This is a really cool image but there are two things I can’t get over:

1) it looks like Oikawa is about to attack everyone with butterflies


2) wormmon is in it four times


Takeru Punches a Kaiser (Arabic Dub, English Subtitles)

Click on CC for the English subtitles!

Here’s the moment between Takeru and the Kaiser in the Classic Arabic dub of episode 19. 

I thought you’d be interested in hearing their voices and tones in another language. Also, comparing dialogue differences between dubs is a lot of fun.

Because I have been feeling rather nostalgic recently, I felt a strong urge to draw (and regretfully post) at least one color picture of Kaiser Ken. I didn’t do much coloring due to the lack of a tablet… I tried (what I did took a long time as it was.) I know people think it is weird but this character and the show he is from mean a whole lot to me because they helped me through a hard time. That is why I so strongly love both to this day.