digimon adventure: bokura no war game


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Based on the themes in @waiting-for-the-adventure​ for the Tri Countdown! I missed so many days due to laziness so I’m making up for it by cramping all the countdowns from day 12 to 7 into one picture! (Even though today’s theme is Takeru, and I’m already past the date on my time zone orz.)

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Hey Guys :)

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So I search for blogs, who are filled with:


- Pokemon

- Percy Jackson / HOO

- Harry Potter

- Hunger Games

- Raven Cyrcle

- Digimon

- Fairy Tail

- Sailor Moon

- Miraculous Ladybug

- In general politic and social themes


- Shoujo Mangas

- Game of Thrones

- The Hundred



- Star Wars

- The Selection

- Disney

- Dreamworks

- Nintendo 

And I don´t know :D If you think you have a nice blog then just reblog this :)