digging deeper

on the third years and love

and here we are again, after another heart-wrenching episode. There are a lot of things I want to talk about, here – parallels, predictions, confirmed theories, but most importantly love.

Love has always been at the core of this series – after all, it’s called Love Live. Which is why this episode has hit us all so strongly, really. But I’d like to dig a little deeper into the why and the how of things.

I’ll jump to the heart (heh) of things to begin with, where probably all of you are most interested. This episode was filled with the substance that makes up the relationship between Kanan and Mari, and finally we get to see all that foreshadowing and secret keeping unfold into its inevitable conclusion.

more under the cut, and like always, spoilers up till episode 9.

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Dig a hole to the other side of the earth.If you dig deeper, you might reach near Brazil. 


Tip #1 to Tap Into Barakah in the Workplace: Set the Right Intentions

Let’s be more conscious about our intentions. Before starting a project, let’s ask: “Why? Why am I doing this?” Initially, you may come up with the obvious answer of “because I have to” or “because my boss told me to”. But, dig deeper, “What is the end result of doing this work? Who will benefit? How will my work help them and improve the quality of their lives?” Spend a few minutes doing this exercise and notice the enhancement in how involved and deeply spiritually connected your work would be as your intentions become clarified.

Source: ‘Why Do We Need Barakah At Work and Where Can We Find It?’ by Mohammed Faris – http://proms.ly/2bURPAh

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Simon has said that he and Josh were born in the same year in multiple videos? I personally spent my whole time in school with kids one year older than me, it's not unusual for kids to jump up or down grades like that. It's understandable that people jump to conclusions when it comes to youtubers since some of them don't like to reveal their ages but it's weird cause he has actually said he was born in '92 so there's no need to dig any deeper on it? I don't get people sometimes..

exactly. people are getting the wrong information probably because they google it and most pages about him say that he was born in 1993 😒


A beautiful video essay about the cinematographic coding of the romance in Carol (2015) dir. Todd Haynes

If you needed a reason to cry tonight this is it

Digging Deeper

After a few weeks of research, all the information that she had gathered were laid out in front of her and quite frankly, it was perplexing. She knew the Ashford surname was familiar. Wesker kept bragging about how he obtained a new virus from an Ashford woman a few months after the Raccoon City incident. The consultant was also right when she said she had seen Alfred before, portraits of the Ashford family were hung around the Umbrella facility she used to work at. 

In addition to talking about the T-Veronica virus, Wesker also boasted that his rivals were dead too so how did two people survive a self destruct sequence and continue civilian life in plain sight? Were they planning something nefarious in the neighbourhood?  

All these answers she dug up recently didn’t quench her curiosity, it only made it grow and she had to go there in person to settle it once and for all. Leon strongly protested against it but she managed to persuade him that it was ‘for the greater good of mankind’ and that prevention was better than cure.

It was a pity he had a training scheduled during the time period she had planned to go to LA to confront the twins as she knew he would always back her up. “Be careful.” were his last words to her before he departed and she smiled, wasn’t she always cautious?


The rental car pulled up to the driveway a couple of hours after midnight when the occupants of the house inside were most likely deep asleep. Parking the vehicle as far away from the dwelling as she could, Ada killed the engine and stepped out, feeling the cool night air wash over her. It almost felt like she was back in her spying days. Tonight she was just simply geared with her hookshot and a few other equipment that were small but efficient.

Walking as quietly as she could, she eyed her surroundings which was just as stated in the blue prints. Garage to her left and the main home in front. Ada could see that the lights inside the house were switched off which made sneaking around easier. Her feet carried her over to the nearest window and she peeked inside. She could make out a cosy living room and a kitchen at the back but there was a room at the side which caught her interest as she could see light streaming out from the bottom of the door. 

The Asian woman strolled over to the side of the house where that room was and found that there weren’t any windows to that room. How peculiar. As she carried on sauntering, she realized she was at the back of the house now since the swimming pool was currently in her line of sight. 

If her calculations were right, she was directly under one of the bedrooms right now and taking out her grappling hook, she fired the head and it embedded itself in the roof. Pulling the trigger, the cable hoisted her upwards and she landed with quiet thump. She balanced herself on the edge and gracefully tip-toed over to where the window was before kneeling down on the roof tiles. 

She took out her phone and connected a cable to the bottom of the device and snaked the wire down to the window. Her smartphone’s screen flickered to life and she was now seeing a live feed from her portable camera. Switching to night vision mode, she silently smiled as the bedroom was currently unoccupied. 

Just to make sure, Ada traversed to the other side of the roof where the second bedroom was and repeated the process. This room had one of the twins sleeping in them but she couldn’t tell if it was the male or female sibling. Most likely it was Alfred since he told her some time back that his sister fell asleep in unexpected places. 

Ada returned back to the first bedroom and secured herself to the roof with her hookshot once more before slowly lowering her body down to the window’s level. She could see the latch at the side which presumably allowed the glass to swing outwards to her and she pulled out another equipment which she inserted through the gaps near the latch.

There was a soft pop as the window dislodged slightly and the ex-spy pulled the window open fully. The floor was carpeted and she swung herself into the bedroom with a faint thud. It was decorated femininely with hints of pinks and purples from the pale moonlight that was shining into the room and she surmised that this was Alexia’s space. Out of courtesy, she shut the window again.

Glancing around, she saw the door to her left and a door in front of her which would led to the stairs. Ada took a left and she was greeted by a small walk-in wardrobe that was plain and simple. There was no hidden sliding panel that would led to a secret room anyway. However, there was another door in the closet and she opened it to the sight of a bathroom. Two more doors were present in the toilet and Ada didn’t need to investigate the one in her line of sight to know that it was Alfred’s wardrobe.

Instead, Ada opened the door to her right which led to a small passageway to the stairs. Thankfully, it was carpeted as well and she didn’t have to put in much effort to muffle her footsteps. She made a beeline to the mysterious room on the ground floor and kneeled down on the ground again to push a little bit of the portable camera under the door. 

On the screen, it showed a blonde woman sleeping on a little cot in the middle of the room. To the left was a desk with a computer on it along with some filing cabinets at the side and to the right, was a bookshelf. Near the top of the room, she saw a security camera. Good thing she didn’t walk straight in. This room had all the furnishings of a laboratory and Ada didn’t like it one bit even though she didn’t see any samples or fancy lab equipment.

Having seen enough, Ada stowed her gear and stood up, roaming to the couch in the living room and sitting herself down on the cushy fabric. Now she would have to wait till morning and she took the time to close her eyes to meditate. 

I admit it; it’s my fault for asking you out. It’s my fault for wanting to dig deeper, to solve the puzzles and fill the missing pieces. For trying to understand your expressions, to figure out the truth of your emotions. For having the urge to make things right, to ensure you’ll always have a good night. For having the need to remember every little detail, to have you by my side. But I don’t get to choose if I were to fall for you. I could’ve done the same for another and still not feel the same with you. It’s not my fault for loving you.
—  kaelenhoon, Different Choice

We need to fall out of love with the need for human approval and acknowledgement. We need to fall out of love with the desire in our hearts to be noticed and praised. We were not designed to pine for the validations of others, but for the validation of One, and One only. We desire to be close to the King, but instead of applying the necessary daily disciplines, we put our earthly wants ahead of our spiritual needs, and allow ourselves to become focused on that which will soon fade away. The deeper we seek after the adoration and affections of man, toiling, performing and creating for the praise - the deeper we dig our hole, and in turn, distance ourselves from the relevance and necessity of God. We’re a tag focused generation - more interested in how trendy something is instead of how much we genuinely like it. We are a generation chasing the quick fix, rather than patiently seeking a long term impact. We’re a group of people fixated too intently on finding the next big thing, eating at the next hip café and posting the next popular quote on social media platforms, to gain whatever validation it is we are hoping and aiming for. When did we become so caught up in this ego-stroking pattern of reliance and dependence on all the wrong words from all the wrong places? When did we lose our sense of holy worth, and start playing hide and seek with God and His promise that He is indeed, enough? We’re on the fast burn track to burying ourselves as a generation who lent to hard on the opinions of strangers, and swayed too far from the truths of His word. People will come and go, their views will bend and waiver.. So why do we put such great emphasis on doing, being, seeing and living for the acceptance of something so fleeting and temporary? It’s time we set our sights on something more eternal than being what we believe others want us to be, and start grinding our gears to reach the potential that God knows we have within us. We are called to place emphasis on His thoughts and His ways. It is in focusing on doing our best and being our best for Him, that we lose the shackles of performance, and start to live an authentic and influential life.

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The thing about Scream, is when they reveal a killer, it all makes sense. You can go back to episodes and suddenly realized it. The killer even explains why they are so crazy and what made them do the things they are doing.

Pretty Little Liars, they just keep digging themselves deeper and deeper into a hole they can’t get out of. The choices they make don’t make sense the majority of the time, and they don’t take the time to improve. 


I watched this great short documentary today that focuses on the issue of shadeism and how it impacts womyn of color, from all over the globe.

 Watch the full documentary here.