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If Wedding Peach got a reboot, do you think it would have been bad as Sailor Moon Crystal or better?

If it’s handled by TOEI I’m sure as hell it would suffer from the ~Crystal Curse~ ~TOEI’s reboot curse~ (see: Sailor Moon Crystal, Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball Super, Digimon, etc)..

Fortunately Wedding Peach was animated by a different studio (OLM) so we would had nothing to worry about if they’d decide to reboot the show.

Please do it.

How to get free Megidramon in Digimon Fortune

You want to get a free sweet Megidramon card like this (lvl 1 of course, but still powerfull)?

It’s easy!!!

Just click this icon in the game as shown below:

And type in the code: x9d2qolh

It’s done! You are now proud owner of Megidramon :)!
And if you want to get invited to the non japanese guild, just msg me here or write me an email at lookash14@gmail.com .