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Kim Oppa’s Fantasia DVD Project and Baby Dino Chen INA Group Order

Sorry for spamming /advertising (lol ^^;) I do this because I join the GO too, it opened by my friend (trusted and always gives good price since she wants the items too), and we need more people to join.

So for Indonesian EXO-Ls


[INA 2 days additional call] KIM_OPPA921 DVD Project

Price IDR 900.000
Last Order: March 25th, 2016

For more info, mention @am_jdsh in twitter

※ Spec
DVD : 7CD(PC Play only) / DIGI PACK+Hard Case / Running time(Not decided yet)


※ Special Gift
EXO'LUXION MINI PHOTOBOOK (± 80 page/ A4 size / ALL COLOR / Released or Unreleased photo)
Photocard set + Polaroid set + Round Sticker (Figure VER.) / A1 Size poster
Figure (4 types, One of the 4types random) / Electromagnetic waves-blocking sticker



Figurine sample

I know it’s pretty pricey, but 7 DVDs full of Chen in EXO’luXion journey?? Also all the special gifts?? I really can’t wait for mine ;__; ♥



Detail, please Click ♥  >> Baby Dino Chen INA GO google doc

Slot now 5/10

Price : IDR 165.000

Last Order : March 28th, 2016 (23.00 WIB)

It’s so cuteee right? ;___; I want to hold and squeeze the cheeks too ♥♥

If you interested to join one or both GO, please contact @am_jdsh

Thank you!! ^^ ♥♥

You get into a fight with His EX ~ Sammy Wilk Imagine

Anonymous said to mmagcon101:Can you do an imagine where I’m dating sam and his ex girlfriend always picks on me so I ended up getting in a fight and sam gets all concerned -sorry if it’s kinda weird

Here you go Sorry it’s late I had other request to do first and I was busy But better late then never right. I hope this is what you meant and that you like it anyways . Thank you !!

Let Me know what you think it would mean a lot to me !!

P.S. It’s not weird LOL 

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I was on instagram when I noticed someone tagged me in a photo I instantly thought it was one of Sam’s Fan’s, So I went to look at it and it clearly wasn’t It was his ex and she posted a picture of me and Sammy and said “Sammy What are you doing with this ugly troll “ she Tagged both me and Sammy .

(Disclaimer Nothing against the Fan I just Liked the picture, She’s actually really pretty )

This is the 5th time that she has posted a picture of me and called me a troll But i try and not let it get to Me,But it does bother me because Sometime I look at her and than look at me and think “Why did he leave her for me” I still wonder that. I knew Sam would see the picture since she tagged him in it But he wouldn’t bring it up, I needed to ignore this whole thing and continue packing For Digi Tour . and  the best thing yet R/G/N (random girl name ) Is going to be there but shes not in my section so I don’t think I’ll run into her I hope I don’t .

{P.S I’ve never  been to DIGI so Idk How it works }

Sam Is Finally home so I rushed down stairs to give him a Hug I haven’t seen him all day since he’s been busy Making sure everything is Ready for Digi,”Hey Baby” I said running into his long arms that wrapped around my small waste “Hey How was your Day ?” He asked placing the food he brought home for dinner on our kitchen Island . “it was okay, I packed our things and that’s about it but what did you get for dinner ?””Oh chipotle”

“Have you seen R/G/N’s insta post ?” i asked taking a bite of my burrito 

“Yeah I did Y/N and  i reported it and I’m sure the fans did to  don’t listen to her, who am I eating a burrito with right now ? “ he asked putting his burrito down and putting his elbows on the table. “Me “”Exactly you know why?’”actually i don’t” I replied getting kind of annoyed ‘because I know you won’t judge me on how bad my farts are later “ Sam said Making me laugh like there was no tomorrow. “I love you “ i said giving him a kiss .

~ Day  of Digi ( Outfit ) ~ 

So me and Sammy Left for Digi Yesterday and we are getting Ready to go to the event And I Can’t wait i love meeting Sammy’s Fans That are supportive of us Being together. It’s Now lunch and It’s been a really fun time, But  I suddenly hear a Laugh That I can’t forget I look over to my right to look at Sammy Who is talking to Nate . But I look over to My Left and there she is The witch herself R/G/N, I try not to pay her any attention and Hope she doesn’t Notice me, i really don’t feel Like Fighting with anyone . I continue eating My lunch and Then The Time comes Sammy Has to go on Stage Leaving Me in the Back alone with R/G/N well there were other people there but I don’t know any of them, I’m trying to Conversat With a girl I just Met she’s a Girlfriend of someone here to. 

“Oh My Gawd Y/N Is that you ? I couldn’t notice you actually look good today “ R/G/N said doing motions with her hands .

“Hi R/G/N ! What Bring’s you here ?””oh you know I’m kind of famous with the social media now so just enjoying time with the fans “ She said taking a seat next to me.  I quickly moved closer to the girl next to me.

“oh are you Scared, I mean I know it can be intimidating that i’m prettier than you but i don’t bite “ fake Biting the air

“okay Listen R/G/N, I am sick and tired of you talking to me the way you do and treating me the way you do just Because Sammy Broke up with you and is Dating me now, So stop !! “ i shouted getting out of my seat standing right in front of her .

“Oh So that’s what you think !!, I’m Not jealous of you and Sammy I could Care less ok Sammy was just my Fuckboy “ She said now getting out of her seat, i could tell she was upset just by her face and she was lying about Sammy, When Sammy and i just started talking she would not stop nagging him.

“I Don’t like the way you speak to me and Sammy on social media and the way you act like your prettier than me, Okay you might be pretty but there must be something wrong there because Sammy Left you and your psycho you still Call Him and act like he’s you boyfriend, well I’ve got news for you He’s not your’s he’s mine “  I said getting in her Face I could feel Eyes staring But i was to focused on R/G/N to look .

I felt a sudden Burn on my face is happened so quick ”bitch just slapped me “ i thought to myself. I Instantly went and punched her with my right Hand, When I felt strong arms around my waste and pull me away. I wasn’t done yet I wanted to finish her after everything she said about me and Sammy, I finally looked at her and she was sitting there on the ground helpless . “Y/N are you okay ?, did you get hurt ?, are you bleeding ?’ Sammy asked feeling all over my body, the questions continued “ Sam I’m fine may face just burn’s a little “ I said feeling it to see if it was swollen, Thank god it wasn’t “Here you go babe” He said handing me some ice .

I took a seat next to Sam and told him the whole story beginning to end. he couldn’t believe i actually fought her “I got to admit you looked Hot “ Sam said biting his lip and placing a gentle kiss on my lips . “what Happened ?” Nate said running in super Late “Y/N got in a fight “ Sammy said overly excited that i fought his Ex . “ I always miss the good stuff ! “ Nate said throwing his snap back on the floor. Me and Sammy both laughed “seriously are you ok ?” Sammy asked for the 1,000th time again “yes I’m fine “ I said rubbing his hand to reassure him .


I hope you enjoyed and that you liked it .

I <3 You !! 

Blurryface CD differences

(Long post, Sorry!!)

Okay so for those of you that haven’t yet heard there are 2 versions of the Blurryface CD: A digi-pack version and a jewel case version (Amazon also released an exclusive signed version however I can’t say which version it is yet!). I happen to own both versions and there are pretty dramatic differences between the versions. I’ve left out the front covers of the booklets, although they are different. The Jewel case front is the album cover whilst the digi-pack is the patterns found on the 9 circles.

This is what you see when you open the CDs (jewel case version at the top)

First page: The jewel case has who top is and the Producers on the first page whilst the digi-pack a has these and song credits. You can see how the Jewel case version has red in it. The opposite page has lyrics for Heavydirtysoul, Stressed out and Ride.

Second double page: Lyrics for Fairly Local, Tear In my Heart, Lane Boy, the Judge, Doubt, Polarize and We don’t Believe What’s On TV. The words in White in the Jewel case version are highlighted white in the digi-pack version and the background design is slightly different. This double-spread is the centre of the digi-pack version but not the jewel case.

Third Page: Picture of TOP. This picture is in the centre of the jewel case version but the back of the digi-pack version.

Page four: Lyrics to Message Man, Hometown, Not Today and Goner. (note again the pattern differences)

Page five: The jewel version has Song Credits and Thank you. I’ve flipped the digi-pack version to the first page again (song credits+ lyrics)

And finally the back!

(To see differences in casing click here)

[Canada / USA] Candy Crush 1st Photobook+DVD "Banilla Punch" Group Order

Someone has requested I create a group order for Candy Crush so here it is! This is their first photobook+DVD so please show lots of interest! Check out some of the details below:


⇨ 2013 July ~ 2015 March / Released & Unreleased Pictures / A4 Size / 180-200 pages / All Colour

⇨ 1CD / Digi Pack Case / PC Only / Running time: TBD / 2013 July ~ 2015 March / Released & Unreleased Videos

Special Gifts
⇨ Pre-order Benefits: Kyoong Book / A4 Size / ±32 pages / All Colour
⇨ Oversea Benefits: Baekhyun Flag Garland / Secret Pack
⇨ All Gifts:  A2 Folded Poster / Photo card 24pcs+tin case / Polaroids 7pcs, Color / Electromagnetic waves-blocking sticker / L-Holder / Dust bag / Fan


This group order closes on March 23rd! For all the information and details, please check it out here. Please don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions! Thank you!

For my other group orders, please check here!