Habits and references “Digimon tri” Today: Koushirou/Izzy Izumi

I collected some habits from the preview Digimon series that are still used in Digimon tri..here are some habits that Koushirou/ Izzy shows.

1. Oolong tea love. During adventure 01 and 02 there are no hints about that tea love..so where is it from? Anwser: Digimon movie “Our war games” and “Diaboromon strikes back”. We can see Izzy drinking very much tea..especially in “our war games” when Izzy is leaving all Digimonfight behind cause he couldnt hold it any longer..hahaha. In tri he praises his beloved drink and drinks it like water or…coffee…well its healthy after all.

2. Endless talking about something. Well..Izzy was very talkactive during adventure 01 and 02. You can hear him talking reeeeally much in episode 07 from adv. 01 when he and Tentomon are inside the factory..poor Tentomon (and in the episode with Mimi a little bit). During season 02 is a very funny moment as well which shows his endless speech..Izzy is mad because Tai and Daisuke used the Digigate all by themselves..its already night and Izzy is a little bit pissed. First he is angry with tai and than talks and talks about some information he got while nobody is lisitening. In tri he loves to talk even more…

3. (Pine)apple…of course Izzy uses a Mac/Apple computer. Everyone who uses a Mac knows the difference. Well…you can see the “pineapple” symbol everywhere in adventure 01 and 02. On the laptop, boxes, logos…I wonder if this is a mac commercial XD. In tri he still uses a mac/apple..now a macbook version in silver

4.Relationsship Komi - Yes. Koushiro is showing interest in Mimi. During adventure 01 he doesnt seem to like her too much…a japanese magazinze showed the thoughts and relations between the Digimembers. Between Koushiro/Izzy and Mimi was a arrow whith the term ”Mimi is a person with a strange way of thinking”. In the movie Diaboromon strikes back Mimi loved to tease Koushiro/Izzy. She was annoyed that he doesnt greeded her and put books on his head after he fell asleep…well and in tri Mimi seems to enjoy to tease Koushiro/Izzy even more. He seems to be in love/crush on but Mimi doesnt take it seriously I think…

5. Trash everywhere. Well tha habit is from the digimon movie as well…during Diaboromn strikes back we see empty teabottles everywhere…even if in adventure 02 his room is really organized. maybe mommy was cleaning? XD

6. Discussion between Tai and Izzy about “We are no longer a group” - Movie Our war game again…nearly the same discussion like in tri episode 1 exists in that movie as well. Izzy is installing the PC from Tais dad and says “Really..is that so,,?” while Tai is complaining about the fact that the Digidesined are no longer a strong bond.

Im preatty sure that there are more habits but I wondered that so many references are from the movie XD.

Next check will be about Tai/Taichi oder Matt /Yamato maybe…