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Hellooooooo my favourite writer on this site :) Could I please have 7 with the ever attractive yoongi? Thank you in advance ^_^

seven_a scared kiss

yoongi was a rather reserved person. physically, mentally… emotionally. it’s like he’ll opt for swallowing emotions down his chest, letting it sink till it reaches the bottom and deeper. digging until it reaches to the depths and crevices of the unknown, burying in and refusing to budge even if he tried.

but with you, yoongi’s walls break. the locks and chains disappearing and laughing at the thought of appearing if you were within sight, reach, breath. yoongi’s eyes open and the darkness dissolves in your eyes when you’re so close to him. air fills his lungs, relief flushes through his veins, the soft calling of his name gently taps against his eardrums with such delicacy that he melts at your touch cradling his face, as if you’re holding him together before he falls apart.

he knows you don’t know what exactly is poking at his heart but he does know you know something is wrong. and for someone, to know so much, by just looking into his eyes, yoongi lets go. he lets you hold onto him like the lifeline keeping him down. he lets you kiss him so it brings out the words he needs to say. he feels at home at the way you press your lips to his, with such firmness that it shakes away the tremble lingering, swallowing away the fear and filling him in with assurance, yoongi only opens his eyes seconds after your lips pull away from his.

but your hands stay.

his… find the path around your waist, pulling you closer despite already being so. he’s pressed to your stomach when you have the higher height benefit of standing while him, seated on the sofa. your hand stroke the back of his head, in a slow trance-like pace that tingles down his spine, with a certain warmth expanding from his chest, even more when your other hand starts to rub circles against his back.

yoongi doesn’t know how long you hold him like that.

all he knows is you’re holding him, refusing to let him fall if it’s in your capability and that keeps yoongi together.

Little Rebellions: Navy Pearl

Summary: A weapon cannot be controlled by its creator.
Author’s Note: Warnings for some stuff about war, PTSD and physical assault.


Pearl had never been as good as the other pearls.

It wasn’t that she was defective. At least, not in any real way. Her gem wasn’t misshapen, she was well behaved, she always tried her best. There weren’t any obvious failures in her functioning. She just… wasn’t as good.

She tried to be as polite as she was meant to be, but she always slipped up. Let some emotion show on her face, forgot the correct addresses, got her words all confused and jumbled up. And she wasn’t as quick as the others. She didn’t learn the dances as swiftly, needed more time to memorise the patterns. She was slower with her chores, more methodical. Every time she realised her mistakes she’d panic— she’d dig herself deeper, or trip up, or make a mess, or say the wrong words, or—

She just always made it worse.

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I give Marvel no cookies for the Q&A. Cute on his part or not, they should stop making her so prevalent. Not only is her playing that character controversial but she keeps digging it deeper. They do remember there are other actors in this movie?

I haven’t kept up with anything today @umarfaltineanon.  Do we know if Chiwetel, Mads, Benedict Wong and Rachel are going to be at the LA premiere?  Are they doing promo at all?


There may be no one closer to you in the world right now than I.