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Due to issues with the train tracks between home and Melbourne, V/line are offering free travel to Melbourne, starting yesterday and ending next Sunday. With this in mind, yesterday I decided to head down to have some lunch, with some photo taking, and a stop off to look at some camera gear.

I managed to snap some great shots in Hosier Lane, then went to digiDIRECT and bought a Peak Design “Slide” camera sling strap for White Night Melbourne next month.

The strap lets you carry your camera around your neck as normal, or if you unclip one side of the strap and clip it to the included tripod piece, you can wear it over your shoulder and keep your camera by your side. Last year I wore my camera around my neck for a while, but it was heavy, so I found myself putting it away fairly often. In the end the chore of getting it out of the bag was too much and I found myself taking less photos as the night went on. Because I can now wear it by my side, I won’t need to pack it up due to neck strain!

Expect to see some more Melbourne photos over the coming days as I get around to editing them. My new website, https://auroras.live, has been taking focus as of late. - See more at http://ift.tt/1bTOQ93