digimon savers

Every Digimon Series
  • Digimon:Sup man, been waiting on you
  • Children:What the fuck are you supposed to be?
  • *Shenanigans for five episodes*
  • Children:diGiVOLE?
  • Digimon:Yeap, this is a thing that happens sometimes.
  • *Between five or twenty episodes of fuckery*
  • Sensitive Child:Digimon are more than data, i love them
  • Digimon:Literally been saying that the whole time
  • *next episode*
  • Goggle Child:CorRuPT diGiVOLVE? My fault?
  • Digimon:*loud yelling for fifteen minutes of screentime until friendship overcomes*
  • *Obligatory Villain Redemption Arc*
  • *Surprise Digidestined sibling out of nowhere*
  • Children:Sure, that makes sense, also sEcONd diGiVOLVE!?!
  • *New villain appears with ten episodes left*
  • Digimon:Villain too stronk, can't win
  • Children:The fuck you can't
  • *Deus ex digivolution activate*
  • Villain:Umm, da fuq is this?
  • Protagonist(s):THE POWER OF UNITY/FRIENDSHIP/LOVE!!!11!1
  • *emotional farewell*
  • Children:Maybe someday we'll see our digimon/the digital world again.

~15th Anniversary Digimon Collab~

Here are the final collages for the Digimon Collab and just in time for the Odaiba Memorial Day!

Started back in March, over 120 artists came together to draw characters from six different seasons and three movies of the Digimon series. The list of all participants is here: [LINK]

High Res Links:

I want to thank everyone that contributed. Digimon was my favorite show when I was younger and I love that so many people felt the same way.

My final contribution to Odaiba Memorial Weekend. All the leaders holding their Digivices has been done before, but I have never done it before. So now I have. Digivices are hard to draw! Hands, not so much.

The first person to decipher the Digicode gets a prize.

eternal recurrence

The Digimon fandom spends several years complaining about its dead series and how it would be so great if there was a new TV anime. They wonder why it had to die, what they did wrong, if it’s going to stay dead this time.

Toei announces a new Digimon TV anime. Before ever watching it, the fandom condemns it for being different from past series, evolution not working like it’s “supposed” to, Digimon “not looking like Digimon,” and the character designs deviating from how they “should be.” Those that do give the series a chance only watch the first episode before quitting because it’s “not Digimon.”

The series unceremoniously dies the moment Toei’s contract with Bandai is up. In the intervening years the fandom resumes complaining about its dead series and how it would be so great if there was a new TV anime.

It happened with Savers, it happened with Xros Wars, and it’s happening now with Appmon. The ship-jumping goes all the way back to Frontier. How many times do you need to make a mistake before you actually learn from it?

Happy Digimon Savers 10th Anniversary!! ♥ It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years… It feels more like the first episode aired just yesterday(?). 

While I don’t make a habit of drawing it, this season remains in my top favourites right next to Adventure. Just like the majority of the digimon seasons it has a slow start yet gets really entertaining in the 2nd half of the series! 

Oh and today is also Masaru’s fictional birthday so… Happy B-day Aniki!