My entry for @dgmn2017 calendar project which I participated last year. This is an entry for November’s illustration so I decided to post it now ^^ I’m really glad to have a chance to join this project with many great artists! I’m also enjoy drawing hunter kids and their partner. I hope you’ll like it<3

Digimon popularity poll FOR SCIENCE

Okay, Digimon popularity poll FOR SCIENCE! Rank your favorite Digimon seasons in order, best to worst, however you want to define that, it’s your opinion! Listing a tie will mean the next item on the list gets less points. Not listing a season will not effect its score. Here are the 9 seasons in chronological order: Adventure, Zero Two, Tamers, Frontier, Savers, Xros Wars, Hunters, Tri, Appmon. GO!

If we can signal boost this enough to get a lot of respondants, we’ll actually have useful information!