngest of the group, he rose to the challenges of his own ordeals.
  • Taichi and Takuya share a mutual respect and play soccer with each other on occasion. He finds it pretty cool how he can turn into a Digimon.
  • He and Masaru are Bash Brothers because they both have the same Digimon as a Partner. 
  • He respects Taiki’s prowess as a leader and a fellow hero.
  • Tagiru reminds him of Daisuke.

In a nutshell: Taichi gets along with everyone.


  • Daisuke and Taichi have a Sempai/Kohai relationship, as said before. 
  • Daisuke likes messing with Takato because he’s the meekest of all the leaders. Generally he means no harm with his teasing, and feels that Takato takes everything too seriously.
  • He and Takuya talk about Ramen on a regular basis, and play soccer together. They are also “friendly rivals”.
  • Daisuke considers Masaru his ‘rival’ at fighting despite being outclassed. It doesn’t stop him from trying to prove himself though.
  • Taiki reminds him of Taichi.
  • Tagiru and Daisuke get along very well because of their mentors and the fact the 'torch’ was past to them. In this respect, Daisuke considers himself Tagiru’s “sempai”.

In a nutshell: Daisuke is the person who loves enjoying himself and causing trouble in the process.

Takato’s relationships:

  • Takato idolizes Taichi as his role model, as he was the reason why he donned the goggles to begin with.
  • Takato finds Daisuke hard to keep up with because of his energetic nature. He dislikes being teased, and worries if he’s really taking everything too seriously.
  • Takato is treated like a younger brother by Takuya. They play video games together on occasion.
  • Takato respects Masaru as much as Taichi, and like Takuya, looks up to him like an older brother. He looks up to Masaru’s ideas of honor.
  • Taiki reminds Takato somewhat of Jenrya because of their natures.
  • Like Daisuke, Takato finds it hard to keep up with Tagiru. He also finds it hard to believe that he’s older than him from the way he acts.

In a nutshell: Takato is the kid that the majority treats like a younger brother who needs to lighten up.


  • Shares a respect towards Taichi because of their similarities in maturing.
  • Plays soccer with Daisuke. Generally, he likes hanging out with him because they’re both very passionate when it comes to soccer or ramen.
  • He thinks of Takato as a younger sibling. Since he misses his own younger brother, he tends to hang out with Takato.
  • He and Masaru get along because of their BURNING PASSION FOR FIGHTING AND PROTECTING THINGS.
  • He doesn’t really know Taiki very well, but considers him respectable considering what he’s done.
  • He thinks Tagiru and Daisuke are long-lost twins, or something to that extent.

In a nutshell: Takuya’s the chill guy who’s likely to hang around those he knows he gets along with.


  • He thinks it’s awesome that both he and Taichi have Agumon as a partner Digimon.
  • He thinks that it’s good Daisuke tries to prove himself. He likes messing with him sometimes because of the way he is, but can find him a bit disagreeable at times.
  • Because of his natural big brother instinct, he finds himself looking out for Takato most of the time. He wants to teach him how to punch things properly and how to be a man.
  • He and Takuya share a mutual respect because both of them have BURNING FIGHTING SPIRIT and feel a need to protect things.
  • Taiki reminds him of a more sociable Tohma since they’re both smart.
  • He wonders whether Tagiru and Daisuke are the same person at times because of how similar they are. He’s likely to get involved in their antics.

In a nutshell: Masaru is the excitable older brother.

I’ll add stuff for Taiki and Tagiru later, but you can pretty much get the gist of things. This is just my take on things, just felt like posting it.]