John Diggle and Felicity Smoak

Don’t tell me he is not her person and she is not his. Fuck everyone and anyone that tries to lessen who John Diggle is to Felicity Smoak simply because he doesn’t have a vagina. This friendship is and was earned and shown from day one and no one gets to take that away or act as though it isn’t just as vital to Diggle’s life or Felicity’s life as their relationships and bond with Oliver. This is what true friendship looks like. This is what unconditional love looks like. He loves her and she loves him. Felicity Meghan Smoak will always look at John Diggle as if he hung the moon and the stars because he is so fucking important. John Diggle will lay waste to anyone that dares to look sideways at Felicity Smoak because after his daughter she remains one of the best people he’s ever known. She is his family as much as Andy was and I’m sick of people acting as though anyone else can replace the other in one another’s lives.