digging their outfits

uraliltwerp  asked:

Hey, hope the Pathfinder dealio goes well! I really dig that outfit he's wearing. But I have a question about Croix and Roland: You said Croix is willfully monogamous, but what about the time when Roland went away for a spell and Croix got done up by Felix?

Ah, here’s the picture in question, and I appreciate you asking.

A lot of the things I do with Croix and Roland end up in the non-canon category, or semi-canon depending on how I’m feeling or if it happens to be raining on any given day.

With commission work, or anyone who wants to commission themselves with Croix or Roland, I would consider those instances to be non-canonical.

The same could be said of any instances you might of seen of Croix turning into a penis, or well, just about anything weird with Croix.

Croix is realistically, sort of sexually inactive. He gets off on sort of powerbottoming his internet fanbase and friends, teasing them and getting them to admit they’d like to see him turned into a sexual object.

But as far as actual sex, Croix has only had seven or eight partners in his twenty six years, and Roland is the longest standing relationship he’s held.

The canon is pretty murky. I’ve never made a point of directly establishing a story or time table so that people can determine what is and isn’t.

Is Croix’s ass being hairy canon? Maybe once in a while.

So, take it with a grain of salt. If you like the picture and want to believe it’s canon, that’s fine. And hot even, Croix would get off on it.

katpunmatsu  asked:

outfit-swap junkrat and roadhog BUT KEEP THE ORIGINAL CLOTHING SIZES...............

I WAS THINKING ABOUT THIS WHILE DRAWING THE WIDOWMAKER ONE thank you so much for specifying about the clothing size. This was hilarious, difficult and fun. 

and yes Roadhog is wearing Junkrat’s shorts as a loincloth so his booty is BARE