digimon vector

This is the second part of my Digimon fanart set, featuring Mimi and Sora!! I realized that I posted the first image of Taichi and Yamato last November, and now I just posted this. It took me two and a half months to finish this thing cause of commission work and procrastination XD Although I’m happy I got to finish Sora’s part before her movie comes out in a few weeks! So excited!! 

Here’s a link to the first fanart with Taichi & Yamato: http://yuumira.tumblr.com/post/154448070019/ive-started-rewatching-the-digimon-series-last

Koushiro & Jyou: http://yuumira.tumblr.com/post/157553144994/heres-the-third-part-on-my-digimon-fan-art-set



Download Link:  http://rapidshare.com/share/3C48A496593ECB11C81C3FAF7CC8231E

This is a set of custom Digimon crests a friend of mine and I created.  They’re all available for download in both vector and raster formats, and they’re all completely free to use, no credit needed.  Take them, modify them, share them, use them for your own fan projects.  Go wild.  I hope you like them!

I’ve started rewatching the digimon series last week and ugh the memories and feels are once again coming back. For a kid’s show, I come to realize how deep the story and situations it presented (death, divorce, loss, courage, friendship, love, responsibility, honesty, and all the other crests lol) and I came to understand the morals and lessons much better than when I first watched it. Or maybe I’m just thinking too much into it but seriously, my love for this series just keeps on going.

So I know I usually don’t like doing vector, but for the sake of practice and digimon I tried to create this fanart based from my previous work on their crests XD Here’s the first two of the batch: Taichi and Yamato. Next will be Sora and Mimi once I finished them :)

— EDIT: I’ve finish the second set! Here’s the link with Sora & Mimi: http://yuumira.tumblr.com/post/157006428849/this-is-the-second-part-of-my-digimon-fanart-set Koushiro & Jyou: http://yuumira.tumblr.com/post/157553144994/heres-the-third-part-on-my-digimon-fan-art-set