The 3 Generals~
Been a while since I drew this AU, also I found these sketches that idk when I draw them so I decided to clean them plus a cool (?) edit of the three :3c~


Hello everyone! It’s my absolute pleasure to announce that this year’s Digimon OTP week is coming up with an AU centric theme! 

For any newcomers to the DigiOTPWeek, this is a tumblr event that is designed for fans to indulge themselves with their favorite ships from any and every Digimon season! It’s a simple event that tries to encourage everyone to create content for their favorite pairings. 

If you want an excuse to flood the tag with your favorite ship/dynamic, now is your chance! Any kind of pairing is accepted here. OTPs, Rare Pairs, Crack ships, even just family bonds and brotps. So long as it’s a part of the Digimon Series, all is welcome and accepted here! 

The Digimon OTP Week starts on August 14th and ends on August 28th. Each prompt is deliberately broad so that everyone can interpret it as they see fit. For example, with “Professions AU” you can translate that to Tattoo Artist and Florist AU, or with your pairing as office workers, or even a firefighter AU. There are no wrong answers here, so feel free to have fun with it!

Thank you everyone for your continued support and enthusiasm for this event. I hope to see everyone else enjoy this year’s DigiOTP Week! 

(For further information such as detailed Rules/FAQ, a full list of Prompts and other information, please check the links on the top of the home page.) 

Digimon popularity poll FOR SCIENCE

Okay, Digimon popularity poll FOR SCIENCE! Rank your favorite Digimon seasons in order, best to worst, however you want to define that, it’s your opinion! Listing a tie will mean the next item on the list gets less points. Not listing a season will not effect its score. Here are the 9 seasons in chronological order: Adventure, Zero Two, Tamers, Frontier, Savers, Xros Wars, Hunters, Tri, Appmon. GO!

If we can signal boost this enough to get a lot of respondants, we’ll actually have useful information!


Found a .sai with all these doodles and I’m not dissapointed :3c might not detail them also if I happen to find some old doodles that I never shared, I’ll do it now ‘cuz I don’t have new stuff orz hope this weekend I can work on some request

Some Random Digimon Facts
  • Xros Wars takes place simultaneously before and after everything else in the franchise. It has always been Diaboromon!
  • The first Greymon happened when an Agumon killed a Kabuterimon and put its head on as a helmet, providing the data necessary for evolution.
  • The spirits from Frontier are incomplete digicores.
  • Gabumon’s pelt is made of fur it collects from Garurumon. It evolves when it collects enough.
  • Megidramon and Chaos Gallantmon are the same digimon. What you see is dependent on how it scares you pissless.
  • Jo’s Gomamon cannot be asked to do anything if left to his own devices. He needs someone as high-strung as Jo to motivate him.
  • All of the Warrior Ten died fighting Lucemon and his armies except Ancient Greymon and Ancient Garurumon.
  • The fusion spirit of darkness, Reichmon, can turn off physics to mess you up.
  • Imperialdramon Black is what happens when the insect data in Paildramon overtakes the dragon data during evolution, turning it into a mindless killing machine.
  • When a digimon dies, its soul is judged by Anubismon. If it is good, it is reborn as a digitama. If it is evil, it gets sent to the realm of the dead, where it is probably destined to be eaten by Plutomon.