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is iron fist good?


i am currently halfway through episode 3 and i can’t pronounce myself fully since i haven’t finished the show. i was also one of those folks who was extremely meh when the first trailers cropped up (mainly because a) white man saves asian culture, b) the main dude also plays loras on got deplorably - not his fault, just d&d’s magical power of turning everything they touch into shit). so i was kinda ready to hate-watch one episode for jessica henwick.

but honestly? it’s pretty damn riveting so far. it may be that i am secretly boring and will watch anything, but i find the story so far engrossing enough to keep me going. and the characters are decent too. now yeah, the pacing is a problem, the choreography too, but i kind of like that it looks clumsy? while i enjoy daredevil fine, the brutality and efficiency of some of those fight scenes both overwhelm and underwhelm me. obviously, iron fist still doesn’t come close to the other defenders, but i am not hating it so far. colleen wing is also <333

(and well, danny rand is definitely a cheese-ball of a character but so far, i haven’t felt that he’s simply posturing an asian identity. rather it feels he’s falling back on what he has been taught for the past 15 years. like, that is the only reality he is familiar with. he’s a weirdly innocent character that so far doesn’t bug me. but again, i’m only on episode 3.)

so i guess i can’t say if it’s good or bad as of now. but i was expecting waaay worse from all these reviews. 

Swiss archaeologist shines light on Sudan's buried past

Khartoum (AFP) - A veteran Swiss archaeologist has unearthed three temples in Sudan built thousands of years ago, a discovery he says promises to throw new light on Africa’s buried ancient past.

The round and oval shaped structures dating from 1,500 to 2,000 BC were found late last year not far from the famed archaeological site of Kerma in northern Sudan.

Charles Bonnet, 83, considered a master student of Sudan’s rich archaeological heritage, told AFP that the sites unearthed during recent digs were unlike anything so far discovered.

“This architecture is unknown … there is no example in central Africa or in the Nile Valley of this architecture,” Bonnet said as he wrapped up his months-long excavation. Read more.

A Prayer for Today

Lady Hestia, lady of the Hearth, lady of the Home

I pray to you first, on this day.

For my worries, and my fears

Are first and foremost for hearth and home.

Today, the torch flares brighter

To fight for our rights day in and day out

To fight for our beliefs day in and day out

To fight for what we want our home to be

To Lord Apollo, today is a day for healing

People are hurt, people are burned and afraid

And healing is not just about physical wounds

It’s about healing the emotional wounds

That dig so deep, that run so far.

It’s about being there for people you care about

When they are at their worst

Please stand with me today, to help those in pain

To Lord Hermes, God of those who travel

I beseech you to protect and stand

With those seeking refuge here, who find none now

With those who flee this country, that scares them so

Bring them peace, bring them open roads

And bring them to a home they can call their own

And when all is said and done, please.

Let them settle in peace, and need travel no more.

To Lord Ares, God of War.

I have never actively followed you before.

But now, I stand on the battlements

On my back, I carry a shield of belief, of truth

In my hands I carry a bow of caring, of healing

And at my side, I carry a sword of inclusion and love

And now, soon, as things move forwards

I prepare for a war, not of blades, but of words and ideals.


sorry I cant do scenery. I also took some creative liberties with design but heres part of one of my fav. moments from Mark’s Subnautical videos so far. (Can you tell I’m really digging them)

Also drawing hair underwater f-ing sucks. and while we are on the subject of hair, i do have to add that I am really digging the color thing Marks got going on. I was a little iffy about the pink at first, but man to I love it now. Not that it matters, home boy can do whatever he likes, just wanted to let ya’ll know.  

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I'm dead serious about being convinced dan and Phil are working on a secret project. Idk what it is but something deep down tells me they totally lied to us about this year not being busy career wise. Specially that whole "talk to me about this week in august" bit. It's worth mentioning I've been scarily good at predicting things too so I'm a bit shook as to why I've been feeling this way.. I feel like it's career wise, I don't think it's moving which makes me sad. But it's gonna be big.

mm but even considering the possibility that they could be working on something career wise (cuz they’re both vague bitches and they’re men and we all know what men do), i do feel that there will be a serious change in their personal lives. something that will be widely known to all of us. i’m too tired to dig into my blog and sum up everything that has happened so far this year but… so much has happened and some of the things they’ve done recently seem so out of character but at the same time it’s completely expected? it’s weird because a lot of the things i’ve noticed that could potentially point towards something big are being mentioned so briefly and so offhandedly that it takes a moment to register

Bringin’ it Home

Um, so, I know Claire’s hand goes to Jamie’s ass, and it’s most likely been what they’ve rehearsed. But I never noticed how Cait’s Claire’s hand literally grips his ass even more. Like, really digs her nails in, bringing that boy home. Far more so than The Wedding. I guess the first time, (on camera) really is the best.

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Putting this under a read more because of spoilers for Fallout 4.

Despite the fact its been out for over a year.

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