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We spend so much of our 20’s looking for the one. We are stuck at that age where half of our friends are engaged or married, some with children; the other half is drunk off their ass 90% of the time and never made it past their second semester of college. We find this compelling need to compare ourselves to everyone around us, “oh at least I’m doing better than her,” and “fuck. She’s about to be a doctor and I am not sure what I want to be.” We have to swipe left endlessly looking for what we want.

I’ll tell you what you want, it’s to be happy.

Happy is not the same for you as it is for the girl who sat next to you every day during 3rd period.

And for me? Happy is making sure I get to see the world while I’m young, experiencing different parts of our country before I pick and place and settle down. If I’m going to dig my roots so far into the nutrient rich ground I want to make DAMN sure it’s the right kinda soil to make me grow. At some point I woke up and realized I’m living life for myself and not others. I welcome their criticism but learned to filter out when it was helpful versus unnecessary. There’s nothing wrong with getting on a plane to anywhere or long road trips or moving around to figure yourself out. Cause let me tell you, I was looking for the one, and I found her. It’s me. I’m the one. But when I find someone else who can be my plus one to everything I’ve already given myself, I’ll be ready because I won’t expect them to give me all the love in the world. To always pick me up when I fall. I will not rely heavily on them because i know I’ve already done it for myself and deeply rooted myself in those capabilities. Whoever comes along will hopefully have done that for themselves and instead of 2 trees in a yard we can create a jungle that radiates so much life everything comes to live within us. You see I was born a queen with a throne, now I’m learning to make an empire.

And for you? I hope you find whatever your happiness is to be able to do the same. To be a source of life.

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Communing with the Dead

‘Tis Necromancy season! Autumn – the Dying Time – when the lines that bissect fade into a liminal channel. Of course, the Dead are never far from me, but not all share my inclinations. For those of you seeking temporary “admittance” into the world of the Dead, I’ve brought to you a ritual that might allow you to ride the boundary. In essence, it is similar in part to me previous post Walking on Water (about hedgeriding), though with the specific purpose of contacting the Cold Ones.

The process – in theory – is quite simple, though some will undoubtedly find it easier than others based on their own innate talents. Regardless, it should allow for contact in one form or another.

Things You Will Need:

A Shovel/Spade

Mugwort, dried

Wormwood, dried

Mullein, dried

Rolling Paper/Emptied Cigarette

Liquid Oil (of your choosing)


  1. Begin by drawing the following sigil on a square of paper. Burn the paper in a fire-safe dish or your working vessel – such as a pot or cauldron. Collect the ashes and add them to a few tablespoons of oil, mixing thoroughly. If you desire, you can warm the oil and add in some black wax shavings to give it a more robust, black color.
  2. Take your rolling paper/empty cigarette tube and roll or stuff with a mixture of the above herbs. Don’t worry – wormwood has a surprisingly light taste when smoked, nothing like its brewed taste. Feel free to add in lavender, bay, marigolds, or thyme for added flavor and effectiveness. Tobacco may also be added, as it too has connotations with the dead. If you are unfamiliar with rolling, smoking (though this blend – sans tobacco – should have little to no longstanding effects on health, as none are addictive, mullein has even been used to aid smokers in quitting) or prefer otherwise, they can be burned as a loose incense on a briquette – if you choose the latter root, I’d say opt as well for a bit of sandalwood.


  1. When night has set in and you’ve made your preparations, take your oil, smoke/incense and shovel/spade to a nearby graveyard – one that is comforting and secluded being the best, though if you wish to make contact with a particular spirit, it would be ideal to go to their grave (if possible). Pay the Gatekeeper, and make your way to the center or a crossroads if one exists. Once you have found an appropriate location that suits you, take your shovel (this is why seclusion is best – you don’t want to get thrown in the pokey for “attempted grave-robbing”) and dig into the earth. You don’t need to dig far, only six inches or so, loosening the dirt. Remove your shoes.
  2. Center yourself, taking a few deep breaths. Light your cigarette/incense, breathing in the smoke (for those of you who aren’t seasoned smokers, do not breath the smoke directly into your lungs – first draw it into your mouth, then into the lungs… unless there also happens to be marijuana involved, in which case, straight to the lungs). Close your eyes, calm yourself and relax. Don’t let the graveyard intimidate you. When you feel ready – slip your feet into the earth, covering them with the removed dirt. Pat the oil onto the lids of your eyes – using it in moderation. It will makes your eyes feel strange and your lashes stick together – but only momentarily.
  3. Verbalize your request. Ask that you might be allowed (temporary) entry into realm of the Dead. If you wish to speak to a specific person, ask them (nicely) to present themselves. The Dead are not seen with the eyes – remember that. And pay close attention to your intuition. You will feel their presence when they arrive. Trust yourself and your abilities and you should have no problem. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring an offering to leave for their help.
  4. When you are finished, remove your feet from the soil and replace the moved dirt. Drizzle the remaining oil over the earth, and thank them again for their help and guidance. As is customary, take three steps back, turn around and do not look back as you walk away.
Swiss archaeologist shines light on Sudan's buried past

Khartoum (AFP) - A veteran Swiss archaeologist has unearthed three temples in Sudan built thousands of years ago, a discovery he says promises to throw new light on Africa’s buried ancient past.

The round and oval shaped structures dating from 1,500 to 2,000 BC were found late last year not far from the famed archaeological site of Kerma in northern Sudan.

Charles Bonnet, 83, considered a master student of Sudan’s rich archaeological heritage, told AFP that the sites unearthed during recent digs were unlike anything so far discovered.

“This architecture is unknown … there is no example in central Africa or in the Nile Valley of this architecture,” Bonnet said as he wrapped up his months-long excavation. Read more.

Oh surprise, more feelsy Mass Effect ideas!

Earthborn Commander Shepard receiving their first Citadel apartment, completely unaware of what to do with all of the space of their own place, and at a complete loss of what to fill it with other than the single couch that’s already there.

Commander Shepard sending messages to their crew for suggestions or help- they’ve all had homes or stable places to live before, Shepard’s at a complete loss- other than the Normandy and Alliance barracks, they’ve never quite had a long-term space that belonged solely to them.

Ashley and Kaidan arriving and letting themselves in, immediately leading Shepard to the small couch and tucking in on either side of Shep chatting excitedly as they pull out multiple datapads each already pulling up interior decorating magazines. They become a bundle of arms, datapads and knees- all three sitting with their legs up on the couch, arms all around, behind and in front of each other as they bookmark and send links, pointing out things across Shepard on each other’s pads or leaning in to get Shepard’s opinion. Kaidan proves what they’d guessed since his commentary on Noveria- he’s got an eye for interior decor and Ashley has a taste for flowers and colour palettes.

Shepard, Williams and Alenko are practically a couch-bundle of limbs when Tali'Zorah pops in, taking up the space on the other side of Kaidan, immediately scooting close to join their puddle and passes out datapads, filled with even more sites and a few galleries of pictures she’d saved from the HoloNet for use when she finally has her own home on Rannoch. Carefully crafted collages of colours, shapes and pieces that they all animatedly chatter about across from each other, their pile squeezing in even closer for a better view of the multitude of screens.

Liara comes in quick, jogging over to the couch to squeeze in close beside Ash and catch up on what they’ve been looking through and favouring for each room so far. The scientist may have spent years digging in the dirt, but her eye for space, measurements and aesthetic lighting is right on as she chirps in on pieces and bookmarked ideas. It’s the most relaxed and talkative around others she’s ever been.

Garrus and Wrex arrive with crates and cases of gear they’ve picked up while on the Citadel, hoping to store them in Shepard’s apartment before they arrange for them to be dropped off at the Normandy once leave is over. They set them across from the couch, taking a seat and begin talking animatedly about the possibilities of an indoors shooting range or arms room, ignoring the very obvious eye roll and laugh from Shepard as they delve deeper into their discussion and take and pass datapads of more modern and minimalist decors.

Joker arrives followed by two mobility assistance mechs, being used of course, for anything but mobility. Jeff has one loaded up with a box of alcohol and glasses, and the other has a large, squishy pillow or something of the sort, most likely for him to sit on. Drinks are poured, passed and Jeff jumps into the discussions- Garrus and Wrex bringing him into their fold to discuss the logistics and layout of Shepard’s new bar they had decided upon, pulling up a few holonet sites of equipment and lighting.

Earthborn Commander Shepard within that moment taking in the Normandy’s crew, their crew, and drawing in a shaky breath and realising that these people, this family: this is home.

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Guilty pleasures for Link, Zelda and the champions?

Link: Surprising absolutely no one, crossdressing. It started with having to sneak into Gerudo Town to speak with Riju but he actually ended up really liking the fit of the clothing. He now owns several sets of Gerudo Vai outfits in a couple of different styles and colors. They are kept in a locked chest under the stairs at his house in Hateno.

Zelda: While everyone knows of her love for experimenting with various bits of ancient tech as well as the properties of elixirs, nobody is aware of just how big a kick she gets from testing out absolutely everything on Link. At first it started as a way for her to get back at him for making her feel like a failure but gradually it became more and more an excuse to spend time with him.

Daruk: Knitting. It’s incredibly hard for him to get his hands on the supplies since yarn burns pretty easily up on Death Mountain. He’s actually gone so far as to dig a tunnel from his house out towards cooler areas of the mountain so he can safely store his supplies and knit without drawing attention. Only a couple of people know about his hobby, Link and Zelda both get a sweater every year.

Yunobo: Dungeons and Dragons! He actually owns several pre-calamity books that detail the rules, classes, monsters, etc. After Ganon’s defeat he was actually able to get a campaign started by inviting Link, Riju, Sidon and Purah all to play with him. Yunobo is the DM, Link plays a Knight, Riju is a Rogue, Sidon is a Bard and Purah is a Sorcerer. Eventually they manage to rope Zelda in and she plays a Cleric.

Revali: Unknown to almost everyone, Revali sports a beautiful tenor signing voice. He’d often sneak off up the mountain or into the forest to practice, giving beautiful renditions of both classic folk songs and his own compositions. Link and Zelda actually ran into him during one of his practice sessions. Without making themselves known they recorded him and later played it for the rest of the Champions. Whenever somebody brings it up to him he denies it vehemently.

Teba: Absolutely LOVES cave diving. Despite his nature as a Rito who was born to the sky, Teba harbors an undying fascination for the secrets that lay underwater. Outfitted with octorok bladders and stamina elixirs, he frequently goes out and explores the waters around Rito Village. Using his wings and naturally water resistant feathers he has mastered the ability to effortlessly glide through the depths, finding and exploring caves. He will on occasion find and bring back souvenirs for his son, ranging from pretty rocks and shells to lost treasure.

Mipha: Almost in spite of her calm demeanor, Mipha loves attending and watching fighting tournaments. Her brother insists that they’re scripted but she doesn’t care. Her heart races when she sees the strong competitors clash in the ring and her emotions soar as her favorites win or lose. She often hinted towards Link that he should try and compete but alas was never able to get him into the arena.

Sidon: There is nothing the Zora prince adores more than a good play. The theatre has always fascinated him and when the Calamity struck it took most of the acting troupes with it. Even those that survived had a hard time finding work. Sadly, nobody had time for such things after the world fell apart. Sensing the world’s need for art, Sidon began quietly assembling and funding his own acting troupe. While nobody knew of his involvement, the troupe became famous around the remaining settlements of Hyrule and quickly garnered a large amount of praise. After the defeat and sealing of Ganon, Sidon was granted permission to join with his troupe and continued to provide theatrical entertainment in every corner of Hyrule.

Urbosa: You wouldn’t know it from looking at her but Urboasa was an excellent painter. Her works, submitted anonymously, hung in several museums around the country. Most of her subject matter consisted of sweeping landscapes from all across Hyrule. The desert at sunset or the way moonlight caught on the snow of the Hebra mountains. Art critics all around considered her true identity to be one of the greatest mysteries of the world.

Riju: Her biggest guilty pleasure is actually given to us by the game but I’ll expand on it. Even though she is the chief of the Gerudo people, at her heart she is still just a young girl. She has taken care to hide her childish thoughts and habits from the public eye but you can still find her in her bedchamber playing with her plush seals in the later hours of the day. Seals remain her biggest obsession. Packed away in various drawers and hidden compartments are an incredible amount of seal related items. Seal tapestries, seal pajamas, seal print cups, you name it. Of course, she’d never admit to any of this. The only people besides herself even allowed in her bed chamber are Buliara and a certain blond Hylian Vai she has been spending more and more time with…

-Lonely Voe