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We spend so much of our 20’s looking for the one. We are stuck at that age where half of our friends are engaged or married, some with children; the other half is drunk off their ass 90% of the time and never made it past their second semester of college. We find this compelling need to compare ourselves to everyone around us, “oh at least I’m doing better than her,” and “fuck. She’s about to be a doctor and I am not sure what I want to be.” We have to swipe left endlessly looking for what we want.

I’ll tell you what you want, it’s to be happy.

Happy is not the same for you as it is for the girl who sat next to you every day during 3rd period.

And for me? Happy is making sure I get to see the world while I’m young, experiencing different parts of our country before I pick and place and settle down. If I’m going to dig my roots so far into the nutrient rich ground I want to make DAMN sure it’s the right kinda soil to make me grow. At some point I woke up and realized I’m living life for myself and not others. I welcome their criticism but learned to filter out when it was helpful versus unnecessary. There’s nothing wrong with getting on a plane to anywhere or long road trips or moving around to figure yourself out. Cause let me tell you, I was looking for the one, and I found her. It’s me. I’m the one. But when I find someone else who can be my plus one to everything I’ve already given myself, I’ll be ready because I won’t expect them to give me all the love in the world. To always pick me up when I fall. I will not rely heavily on them because i know I’ve already done it for myself and deeply rooted myself in those capabilities. Whoever comes along will hopefully have done that for themselves and instead of 2 trees in a yard we can create a jungle that radiates so much life everything comes to live within us. You see I was born a queen with a throne, now I’m learning to make an empire.

And for you? I hope you find whatever your happiness is to be able to do the same. To be a source of life.

hey if you like weird web series:

check out CatGhost

this is a relatively new series (the first upload was 3 months ago) but there are already 4 installments and what we’ve got so far looks really promising. CatGhost is a cartoon about a cat, a ghost, and a hedgehog; the animation is cute, fluid, and looks like it could be from a kid’s show, which makes the occasional departures from that style and the moments of horror/surreality/fourth-wall-breaking even more jarringly odd. 

in some ways, the trio have a very classic YouTube animation setup, harking back to classics like Charlie the Unicorn (two cute but off-putting characters tormenting a grumpy everyman), but there’s clearly a lot more going on here than meets the eye, and it’s likely none of the characters are what they seem.

some episodes have a download link in the description containing a video game (in .exe format; Mac users could probably use an emulator?), which gives more information and story.

here’s the Night Mind video that introduced me to CatGhost

check it out!

You know how Hologram Atem just stands there and takes the final attack. Doesn’t say or do anything?

…Did Kaiba not even bother to program in any losing text?

Slytherin Girls Women - Andromeda Black Tonks

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Communing with the Dead

‘Tis Necromancy season! Autumn – the Dying Time – when the lines that bissect fade into a liminal channel. Of course, the Dead are never far from me, but not all share my inclinations. For those of you seeking temporary “admittance” into the world of the Dead, I’ve brought to you a ritual that might allow you to ride the boundary. In essence, it is similar in part to me previous post Walking on Water (about hedgeriding), though with the specific purpose of contacting the Cold Ones.

The process – in theory – is quite simple, though some will undoubtedly find it easier than others based on their own innate talents. Regardless, it should allow for contact in one form or another.

Things You Will Need:

A Shovel/Spade

Mugwort, dried

Wormwood, dried

Mullein, dried

Rolling Paper/Emptied Cigarette

Liquid Oil (of your choosing)


  1. Begin by drawing the following sigil on a square of paper. Burn the paper in a fire-safe dish or your working vessel – such as a pot or cauldron. Collect the ashes and add them to a few tablespoons of oil, mixing thoroughly. If you desire, you can warm the oil and add in some black wax shavings to give it a more robust, black color.
  2. Take your rolling paper/empty cigarette tube and roll or stuff with a mixture of the above herbs. Don’t worry – wormwood has a surprisingly light taste when smoked, nothing like its brewed taste. Feel free to add in lavender, bay, marigolds, or thyme for added flavor and effectiveness. Tobacco may also be added, as it too has connotations with the dead. If you are unfamiliar with rolling, smoking (though this blend – sans tobacco – should have little to no longstanding effects on health, as none are addictive, mullein has even been used to aid smokers in quitting) or prefer otherwise, they can be burned as a loose incense on a briquette – if you choose the latter root, I’d say opt as well for a bit of sandalwood.


  1. When night has set in and you’ve made your preparations, take your oil, smoke/incense and shovel/spade to a nearby graveyard – one that is comforting and secluded being the best, though if you wish to make contact with a particular spirit, it would be ideal to go to their grave (if possible). Pay the Gatekeeper, and make your way to the center or a crossroads if one exists. Once you have found an appropriate location that suits you, take your shovel (this is why seclusion is best – you don’t want to get thrown in the pokey for “attempted grave-robbing”) and dig into the earth. You don’t need to dig far, only six inches or so, loosening the dirt. Remove your shoes.
  2. Center yourself, taking a few deep breaths. Light your cigarette/incense, breathing in the smoke (for those of you who aren’t seasoned smokers, do not breath the smoke directly into your lungs – first draw it into your mouth, then into the lungs… unless there also happens to be marijuana involved, in which case, straight to the lungs). Close your eyes, calm yourself and relax. Don’t let the graveyard intimidate you. When you feel ready – slip your feet into the earth, covering them with the removed dirt. Pat the oil onto the lids of your eyes – using it in moderation. It will makes your eyes feel strange and your lashes stick together – but only momentarily.
  3. Verbalize your request. Ask that you might be allowed (temporary) entry into realm of the Dead. If you wish to speak to a specific person, ask them (nicely) to present themselves. The Dead are not seen with the eyes – remember that. And pay close attention to your intuition. You will feel their presence when they arrive. Trust yourself and your abilities and you should have no problem. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring an offering to leave for their help.
  4. When you are finished, remove your feet from the soil and replace the moved dirt. Drizzle the remaining oil over the earth, and thank them again for their help and guidance. As is customary, take three steps back, turn around and do not look back as you walk away.