SO HEY been kinda low on cash lately and i want to save up some scratch for tfnation stuff, so i’m opening up digibash commissions! basically the idea with these is that i do any dang idea and whatever obscure robots you want for a small fee, with discounts for things like combiners and titans return boxsets. hit me up if you’re interested!

you can check out my stuff here!



My aunt Avril who worked at Hasbro just sent these jpgs over to me.  She tell me they were mockups she ‘shopped together to pitch a Transformers vs. G.I. Joe toyline to the board of investors.

The only feedback she got on these mockups was “how did you get in here?” and “this is a board meeting” and “get back to the mail room”, and sadly the toyline was never produced.

EDIT: April fools!  Check out some behind-the-scenes information on this goof by looking here!

Digibash: Titanmaster Advent Calender This idea was taken from a kid’s question that was asked at Hascon: https://twitter.com/TFU_INFO/status/906964391467384832

I figured it one would have to be an existing mold—save for the Christmas day one, of course. Took a Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar approach. And if you’re wondering where Santa Grimlock comes from, it’s from one of the letters pages from the Marvel comics!

I made a Gi Joe themed Titans Return Boxset!

we begin with Sandserpent(top half)/C.A.T.II(bottom half) with Titan Masters Star Viper and Immortal

Monstro-Viper with Titanmaster Dr. Mindbender

Despoiler with Titanmaster Destro and Targetmaster Iron Grenadiers

Joebot Whale

Titanmaster Sgt. Slaughter with Armodillo vehicle.

YOOOO @speedfreak01, you up for another Challenge? your set can be Titans Return or Combiner Wars styled, and while i kept mine GIJoe themed, i’ll allow you to go full Hasbroverse. GIJoe, M.A.S.K., Rom, Visionaries, or Micronauts.