Can I Quickly Point Something Out? (Tri Spoilers!)

Okay, so, I was rewatching Digimon Adventure in Japanese a few weeks ago, and I noticed something

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Jou was the only Chosen Child that Ogremon ACTUALLY got close to killing. Sure, he threatened the other kids, and he fought the Digimon, and stood to face Taichi when he snatched Poyomon, but he never got CLOSE to killing a CHILD,

Except Jou. 

  So, after Ogremon ran off, who of the Chosen would he most likely recognize? Maybe Taichi, because he’s the leader who snatched Poyomon. Possibly Mimi as she stands out with the hat and all. 

 But he’d probably remember the ONLY Chosen Child he got close to killing, right?

So, even though Mimi was there, I think the fact that Jou was there fixing his arm was more shocking to him because, 


He tried to kill Jou, and Jou still helped him. Yes, Mimi initated it, and yes, he was reluctant at first, but he still did it! 

So I honestly think that Ogremon’s connection with Jou is stronger than with Mimi

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And I think this is a HUGE part in Jou’s character development, and for obvious reasons, is probably what made Jou want to become a Digimon Doctor in the first place. And when Jou tosses his bag away while Leomon is dying, you can feel his frustration at not being able to help and the unfairness of it all

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How come he could save the Monster that tried to kill him, and not the monster who saved his life?

But by this stage, Ogremon has grown close to them, and is no longer an enemy. Ogremon and Leomon had become friends during their brief time traveling with Jou and Mimi, so they all lost a friend that day

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  I think this is more what made Jou become a Digimon Doctor, because he believes he could have saved Leomon, and now he doesn’t want to lose anymore friends

But now, with the Reboot, Ogremon has forgotten them! Not only has he forgotten their bond, but it was because of this moment that turned Ogremon from hurting people. He has reverted back to his old self

When he fought against Leomon.

 So I’m sorry guys, but this may not be the last time Mimi (OR JOU!!) has to fight Ogremon

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I woke up to my bitch cat eating something and I couldn’t tell what it was, and when I got up to check, my favorite digimon print was on the floor torn up. I don’t remember the artist but I know I got it at a-kon maybe three years ago when I bought the other digimon print from the same artist. If anyone knows who they are, please message me, I want to replace it when I can afford to do so.

I love my cat and I’m not gonna discipline her because she’s pretty stupid and probably wouldn’t understand, but I REALLY WISH she would stop yanking paper off the wall and eating it.


“The summer adventure of these eight children has drawn to an end. But… This does not mean that the Gate will stay closed forever. That’s because this is neither the beginning nor the end of the Chosen Children’s adventures. The Gate to the Digimon World will surely open once again… As long as we keep the memory of the Digimon alive within us.”

Happy Odaiba Day