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Crate digging, NC state fair & creating a new beat with Al Green!


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anonymous asked:

Imagine Rhett's beard he shaved off ended up where Link's old glasses are, and they're seeing each other for the first time in years!

OMASFJKDSKAFJ are we at this point now ……… shipping rhett’s shaved off beard with link’s tortoiseshell glasses …. I’M DIGGING IT …

they had a great relationship going for a few years but then tortoiseshell glasses was discarded qoq IT WAS V TRAGIC and rhett’s beard was so upset about it ….. link got new glasses that were nice but they just weren’t the same q~q

then the day came when rhett’s beard would finally leave rhett’s face … MAYBE NOW IT COULD GO LOOK FOR ITS LONG LOST LOVER OUT THERE (and it succeeded !!!!)
now they’re v happy together !!! and they watch gmm every morning together still (also rhett’s new beard has been getting along really well with link’s new glasses if you know what i mean)

The floodgate gave way, so I was pouring out.
Nothing to hold me. The words left my mouth.
I let out, the room went cold. I could tell I ruined things.
Dig into me. Feel your nails in my skin they claw,
the words dig in. Let me go and let this end.
I’ve been upside down. The bloods rushed to my head.
I won’t forget what I said, I meant.
The mood was low and scared. No one said what’s in their head.
All I could see was red.
I try but I can’t ignore when you dig into me.