Buying a Digital Camera

When you buy a camera, what do you look for? Megapixels? Since many digital cameras have very similar sensor sizes, choosing a camera for its higher megapixel-count can actually lead to lower-quality photos unless you are buying a DSLR camera. At the same time, you want enough to print your pictures flawlessly on a 20" x 16". How will you decide?

Well, here to help is one of my longtime favorite tech comparison sites, SnapSort! Want a camera that you plan to use mostly on trips, maybe even underwater? Or do you plan on mostly using it to make videos? Perhaps you just want a simple camera that can fit into even the smallest of pockets. Do you have brand loyalty, don’t want to break the bank, or know how much zoom you want? You can specify those and many other things on that site.

Perhaps you limited your choices down to about four or five cameras or so, well, you can compare them together! Compare any two cameras by typing them into the two boxes. If you know the model numbers such as “300 HS” or even “300”, then SnapSort will display every camera with that model number, making searching much easier to find the one you are looking for. SnapSort will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of choosing one over the other. It will also tell you common strengths and weaknesses they share compared to recent competitors.

Not only that, but it will also show you many more models that the two compared cameras are typically compared with. SnapSort will also have three or so views of the camera, what people say about the camera, what colors they come in, and how much each different model/color costs on several different sites.

Or, if you really know what you’re looking for, you can check out the less-visited explore page. It’s my favorite feature on Snapsort along with the compare tool. You can really specify the different specs here: zoom, sensor type, stabilization type, aperture, max ISO, wide angle, width, weight, zoom, price, even announcement date. If there is an appreciable value you can apply to a digital camera, you can select it there; it has over four dozen specifications that you can play with to your hearts content. Maybe even after limiting your choices, there are still too many to choose from. Well, you can order by price, popularity, newest, or best overall.

Remember what I said about more megapixels being worse for smaller sensors? Well, you can learn all about that, sensor type, ISO, wide angel, and everything else on the site with the little “i” icon by the specification. Think you know what zoom is all about? Learn something new by reading up on it.

Well, the tool wont tell you things like faulty charging mechanisms or other failures and reliability issues about the camera. I highly suggest that you read what the people say about that camera on the site, Amazon, and NewEgg to see the features and problems beyond the numbers.

I can spend hours talking about the site, and many more hours playing with the tools to find a camera for a friend. Try the site for yourself, and discover why I like it so much!

The Difference Between Digicams And Film Cameras

The Difference Between Digicams And Film Cameras

by Brian Auer

The Difference Between Digicams And Film Cameras

Article by Sue Webster

The Difference Between Digicams And Film Cameras

Digital cameras – abbreviated as digicams – are the newest and most convenient method of taking photos today. While these cameras may seem daunting to people, especially members of the older generation, they are really quite easy to use. One big advantage of a…

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Im at a bbq earlier in ma #DigiCams and a dude says “U got those from a marine?” Im like “Shit. I must be too skinny for U 2 thinc I was a marine” Maybe the braids too

Fujifilm releases the X100S compact cam

Two years after releasing the much lauded X100, Fujifilm finally brings out the successor to the X100, the X100S with the same boast of old-world quality and high performance.

Coincidentally, the announcement preempt the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show opening. Camera aficionados, however, will most likely have the chance the test out this compact camera and will be able to judge if the hype is real.

[ Read more about this new compact cam from Fujifilm ]

so happy! i made the right choice! got a new digicam!

 just purchased a GE E1450W digicam and i almost bought Samsung’s ST30 digicam which was my first choice anyway. after browsing and checked samsung’s unit.. i picked the lavender one and asked the sales lady to get a new stock. then another sales lady approached me and asked the item that i purchased. and found out that my first choice was just a basic camera and it only looks stylish and nice because of its designs and colors. (which is true!) i checked GE’s digicam and true enough, it’s way better than samsung’s st30!

i bought GE at P4,995.00 while Samsung costs P4,500. GE is a bit expensive, but the specs are impressive and upgraded over samsung. from the lcd display, optical zoom, megapixel, etc. definitely worth the price. glad that lady approached me, otherwise i would’ve bought samsung. although i like samsung’s slim and sleek design, i’d go for the specs and availability of materials, like the battery,etc. i have a 4gb sd card and samsung only has 2gb. the battery is available anywhere. i wouldn’t have a hard time looking in case i need one. for repairs, no service center required.

all in all, im just happy, i really made the right choice!! watch out for more pics!! :D

Hoy kaloka si Ms. Jo-Ann, so pinasok niya na talaga ako sa photojournalism kahit kakapasa ko lang ng shots ko sa kanya kanina hahahaha ang kaso lang, wala kong digicam. I mean, hindi sa akin yung digicam na gamit ko dun sa shots na sinend ko sa kanya eh bawal dslr ganon. Ang struggle naman po. Good luck sakin.

anonymous asked:

Can you show us how you set up your redirected flash it looks so confusing!

Like that :) If you have a smaller digicam, use a smaller mirror (because a big one like that will be maybe hard to put exactly in front of a small flash).

I hope that helps! :)

Kapitel 1 - Colombes im Regen
  • Kapitel 1 - Colombes im Regen
  • bah
  • Chuis Français

Là voilà: das 5.745 Zeichen lange Ergebnis meiner gestrigen Schreibübung - auf Ännes Ratschlag (”Du liest so toll, das fesselt!”) für euch vertont. Ob daraus vielleicht mehr wird, lasse ich für’s erste offen. (Da es in Colombes vor den Toren von Paris ganz sicher keinen Wald, dafür aber viele Straßenlaternen gibt, müsste ich bei Realitätsprüfung noch einiges umschreiben :-P Der Ortsname war nämlich ausgewürfelt, ebenso wie Kristians Heimat Fürth in Bayern. Für eine Schreibübung eigentlich ja ausreichend…)

Sorry für die Klangqualität. Der Ton ist eigentlich die Audiospur meiner DigiCam, die ich dafür spontan zweckentfremdet habe ;-) Das Aufnehmen und Zusammenschneiden hat mir viel Spaß gemacht, und war eine wunderbare Ablenkung vom Elend.

My friends know that i always bring my essential gadgets with me wherever i go and having a powerbank is a must to get me through the day.

I currently have a 6000mAh and 20800mAh. The 6000mAh is not enough to fully charge both my phone and digicam so i still end up trying to minimize my usage while the 20800mAh can solve the problem but it is too big and heavy for my life! I usually just end up leaving it inside the car or at home (useless whenever i commute). So inconvenient either way.

Thank God i discovered this #Asus #ZenPower powerbank. I love how sleek, small and lightweight it is for a 10,050mAh powerbank. Credit card sized, fast charging plus it has a safety feature to prevent my phone from over charging! Now thats more like it! So perfect for people on the go. #AsusPH