digimon world dawn and dusk

Digimon protags & Zodiac (2017 edition)
  • ARIES: Daimon Masaru [Digimon Savers]; Akashi Tagiru [Digimon Xros Wars]
  • TAURUS: Nishijima Daigo [Digimon Adventure tri.]
  • GEMINI: Shinomiya Rina [Digimon World Re: Digitize Decode]
  • CANCER: Matsuda Takato [Digimon Tamers]; Shinkai Haru [Appmon]
  • LEO: Kanbara Takuya [Digimon Frontier]
  • VIRGO: Aiba Takumi/Ami [Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth]
  • LIBRA: Taiga [Digimon World Re: Digitize]
  • SCORPIO: Yagami Taichi [Digimon Adventure/02/tri.]
  • SAGITTARIUS: Motomiya Daisuke [Digimon Adventure 02/tri.]
  • CAPRICORN: Sayo/Koh [Digimon DS: Dawn/Dusk]
  • AQUARIUS: Takuto/Shiki [Digimon World -Next 0rder- ]
  • PISCES: Kudou Taiki [Digimon Xros Wars]

kiranphantomgryphon  asked:

for the media ask game: 📌 for digimon!

📌 how did you find your hyperfixation? 

MAN.. it was way back when i was a kid, the first memory i have of it was watching the english dub of digimon: the movie (it’s just.. a frankenstein of different films), and continuing to watch it on repeat until my parents and sister were absolutely Sick Of It. wasn’t a good holiday for them but i had fun

that movie lead to me playing the games rather than watching the anime (it wasn’t easy to find, pokemon was everywhere instead), so- digimon world ds, dawn and dusk, championship

i drifted away from it for years, but it’s back and somehow even stronger since i started playing cybersleuth properly!