Digimon Ladies and their Partners

I wanted to make this gifset for International Woman’s Day and the Anniversary of the first Digimon episode (since the dates are near enough) but my responsabilites got in the way, I guess two weeks later is better than never.

The Digimon franchise belongs to Bandai and Toei Animation

if your immediate thought after watching a children’s show is that you need to draw porn of it, you shouldn’t be allowed near children.

They Aren't Just Data!
  • Adventure: We aren't just data! We could actually die here!
  • Zero Two: They aren't just data! You can't abuse and enslave them!
  • Tamers: They aren't just data! They're lost and suffering and in pain!
  • Frontier: It's not just data! Folks actually live here, you know?
  • Savers: They aren't just data! They can reason and need to be respected!
  • Xros Wars: They aren't just data! You can't treat them like pawns in a game!
  • Appmon: They better just be data, because if they evolve beyond that and reach singularity, humanity's doomed.