digging is hard work


Digging is hard work.

Spider-Man Homecoming // Peter Parker Playlist
  • Billy Joel: New York State of Mind
  • Jay-Z: Empire State of Mind
  • M.I.A.: Paper Planes
  • MGMT: Time to Pretend
  • Weezer: Perfect Situation
  • The Killers: This River Is Wild
  • The Academy Is...: New York (Saint In the City)
  • Fall Out Boy: Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things To Do Today
  • Jonas Brothers: What I Go to School For
  • The Academy Is...: About A Girl
  • Ramones: Blitzkrieg Bop
  • Ramones: Spider-Man
  • The All-American Rejects: Dirty Little Secret
  • Lit: My Own Worst Enemy
  • Billy Joel: Vienna
  • Liz Phair: Why Can't I?
  • Blink-182: First Date
  • Hey Monday: Homecoming
  • The English Beat: Save It for Later
  • A Flock of Seagulls: Space Age Love Song
  • Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark: If You Leave
  • Fall Out Boy: A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me
  • David Bowie: Rebel Rebel
  • Supergrass: Alright
  • Hayley Williams: Teenagers
  • MIKA: We Are Golden
  • Brandon Flowers: Crossfire
  • Kanye West: Power
  • Fall Out Boy: Champion
  • CHVRCHES: Bury It
  • William Beckett: Great Night
  • Blink-182: Going Away To College
  • Tame Impala: New Person, Same Old Mistakes
  • College: A Real Hero
  • Gerard Way: Don't Try
  • Rob Thomas: Little Wonders
  • David Bowie: Heroes
  • Jimmy Eat World: The Middle
  • Patrick Stump: This City
  • (sorry I tried to make this on Spotify but they didn't offer all the songs)
  • Listen Here: https://goo.gl/JFJq3u
  • (Sorry the link won't open from the tumblr app but if you just copy and paste into your browser it works)
It’s important to identify the different colours of your contexts for your record sheets. I’d say this is a browny sort of brownish.
—  Me, today, supervising a trench and teaching people how to archaeology.
‘partners in crime’ sentence starters

Send one to see how my muse reacts. 

Trigger Warnings: violence, death, criminal activity

  • “I can’t believe we stole a car.”
  • “My ID guy can get us in.”
  • “Remember – trust no one.”
  • “You owe everything you’ve got to me. Never forget that.”
  • “You and me, we’re partners, right?”
  • “Did you get the money?”
  • “Cops are coming to pick me up for questioning. My bet is, you’re next.”
  • “We better lay low for awhile.”
  • “Just act natural.”
  • “The cops will probably talk to us. Play it cool, and we’ll be fine.”
  • “I think we’ll be okay. They can’t prove anything.”
  • “No matter what they threaten to do to me, don’t tell them anything.”
  • “Let me take the fall. You’ve worked too hard to go to jail now.”
  • “I’d NEVER rat you out! The cops were just trying to get under your skin.”
  • “What do you think? You trust them?”
  • “I remember when you still had rules. When you still had limits.”
  • “This isn’t just about money.”
  • “I won’t survive jail!”
  • “One day we’ll be rich, and we won’t have to do this anymore.”
  • “It will be so nice to be in a country where we can’t get thrown in jail at any moment.”
  • “I think every person in America would like to see us dead.”
  • “No. No! We are NOT going to jail now! We’ve worked too hard!”
  • “Shut up and keep digging.”
  • “We need money, stat. You got a gun?”
  • “God, could you get them to stop screaming?”
  • “Shoot me. It’ll make them trust you.”
  • “Okay, last resort – we kill him and dump the body, then get the fuck out of Dodge.”
  • “We can’t hide forever. Our faces are on every news network in America.”
  • “We split the profits, 50/50. What do you say?”
  • “Where have you been?! I was worried the cops got to you!”
  • “You clean up the blood, I’ll start burning the body.”
  • “There’s no escaping this, you know. We’re in too deep.”
  • “Tell them the whole thing was my idea.”
  • “Make no mistake – we’re partners, but I’m in charge. Not you.”
  • “What we need are entirely new identities.”
  • “I don’t become involved with my partners. It over-complicates things.”
  • “Don’t you think we’re a bit old for this Bonnie and Clyde business?”
  • “I don’t trust any of them. Just you.”
  • “God, what’s happened to us?”
  • “Retirement? Yeah, we’re probably not gonna live long enough for that to be an issue.”
  • “Keep your head down. Last thing we need is to get recognized.”
  • “I’ll cover for you.”
  • “Run. I’ll catch up.”
  • “Jesus Christ, we’re like a bad murder ballad.”
  • “Don’t worry. I’m not going to leave you. You and I are partners – until the end.”
Your own fault

Request: Hi ! I love your writing! Could you plesee write a smut about shawn nonstop teasing the reader at home like touching her leg, grinding and doing stuff that turns her on

Word count: 2069

Shawn had arrived home late, just after calling me that he would head over to Camila’s after the afterparty with some friends for a little hour. Normally i wasn’t the jealous type. But when i comes to her, all my senses get alarmed. Its also not that i dont trust Shawn, I’ve never trusted someone more. But i couldn’t help but fight the bad feeling i had in my stomach when i went to sleep last night. 

In the middle of the night i got woken up by shawn drunkenly stumbling into the bedroom, sitting on the bed. Slowly stroking the hair away from my forehead. I sat up looking at him, he had smiled and leaned in for a kiss. He tasted like vodka and mint. His lips pressing against mine hard as his hand tangled into my hair. His breathing was heavy, and just by the sound and the feeling of his exhale on my lips i knew that he was needy. He parted my lips with his tongue slowly laying me down. My eyes opened, looking at the clock next to the bed. 4.42am. 

I pushed a hand in between us as i slowly pressed it against his strong chest, breaking the kiss. “What” he exclaimed, looking offended. Clearly the drunken self speaking. “Shawn, it’s late, lets go to bed,” his mouth opened a bit before standing up, “what the hell,” he spoke. Deep down his words hurt, even though i knew he was drunk and just needed some. But i was tired, and not in the mood of just pleasuring him after coming three hours late home. Not that he wasn’t allowed to go out as long as he wanted. He was. It was just the fact, that he chose her over me. “Fine,” he spoke in disbelief as he walked off into the bathroom. I closed my eyes and sighed as i looked after his silhouette. 

The sun was shining through the fogged up window, the outsides looking damp and foggy making me feel like in a different world. The first rays of sunshine of the day were hitting my skin gently as i walked over to the coffee machine. My fingers hitting the known buttons and putting a cup under it. I sighed as i leaned my head against the fridge. I felt restless and tired, even though my sleep had been heavier as ever before. Shawn was still sleeping, probably sleeping out the hangover he was supposed to have when he woke up.

My hands traced the cold marble of the table i was leaning against. My chest feeling heavy. I took the mug as the machine had filled it to the top. I closed my eyes as i walked towards the balcony. Standing in front of the glass door for a while before opening it and grabbing a blanket from the stool nearby. 

The air was cold and fresh against my tired eyes. I slowly sat down on the couch as i breathed in the still silent and heavy air. Closing my eyes, as i distant sound of footsteps caught my attention. I turned my head, and staring through my own reflection of the glass door i could see shawn tapping slowly around the kitchen. I smiled gently, watching his tall figure without ease gripping mug and filling it with water. He leaned against the counter just as i had done a few minutes ago. I couldnt help but stare at him. Even after a long night he was still the most effortless beautiful human being. 

And as if he could feel my gaze on him, his head turned towards me before making his way over to the doors. His hands gripping the handle lightly before pushing the door open. His bare feet were walking across the cold stones of the balcony before he sat next to me. His eyes wandering about my figure. Sitting outside in nothing else but a knitted sweater. His hands slowly resting on my naked thigh. 

“Been sleeping well?” he spoke, a undertone which i couldnt quite identify in his voice. 

“Could have been better,” i admitted, “what about you?” 

His dark eyes roaming my face as he smirked, his thumb caressing my skin, making it feel sore under his touch. 

“Could have been better,” he spoke. Repeating my exact words, his hand running up my thigh. His fingertips grazing my skin softly and tenderly. He grabbed on my skin as it made red spots appear. I sighed at his touch. He leaned in closer as his lips touched my neck slowly. I leaned my head back against the wall, his mouth sucking bruises into my skin as i sighed. His hands massaging my inner thigh. My lips trembling as his wet lips moved up to my ear. Teeth slowly nibbling gone my earlobe. He breathed out, his hot breath hitting my neck. His hand moving up my thigh, slowly scratching over the lace thong i was wearing. “You’re so fucking hot,” he spoke. 

A small moan escaped my parted lips as my eyes were closed. Feeling pure pleasure by such a little touch from him was overwhelming. And just as fast all of that had happened he drew his hand away and grabbed his coffee. I smirk painted all over his face. I blinked a few times before staring at him. His muscles clenching as he tried to hide the smile which was playing on his lips. I grabbed my coffee as he stood up. 

I pressed my legs together as i watched him. My hand resting on the red marks he had left on my thigh, “I’m heading to the studio,” he spoke, my hands grazing the skin slowly closing my eyes, “and y/n,” i looked up at him, he smiled as he added “don’t you dare touch yourself before i get hime again,” 

I looked after him as he went into the bedroom. “Fuck,” i whispered as i closed my eyes. My skin burning. My feet hitting the cold ground before going into the apartment. He came out of the bedroom as i closed the door behind me. He was dressed in a tighsitting long-sleeved shirt and black jeans, even though it was such a normal look, he looked gorgeous. He walked towards me as he slowly grabbed my chin. His lips crashing onto mine hungrily. His hand roaming my body.

I pressed myself closer to him, trying to get more of him. His teeth scraping my bottom lip as he sucked on it lightly. “Until later babe,” he spoke. Letting me stand there, eager for more. Eager for more of him

The day passed on slowly. So slowly i felt like the seconds on a minute had doubled. All i could think of was Shawn, and how badly i needed him. And just as his words replayed in my head: dont touch yourself. Even though that thought hadn’t occurred to me before he had spoken them, it seamed harder than anything else. So i had to occupy my mind with something else while waiting for him to return. 

Hour after hour passed, as i right now was standing at the stove, warming up some broccoli and chicken. Fumbling with keys at the door could be heard, which caught my full attention. Finally the door opened and shawns tall figure came into the room. “Hi baby,” he spoke as he walked up behind me. The cold from the night radiating off him, making me feel like burning. 

He pressed a hard kiss to my temple before taking off his jacket. I breathed in hardly before returning my eyes to the boiling water. Suddenly a big hand grabbed my waist hard. “Shawn,” i muttered before focusing on his touch. His thumbs massaging my sides. His tall figure standing behind me. He pressed himself closer to me. My bum pressing against his crotch. 

I leaned my head back trying to find his gaze. But his hand grabbed my hair as he pushed himself closer to me. I pressed myself against him, his hips slowly moving into mine. His lips attacking my neck. 

“Shawn you can’t just do this,” i whispered as his grip on my waist got rougher. 

“Do what,” he whispered, as i closed my eyes sighing. 

He pressed his hips closer to mine, “this?” he spoke, his hand gliding down my cheek, over my lip, down my breasts and my stomach, “or this,” he whispered as his hot breath hit my ear. His fingers trailing over my jeans, down to my center, “or this,” his hand wandering up to my neck, caressing it as he pressed himself closer, 

“All of it,” i whispered, my voice cracking as he sucked hardly on my neck before pulling away from me. 

He chuckled as he drew away from me once again. Making my cheeks flush, anger rising in me. Why was he playing me like that. I took the dishes and put the food on the plates before silently walking over to the table. Shawn sat opposite me. I stared at him. Not actually knowing what today had been about. “Shawn,” i began as i played wit the broccoli on  my plate. 

“What love,” he spoke as his foot caressed mine under the table. 

“What’s up with you today,” i spoke, my eyebrows furrowing looking at him. He shrugged his shoulders smiling.

“What would be up?” he spoke, his eyes staring into mine. They twinkled with amusement, which made the heat rise to my cheeks even more. 

“It’s just -” my sentence stopped as my breath hitched in my throat. His feet slightly dragging over my legs, and i had enough. I slammed down my fork and looked at him. He looked back in shock not knowing what was happening. In one swift motion i was at his chair, pushing him back hard. “Babe-” he spoke, but before he could continue i slammed my lips on his. 

Enough was enough. My legs going on each side of his legs. HIs hands grabbing my hair roughly. I grinded my hips into his as i pressed myself closer to him. I needed him. He smiled into the kiss, as i parted his lips with my tongue. My hands roaming his broad shoulders, grabbing his hair by the roots and pulling hard on them. Leaving his mouth agape. 

“Finally,” he spoke as i broke the kiss to attach my lips to his neck. Planing soft and wet kisses down his neck vein. His hand digging into my scalp, the other one moving my hips against his. I sucked hard on the soft skin just in the crook of his neck, making him whimper under me. Now i was the one smiling. My hips moving harder against him each and every second, the friction between our jeans turning me on further. 

“Fuck,” he whispered as my hands grabbed his arms hard, my nails digging into his skin. My mouth working on his neck, leaving red and purple marks, marking him as mine. “Maybe you should show Camila this, next time you are around hers,” it slipped out of my mouth as i but down on his shoulder. He moaned, suddenly sounding all tender. 

His hand slowly grabbed my chin. “So this is what this is about,” he spoke, sounding almost angry. “What Shawn?” i spoke. “You are jealous,” i looked at him, thinking if i should admit it or just play it cool, 

“do i have a reason to be?” i spoke our eyes burning into each other. In one swift motion his hands were around me and he stood up, carrying my weight. Slamming my back into the nearest wall. I moaned out in pain. 

“Would i ever do this to Camila,” he spoke as he kissed me hardly, pressing his body closer - if even possible - to mine my shoulders pressing hard against the cold wall. 

“I dont know would you,” i spoke back, knowing it would set him off. His eyes were lightning. His lips slammed against mine as his tongue fought against mine. His hands slipping in between our bodies as he rubbed me over the jeans, leaving me in moans. 

“You won’t be able to walk tomorrow, and its going to be your own fault,” he whispered against my neck as he slowly bit down on my shoulder, before pressing his hips against mine. 


A/N i never make these as you know, but i’m kinda out of inspiration but wanted to give you some content. So thats why this is actually so shitty. Maybe ill make a part 2, i dont know yet. 
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WARNING : contains explicit sexual content

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You glance up from overtop your glasses and smile at the sight of him, nose scrunched up in concentration, pencil dangling from between his index and middle fingers. His long legs are covered by the grey knit blanket you two share, and your legs are resting on his with your feet sticking out the side of the fabric. Your bed is dipping beneath your combined weight and both of your backpacks are open with notebooks and textbooks spilling out onto your carpet.

“Do you need help?” Shawn asks quietly, shy eyes skittering up to meet yours. His hair is floppy around his face and his glasses are sliding down his nose but you can still clearly see the attractiveness in his features: his sharp jaw, his white teeth, his pretty eyes. And when you allow yourself the peek, his bulging arms aren’t too hard to look at either. “You just, you know, you’re staring so I was just wondering if maybe you needed help with your math or something.”

You blink back to reality and look down to your lap at the blank math worksheet in front of you. Your pencil is still tucked into your bag and your calculator is still in your backpack across the room; it’s obvious you’re not even trying. Shawn’s so kind hearted, so determined to give you the benefit of the doubt, that you say “I actually haven’t even started it, really. To be honest I’ve just been thinking about how good you look”

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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice- Part 2

Prelude, Part 1

Pairings- Loki Odinson x Reader

Loki takes an apprentice he finds himself getting unusually attached to.

My prelims are finally over! I’ll be continuing this fic and catching up the rest of the fanfics I have to write now, sorry for all the inactivity this week.

This part is a bit of a filler just so that the story can pick up some pace; I’ve got three more parts planned out in advance and I promise, they’re gonna be good.

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Filling in the Holes: The potential queerness of Stanley Yelnats (and Zero.) 

A long post with many Holes spoilers ahead. 

Lately, I’ve been reading the book Holes with some of my students. This of course means I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and one thought that has wiggled into my mind and refused to leave is this idea of “what is Stanely and Zero are queer?” Or, if nothing else, function as a metaphor for queer kids and their first relationships? (note: I am using queer here as an umbrella term for anything non cis-heteronormative. This could imply them as gay, bi, pan, ace with a same-gender attraction, trans, or any other number of queer identities) Also note: I am only using the book Holes for this reading, not the movie, author’s comments, or follow up works. 

Holes is a book built around the idea of inference. Much of the underlying meaning of the book is in the subtext, inferences, not directly stated. The finale chapter even tells the read that we have to “fill in the holes” ourselves to answer any lingering questions. Well, get your shovels ready my friends! We have a hole to fill. 

There are three levels of this queer reading that, together, make the case for me. There is the textual relationship of Stanley and Zero, their place within the parallels to other sets of characters, and finally the Hole metaphor itself. Bear with me to then end. 

1. Stanely and Zero within the text. 

The central relationship of Holes is the fire-forged bond between Stanley Yelnats and Hector Zeroni, known as Zero. They become friends, look out for each other, save each other’s lives. Stanley teaches Zero how to read, risks his life to save his, even carries him up a mountain, and eventually brings Zero home with him. 

Within Holes, neither Stanley or Zero are ever mentioned having an interest in girls. In fact, the only mention of girlfriends, is from X-ray, suggesting that Stanley is writing to a girlfriend so the others won’t bother him about writing to his mom. Their strongest bond is to each other. 

Now, textually, all of this reads as pure platonic friendship (albeit a very strong one.) This may have even been the intention of the author while writing it. But there are some very…interesting moments that can be seen as framing this friendship as something even deeper. Notably, while on Big Thumb, Stanley watches Zero sleep for hours. At one point, he is mesmerized by the way a flower petal dances across Zero’s face as he breathes. There’s nearly two paragraphs of Stanley just watching that flower petal and being disappointed when it finally falls on the ground. That’s some friendship you got there, Stanley. 

But this, in itself, is more fanfic fodder than queer reading. However, there is more. 

2. The Kate and Sam parallel. 

There are two sets of characters that Stanley and Zero clearly parallel in the books, with two curses that must be broken that accompany them. (Both of these pairs are male-female pairs as well)

The first and most obvious is Elya and Madame Zeroni, Stanley and Zero’s respective ancestors. Elya was cursed when he failed to carry Madame Zeroni up a mountain and let her drink from the water there. Stanley breaks this family curse by carrying Zero up Big Thumb and saving his life with the water that is there. 

The SECOND parallel is far more interesting, and that is with Kate and Sam. Kate and Sam are the whirlwind tragic romance of the book. The white school teacher and the black illiterate onion picker who fall in love. The Green Lake is cursed when Sam is killed by the town and thus, Sam and Kate are ripped apart. 

There are clear parallels with Sam and Zero. Both black, both illiterate, both incredibly smart (Sam is a brilliant salesman and can memorize poetry just by hearing it once, while Zero is a math genius.) 

Now, SAM is run out of town after his relationship with Kate is discovered. He flees across the lake and is killed, thus cursing the Lake for a hundred years. Not a drop of rain falls on the lake and it shrivels up. 

ZERO is run out of town after his relationship with Stanley comes to light. The other boys know that Stanley has been teaching Zero to read and Zero has been digging his Holes. Like the sheriff sits back and allows Sam to be killed, the counselors at the Camp sit back and let Zero run out across the lake to die. 

Except, he does not die. While Kate could not save Sam, STANLEY can save Zero. He takes off after him, and eventually works to get Zero to go home with him. Once Stanley and Zero are taken home together, it begins to rain on the lake. The curse is lifted. 

The lake is cursed because Sam and Kate were ripped apart. The curse on the lake is lifted when Stanley and Zero are allowed to stay together. Romantic parallels, yes? 

But we have one more point to cover.

3. The holes-closetmetaphor. 

Here is what I propose: digging the holes themselves is a metaphor for staying in the closet.

Being in the closet, I should start by saying, is not a state of being. It is a process. It is a constant effort, censoring yourself, watching yourself, walking on eggshells. Digging the holes within the book functions as a metaphor for this.

Every single day, Stanley and Zero dig holes. It is hard work, tiring work, dangerous in its own right. On top of that, they are constantly monitored, like those in the closet always feel eyes on them to stay hidden. The grueling, dangerous work of digging is like the dangerous work of staying in the closet. Every day, they dig the same hole, the same depth, the same with, trying to stay within the same, acceptable mold. And why do it? Because the alternative- coming out, or leaving the camp, is seen as both isolating and even MORE dangerous.

But eventually, Zero DOES leave. Tired of digging, he risks the desert. 

And Stanley follows him. Like a queer kid following their first partner out of the closet, Stanley risks the desert for Zero. It nearly kills them both, like coming out can be deadly for some. 

But you know what happens? Because of that risk, they both eventually end up FREE and TOGETHER by relying on each other and the strength of their relationship. 

So what does all this mean?

It will be easy for many to look at this analysis and simply write it off, to attack it, that I’m trying too hard, to say terrible and homophobic things about it. And I expect that. I’m not saying that this reading was intentional by the author, but I am saying that it exists regardless. 

Between the actual depth of relationship between Stanley and Zero, their clear parallel to Sam and Kate, and the poignancy of the holes-closet metaphor, I think it is WELL within reason for us to view their story as a queer story if we want to. And I do.

The Narrow Line Chapter 14

This is the end of Wee Doctor as a fanwork.  I’ve loved your likes and reblogs, your kudos and comments, fan essays and encouragement, your tweets and your amazing art.  I love all of you and I hope this last foray into Wee Doctor was as good a gift as it felt for me to get 1000 followers.  So here it is, the thrilling conclusion!

Summary: Thursday gets meta, things get mental, and Sherlock gets something out of the experience.

Words: 4788

Sherlock waited in a convenient mausoleum until it was dark, then grabbed his shovel.  He hoped his assumptions were correct, if they weren’t this could become a bit messy. He’d considered what he’d seen of the Watson family, what little Roost had told him of this not-a-gun, and his own knowledge of John.  Tried to apply it to this Johnny, who already looked too used to knowing too much and not mentioning it out of politeness, with the same kindly exasperation of Sherlock’s John.  Sherlock had looked at Bad Davey with his perfect suit and his suffering eyes tinted pink from crying.  Sherlock recognized the look in Davey’s eyes what had been lately staring back at him in the mirror, Johnny would have too.

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I just watched 10x04 and since I’m taking a billion years to get into the season 10 rewatch and at this point it is clearly my hiatus project, I’m just making an adjacent post about one thing :P

The last line of the episode after much back and forth about if they should be resting up from hunting, taking a break because they’re woefully off their game after ~going dark~ and running rampage for months, etc etc, is Dean saying:

But I am just trying to do the right thing, man, ‘cause I’m so sick and tired of doing the wrong one.

I think with hindsight of not just that season but season 11 and 12 too, the last line of the episode basically shows where Dean is for the rest of the show from this point. With his self-reflection on being a demon underway, and that it gave him clarity (as he said in 10x03) to see a lot of their messed up stuff, and after that he doesn’t want to fall pray to the darkness (lower case at that point :P) again.

He decides to try the better way here, but he’s just completely messed up by the Mark, which was why he couldn’t give Kate a fair chance for most of the episode, always being ready to kill her and not giving her the benefit of the doubt - she walks out the episode alive but only because she escaped them, and she’s not a friendly monster they could ever count as an ally without an other episode to repair all this damage Dean did.

I think it’s showing he’s had the learning experience from being a demon, and he’s going to try and put it in action as much as possible, but he still can’t actually *do* anything about it until he doesn’t have the Mark any more. He’s so messed up by it that even when he wants to do the right thing and is tired of getting it wrong, in an episode where he should have been all compassion and understanding if he’d actually learned and was able to put it in action…

Side note - not like in 8x04 where he HAD changed because of Purgatory and Benny, and was the one to suggest they let her go… Looks redundant to do this characterisation but the point THERE was just letting a monster go good/bad? but here it’s a lot more about the inner darkness - what she did to her sister, that people died as a result of this direct Dean actions with Gadreel parallel thingy she had going on, etc. It was less that she was a monster because I think they would still have let a truly innocent monster live especially if Dean was allowed to see them as innocent, but he was having trouble processing the nuances of that darkness, and because it was so on the nose to what he did and he was embarassed and self-loathing about his actions, he couldn’t see her innocence, or her actions as sympathetic, because doing messed up stuff to save your sibling? The kind of crap that turns bad and causes all the darkness he just dealt with.

And I think it might be worth paralleling to Max, in 12x20, how he stopped him in the moment but afterwards was helpless to stop his free will to go do it anyway once they left him behind, and I guess grimly accepting this is what people do when they have access to a magical way to fix dead and dying family…

Anyway. I really like this line because I think it does set up Dean’s arc for the next few seasons. In season 10 he’s at a serious disadvantage to do anything about it, but the season is full of Dean’s coping mechanisms and at least for the first ¾ going along with anything he thinks might help, and working hard to dig himself out. At the end when he loses hope, he knows the “wrong thing” is sinking back into being demon!Dean, and so before it can happen, he goes to talk to Death and make arrangements to save himself from going back; this line goes right to the end of the season in that way, and I think from the perspective of Dean’s characterisation, season 10 is pretty good at keeping on a track; there’s STUFF I’d have liked to be explored and think was maybe dropped or not given the attention it needed but what they actually ended up writing, events aside, specifically about how Dean reacted and changed, is pretty clear and well-written.

In season 11 without the Mark, and even with Amara’s external threat, he does start trying to change and do better and he’s immediately more balanced without it, and trying to make amends. He starts communicating properly after the midseason, and his determination to do the right thing shows with him prioritising Cas in trouble, and eventually the big stadium event talk with Chuck and Amara, he seeks a way that feels RIGHT: the old way of sacrifice might have FIXED things at least in the urgent world is ending need to do something right now way, but in the moment he took the initiative to keep on trying to talk it out and find a way that FELT right. I don’t think Dean would EVER talk his way out of sacrificing himself when he believed it was right to do it; that that wasn’t selfish motivation to live, but that it felt WRONG to him to end it this way, and that there was a better way to do this, which he found.

And now in season 12 Dean’s in a weird place where he’s the one who achieved all that doing things right-ness finally and concluded his own personal arc and gained massive experience points, levelling up all sorts of personality traits in the process. And I kind of think that his season has been about trying to do the right thing, especially about the interpersonal relationships, when it comes to everyone and everything around him. Mittens has been keeping a closer eye on this than me, but Dean carries on being right about his gut feeling about many things and is a sort of beacon of what is right, even more than usual (after all, God appointed him to look after the Earth and said he was the best guy for the job). I’m hoping this bears out through the end of the season but at least his feeling about the BMoL is completely true and now firmly proven to others, though we knew longer than HE even did :P

He’s also been communicating well, for example the brilliant conversation at the end of 12x10 where he really lays out the truth to Cas about why he’s been angry with him, or, well, many times he reaches out to Cas either about their relationship or other stuff… And with Mary, he tried to be open and honest with her as much as he could to start with, especially that conversation about being a hunter at the end of 12x01 - and even when she bolted before he could get to opening up about the really hard stuff. He needed his illusions shattered, which happened at the end of 12x02, and ideally if she’d stayed, after 12x03 they might have had a better talk once he was less stunned by her presence and treating her like the saint!mary he imagined, but she left. He still in contact with her, being shown to be the one who texted her, and was playing Words With Friends, attempting to keep a line open on their relationship even if it now had to be handled at great length and like it was fragile glass with how much she could deal with from them. He was TRYING to rebuild from the ground up, and by constantly being the one reaching out, he’s put in the position of being the one holding his arms open on the relationship, again, the one trying to do the right thing, with all the emotional resources available to him. And I think in general has shown a much greater awareness of how other people are doing.

He also starts his frantic Cas panic at the point in several seasons past he was only in the occasionally praying to him or being grumpy that he hadn’t called point, moving that whole panic forward to before he gets any hint that something is *actually* wrong, because stuff like Casifer threw him for such a loop and again, 11x23 in the car he makes a point of telling Cas he’s understood he doesn’t always put him first and can get too head up his arse about his and Sam’s problems, so in this season we see him closely attuned to Cas, noticing he sounds weird on the phone and immediately going into the sort of nervous state he was in in season 11 only AFTER he found out Cas was possessed. In 12x19 in the mixtape scene he’s started angry as a knee-jerk response, but he doesn’t let Cas leave before he’s had an extremely open emotional conversation with him, explaining how he feels, which I still frankly can’t believe actually happened. (Sadly also showing the different places they’re at, with Cas taking this conversation as a sign he HAS to kill Kelly on Dean’s behalf to protect him from doing something awful)

TBH even something like the conversation in 12x15 where he casually talks about Lucifer being locked in the cage in front of Crowley counts for him inadvertantly telling Crowley what the RIGHT thing to do was and putting Crowley in a position to sweat about what Dean would think if he knew… (Which has of course not worked out for Crowley, so he’s probably glad Dean never KNEW to give him the speech that would now give Dean a free “told you so” even if of course he knows full well he deserves one and he was RIGHT THERE being inadvertently scolded by Dean without him knowing - see what I mean about him being a beacon? :P)

I think it’s still trial and error (he gets over-confident about both the Colt and the security of their home despite some really obvious home invasions, starting with Toni getting into the Bunker and shooting Sam at the beginning of the year) but being the emotional POV of the show more than Sam, whose characteristic of being reserved has really shot him in the foot for representing himself the same way, this is his arc - becoming a reliable line through the season of what is the right thing to do, or at least trying to find better ways to do things.

And he’s not successful at changing minds but he also has been using emotional maturity in making middle ground (… eventually, in the cases of arguing with Cas and then Mary, needing to have a moment of realisation when he thought she was going to get killed in 12x14) and especially with Sam in 12x15, not fighting openly when it was something that could have caused a massive brother rift, as we’ve dealt with in many seasons where they disagree and fight. Dean still voiced his issues with everything and made it clear he was going along with it for Sam’s sake but he didn’t try to stop or argue Sam out of it, just pointed out everything he didn’t like about the situation whenever it came up so that Sam knew where he stood about it.

I’ve seen a few complaints Dean hasn’t had much to do all season - Sam either, tbh but that’s a separate issue and I’m still at “just let him go scream in the woods for chrissakes” rather than a clear meta picture :P - and I think at least for Dean his arc has been pretty clearly laid out and in almost every episode he’s been dealing with it. For example the most Dean-centric episode, 12x11, dealt with his nature that at the end of the day when you take everything else away, Dean saves the day with an innate knowledge of when to act, and that hunting evil is in his blood, but so is a well of kindness and understanding that is behind his sense of right and wrong. Being down in season 10 and having just watched season 9, I remember how *broken* Dean was very clearly, and how his sense of right and wrong was genuinely damaged because, well, there was darkness in him. His sense of justice was damaged, but season 11 showed him conquering it and finding a better way… I think season 12 is showing this in action, which is possibly why he’s had this seat in the middle of everything, watching everyone else’s actions and moving through the events as the season really just as its emotional narrator as it falls to pieces around him and even Sam goes and takes strong actions like going with Mary to the BMoL in 12x14 and telling Dean he’s working with them in 12x16. Anyway I think this season has done an awful lot to sell the weight of Dean’s opinion and to build him up like this, and I think it’s a really important and validating character arc for him… Although he was technically free of the Mark since season 11, this IS the first season without some dark pull on him since season 9 and though his goodness was made obvious again very quickly in season 11 because we needed to know we could root for him again, I really think this season is building back up his sense of self, and posing it in opposition to the other characters.

(I feel like when the season’s over I might revisit this with a detailed look at him vs ALL the other main characters on this thread but for now have a “this is where I’m at anyway” post)

Digs up all the information on Syndra that Riot has released that I can get my grubby little hands on, and gives a million opinions about it… Enjoy:

  • Syndra is confirmed to be speculated as omnipotent, or close to. Confirming my headcanon that Syndra is omnipotent, and that I’m not pulling shit out of my ass when I say it so it doesn’t sound like I’m just trying to to make her stronger than everyone else.
  • Following this, she is still limited (much like Xerath) according to her wiki. She is apart of a omnipotence paradox, which I always assumed she was as well. I’ll let you google it, as it’s a hell of a read; but simply put, she is omnipotent but if she cannot use all of this power (which she cannot, since she is only human) then she is not ‘omnipotent’. But she is…. No one tell her this. LMAO.
  • Syndra was originally supposed to be named Sym, and I’m just putting that here because I think that’s absolutely hilarious.
  • Syndra’s parents were not magical, confirmed. Wherever she got her magic, it was not hereditary. Which has always been a headcanon of mine as well, you can’t just ‘pass down’ omnipotence in my opinion (unless she one of her parents were a God and the other human lmao). While nothing is said on canon, I believe very strongly that she gained her power from the Gods (Celestials) themselves in a past life as I think reincarnation is much more up Riot’s alley than making one of Syndra’s parents a God.
  • Syndra’s name in influenced by a phrase / word that means ‘of/by/for one self’ which I feel reflects very strongly on her personality. She does things alone, and has lived a life alone taking control of her own path when others tried to take it from her. She does not trust, and only places that trust in herself. I always wondered what Syndra’s name was supposed to mean / derive from, but I feel finding this out was all I hoped for in the result. It really solidifies the character I’ve built around her, and I’m very glad for that!
  • There’s a Rioter that vaguely talks about Syndra not knowing where her magic comes with, and how it just flows in her / around her and she has always simply accepted it. They mention that if she knew the source, if she discovered where her magic is from, that she could reach her full potential (omnipotence, as describe earlier). This is only headcanon based, but I believe Syndra cannot find the source as it’s not of this world and as I described earlier, from the Gods themselves. I don’t believe in this lifetime, for Syndra, that she will ever reach unlimited power. She will be restrained until she is in a form fit for someone of omnipotence, and it is clear that that is impossible to attain on Earth (Runeterra) as Xerath failed and he gained a body similar to that of a Demi-God and he is the most powerful champion (hand-in-hand with Syndra, ofc).
  • Here’s a good one, where Syndra got her title of ‘Sovereign’ from. Clearly, it was self imposed as it reflects her story (according to canon) and her thoughts of supremacy over most (her queenly attitude). Her story is about asserting control over things that were held from her—her own fate, her magical ability, and her current home and fortress. Sovereign also implies a degree of supremacy, which she believes she has due of her power and her position in the world, literally and symbolically. I think that’s very cool, as it reflects why she believes herself better than most in my portrayal and why she carries herself so highly.
  • In the Justicar Syndra skin the “Mantle of Decorum“ symbols resemble a design in her spheres, Mantle of Decorum is a highly decorated regard to those most esteemed in Ionia (Karma and Irelia both have it in their design). I will use this as a reason to change my headcanon, that Syndra had redeemed herself with Ionia and they are on good terms. I do not know HOW she redeemed herself in Ionia, that’s a headcanon I’ll have to think up later. However, it’s very interesting to learn that she would actually be on good terms with Karma, Irelia, and Ionia itself. I think Syndra sees no issue in how Ionia is, as long as they have no issue with how she is.
  • I say this because I recently found there’s very little corruption in the actual Elders of Ionia as I previously though, and instead have an assumption that Syndra was simply the victim of bad luck. That the school she was sent to was corrupt, and thus skewed her path.
  • Ionia has an Elder from each province, they go through a trial called The Distinction. Schools from each area send their best and most skilled students, and that leads me to be curious. Why was Syndra not sent? Was Syndra mistakenly sent to a school that was not held under that jurisdiction? Or was the school simply corrupt and hiding it? She was noted as skilled beforehand, and incredibly powerful.
  • Syndra had physically attacked her master as she demanded the seal be lifted, and again after he threatened her (killing him). Was there some hostility between the two beforehand if she assaulted him before he had even threatened her. And why was he threatening her? It seems hardly the type of thing someone in Ionia would do when teaching their students, and furthers my belief this school was either corrupt or not held under Ionia’s jurisdiction (especially if the threat is as harsh as to ‘strip her of all her magic’, that is most definitely not Ionia’s ideals in this type of situation)…I lean towards corrupt, as I believe the elders of Syndra’s village would not bring her to an unknown school.
  • Her headdress is a symbol of ‘divinity’, I think that this is a reference to her using her omnipotence for the greater good and a reference to her lighter / paladin like magic.

Hi I’m Bambi and I am so fucking terrified of writing starters because I don’t even know where my head is and I feel awful about my Komaeda portrayal!!

Imagine waking up from a nightmare and going to Sam.

Fandom: Supernatural

Warnings: none


tagging @sam-winchester-imagines

Gif does not belong to me.

  • “I know it’s like 3 a.m., but I really need you right now so move your ass over and make me some space to  lie down.”
    “You wanna talk about it…?”
    “Good, cause I really need to rest.”
    “Aww, does Sammy need his beauty sleep?”
  • “Why are you stealing my blanket? You brought your own!”
    “Oh, shut up, Sammy, it’s cold and you’re a gentleman.”
  • He mutters something under his breath and turns away from you, immediately falling back asleep. His soft brown locks are too much to resist,  and you end up playing with his hair, careful not to wake him up. Besides, the hair was on your side of his pillow.
  • The pleasant feeling and soft breathing coming from the other side of the rather small bed made you sleepy. The coziness was melting your bones and you could swear you wouldn’t make it out of the bed in the morning, as you were becoming one with it.
  • Waking up from the next nightmare was very quick and very sharp. It took you awhile to  detach from the dream and notice a concerned looking  Sam shaking you.
  • “You okay?” he asked, visibly worried, even though the only light in the room was coming from an electronic clock beside the bed.
    “Yeah, sure. Just one hell of a dream.”
    “Maybe now you wanna talk about it?”
    “Nah, I… I’m okay. It’s just the memories from our latest case, this bloody mess…”
  • He doesn’t respond, instead laying you back down on the mattress and tugging up the blankets. You nestle yourself by his side, allowing him to hug you closely to his chest in a soothing motion.
  • He smelt like vanilla, and you wondered if it was his shampoo. You were pretty sure he wouldn’t notice if you stole a little bit from his bottle.
  • Even though he tried to stay awake to make sure you were gonna be okay, he fell back asleep minutes later. You couldn’t blame him though – the last hunt had taken all of you to your limits and Sam was the one working the most. Without his hard work and literal digging  through the monstrous piles of antique books, more people would have died.
  • With your head pressed to his chest, you could feel the even rhythmic beating of his heart.
  • You wondered when the last time he got scared by a stupid nightmare, like a kid, was. Dean would tease you for weeks if he found out.
  • You dropped looking for the answer quickly.
  • If it was your ticket to this position, you would certainly be okay with that.
In Case of Emergency - Sebastian Stan x Reader

Summary: You get a little overwhelmed by emotions whilst Sebastian is away. 
Warnings: Just a pile of fluff tbh.
Word count: 1423
Tagging a few of my favourite writers: @jarnesbrnes , @bovaria , @imaginingbucky , @wlntrsldler , @thenightmarebeforesam 

A/N: Okay, so here it goes. This is the first thing I’ve ever written fiction-wise off my own back, and I’ve been thinking about starting to write for a while now because I did enjoy it when I had to do it at school. I’m pretty scared to post this, and it’s probably not very good, I’m always messing up my tenses and I haven’t studied English as a school subject for over a year so I’m pretty rusty! I’m sorry if Sebastian’s too OOC, I couldn’t really think of any endearments or petnames he’s use, and I’m sorry that he’s not in it as much as he probably could’ve been! I think I might’ve requested this on a page before, I can’t remember but if I did please don’t take offence, I just wanted to try my hand at writing something and I love the idea. I’m just going for it and hoping for the best right now, I hope you enjoy this, message me what you think! 

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3...2...1...Let's Color Pie

Few works of science fiction have captured the fun, drama, and action of the space western as well as Cowboy Bebop. Few works of fiction, period, have developed such a unified sense of style either; music, editing, color, movement, all work in unison to provide one of the fullest experiences anime has to offer.

If you haven’t entered the world of Cowboy Bebop yet, then bookmark this page, go watch it, and come back later. You’ll be doing yourself a service. And you’ll also understand this article, which will be looking at the color pie identities of the six main characters. Buckle your seatbelts, folks, and let’s jam.

Spike Spiegel

Despite wearing a navy suit, Spike is stoked by the fires of Red mana. Spike follows his gut, having little patience for the investigative part of bounty hunting. He’s reckless, rude, brash, and bawdy, and that’s why we love him. Anger drives him to compete with the cowboy Andy; apathy means he won’t bother chasing down Faye.

Spike’s central narrative, however, reveals his strongest passion: Julia. Spike used to be a hitman in the Red Dragon syndicate, but fled with Julia to pursue their love. This doesn’t work out, but Spike still jumps at any clue of Julia’s location. Emotional loyalty is one of the Reddest traits there is.

Spike’s whirlwind emotions and martial prowess solidify him as a mono-Red character.

Jet Black

In his old life, Jet Black was a hardboiled detective on Ganymede. He earned the nickname “Black Dog,” because once he got a lead, he would bite down on a case and never let it go. As a lawman, Jet was mono-White. But a betrayal by a trusted colleague left Jet physically, and emotionally, damaged.

Jet shut himself off from others. His independence and self-reliance grew out of loneliness. A pragmatic Jet Black rose from the ashes of his police days, giving us a bounty hunter with many Black traits supporting his White ones. Jet still aims to uphold the law, but now he does so with the lawlessness of the bounty hunter. His friendship with Spike tests trust constantly, Jet always skeptical of the motives of others.

Stuck between his past ideals and a realization that the world isn’t so tidy, Jet showcases the conflicts within a White/Black identity.

Faye Valentine

Ceaseless flirt, addicted gambler, and people-user. Faye Valentine is a paragon of Black/Red when we first meet her. She teams up with the Bebop crew when it’s convenient for her, often double-crossing Spike and Jet. Faye is running from debt collectors, hitmen, other bounty hunters, and more. She trusts no one, letting her wild life and in-the-moment desires propel her through the cosmos.

In the middle of the series, however, we’re exposed to this other side of Faye. She was cryogenically frozen decades ago, awoken in a world with no memory of her past. We discover Faye’s central drive: finding her place in this new world of space colonization and outlaws. Faye works hard to dig up the mysteries of her past, diligently putting the pieces together. Ultimately, however, Faye realizes she can never reclaim that part of her life. She must continue to look to the future and reforge her life.

Jetsetter Faye Valentine is introduced as a hedonistic Black/Red character, but her character develops a subtle Blue streak as well.

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

The hacker Radical Edward is certainly the strangest member of the Bebop crew. Orphaned on the ruins of Earth, Ed is a computer genius that uses her skills to solve numerous problems in the bounty hunter lifestyle. She’s centered in Blue, using logic, reason, and technology to hack her way into our hearts.

Except when she isn’t. Sometimes Ed seems like a genius. Other times she acts almost feral, growling and howling along with Ein. These are classically Green traits, though Ed also displays Green’s naïve willingness to accept what it sees as truth. She whines and screams, hugs and hassles, showcasing her emotional Red side as well.

“Eccentric” doesn’t quite cover Ed’s Blue/Red/Green personality, which eventually takes her from the Bebop as weirdly as it brought her to the ship.


Arguably the most loveable character on Cowboy Bebop, Ein the corgi that joins the crew early in the series. Most of the time Ein is busy doing dog things like eating and barking and peeing. You know, the Green stuff that makes animals animals.

But Ein has a secret. He isn’t just some Green animal. Ein is a genetically engineered data dog, meaning his brain and whatnot has been altered by science to be super-smart. Science making you a genius? Reeks of Blue. Ein is so smart that he’s even displayed better hacking talents than Ed. None of the crew ever recognizes Ein’s intelligence, leaving him to solve problems here and there unnoticed.

As a genetically enhanced genius-animal, Ein is solidly Green/Blue.


Vicious is Spike’s rival in the series, though they used to be best friends when they worked for the Red Dragon syndicate. This friendship fell apart, however, when a woman got between them. Both Vicious and Spike had a thing for Julia, and Vicious is the one responsible for thwarting Spike’s escape with her.

Remaining in the syndicate, Vicious soured over the years and became even more violent. He has a harsh personality, cutting down anyone who gets in his way. Without Spike or Julia, Vicious is left to fight only for his own power. He eventually usurps the leaders of the Red Dragon, naming himself the sole inheritor of the criminal organization.

Vicious’s brutality and lust for power darken him as a classically mono-Black villain.

See You, Space Cowboy

Traditional to the western genre, Cowboy Bebop doesn’t feature a whole lot of White-aligned characters. The frontier is a land of outlaws, violence, crime, and survival. Spike and Jet make a classic bounty hunter duo, one reckless and one careful. Faye rides in like a storm to shake things up, while the smarts of Ed and Ein help the crew through their adventures. Vicious fulfils a standard archetype, his cold demeanor foiling Spike’s animated nature.

Until next time, planeswalkers, *bang*

1. The subjugation of women and Earth is one and the same

2. Future Feminism requires the participation of all people

3. Enforce a global standard for the rights and ethical treatment of women

4. Identify biological differences between the sexes and draw individuals into greater accountability on the basis of their predispositions

5. Relieve men of their roles as protectors and predators

6. Redefine the societal roles of women and men is response to present conditions

7. Advocate for feminine systems in all areas of government

8. Build political structures using a circular model

9. Repattern societies to nurture the resurgence of biodiversity

10. Feminize male-centric language

11. Deconstruct the mythology of male spiritual supremacy

12. Restore the female archetype as central to creation

13. The future is female

So I kept finding articles about Future Feminism and their art show and performances and there was tons of talk about the 13 tenets of future feminism, but nobody would ever just list them all. The image above is the only one I could find with all of them written together, but almost every site has it in a really small resolution and with parts blocked out, it was hard to read. All the tenets were also carved into rose quartz for a show, but no site or article actually have pictures of each one. The best I got was one that went all the way up to 7. These tablets were also really hard to read.

External image

So with some digging and some work: above are the 13 tenets of future feminism. My curiosity is satisfied. Image largely for legitimacy. Click for a higher resolution. I’m mainly posting this just because I went through the effort of digging it all up so I might as well share.

katislost  asked:

I dig that so hard. Like when at work Alex has so much shit to do and focus on so there are papers everywhere on his office desk almost like his own chaotic hurricane that only he can navigate. But because growing up he never felt like he had control of his home life, his house is overly organized and excessively clean as if to say nothing can go wrong as long as my home is kept perfect. Nothing can destroy this if nothing os out of place. & that would honestly make him both healthy 4 TJ and 🔁

basically, but his house has that eerie like show room feel to it. Nothing looks like its even been breathed on and if someone moves something its going to be a hurricane of anger. I think the idea of needing to be in control in his home is very important. Like he might not care too much how people see him as all over the place and manic but as long as he has his house under control he feels good.