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  • "Bonjour. Is this Rite Aid? Yeah, I’d like to check on a couple of items if I could. I’m looking for absinthe, Valerian root, and, oh, oh! What is your featured crepe batter??!" 
You Deserve the World (Lafayette x Reader)

Request: “24 with Lafayette?”

Prompt: “Did I say that out loud?”

A/N: wow I am actually uploading a fic less than a week from the last one ??? who even am i? I hope you guys enjoy! there is Google translated french here so you’ve been warned! Also, make sure to send me requests!!

TW: Alcohol (I think that’s it but again let me know if I missed something)

W/C: 1353


You had become best friends with Lafayette in high school. You two had met junior year of high school when you had an English class together. There was an immediate connection, and the chemistry between you was clearly perfect. You two had trusted each other since the moment you met. You had also been very attracted to him but disregarded it because the chemistry you two had was extremely rare, and you valued having someone you trusted so much.

You had become close friends with his group of best friends. You became friends with Alexander because you let him ramble on and on for hours without interruption. You became friends with Laurens because you understood his TV and movie references, and you both loved turtles. It took a bit longer to become friends with Hercules, since he kept to himself a lot, but eventually, you became friends even though you two didn’t have too much in common.

Though you knew that you and Lafayette were never going to be together, you still had a tiny shred of hope and optimism that one day the curly haired Frenchman would feel the same way and reciprocate those feelings. Your friends teased the two of you all the time because you two couldn’t help but act like a couple since you two were so close. You two would be affectionate, joke around all the time, and even sometimes playfully call each other babe and wink at each other. Laurens had even started a rumor that the two of you were dating, and apparently, everyone had actually believed it. People asked the two of you about your “relationship” for weeks after the rumor started because no one had doubted that the two of you would end up together. You chose to just ignore how you felt until you eventually moved onto someone else.

You were now juniors in college, and the five of you had stayed together all that time. Your feelings for Lafayette were buried so deep that you didn’t even realize you still had them. Of course you were attracted to him, but attraction is normal. Attraction doesn’t go away. You had had several boyfriends from when you had met Lafayette to the present time, but those relationships never really worked out because every guy always felt threatened by your best and closest friends all being males. You didn’t see anything wrong with being friends with guys, but you hadn’t met a man who could handle it.


It was a Friday night which meant that you were meeting the boys at the bar that was closest to your campus. You made your way into the bar and greeted Ernie, the bartender who you had become very fond of.

“Hey, Ernie!”

“Hey, (Y/N)! Looking pretty good tonight! These guys aren’t gonna know what hit them!” he said, with a big smile.

“Thanks, Ern,” you blushed, “Are my boys here yet?”

“Yep, same booth as always!”

You thanked him and made your way over to the booth that your best friends had dubbed as the best booth. They didn’t have any reasoning behind it but decided that this was your booth, and you would all sit there every time you came in.

After an hour or so of drinking and talking, Laurens was absolutely hammered. He was all over every single girl in the bar, including you.

“(Y/N), you are looking fine as hell tonight!” he exclaimed.

“You’re not looking so bad yourself, babe,” you smirked, deciding that flirting wouldn’t hurt.

“Oh my God,” he said turning to Alex, his jaw slack, “Did you hear that? She called me babe!”

“Keep flirting, and there’s more babes where that came from,” you winked.

To your left, you saw Lafayette fidget a bit, but you didn’t really make much of it.

“Next round’s on me, guys!” you said, which they responded to with cheers of joy. You got up to go get some more drinks at the bar. “Five more Sam Adam’s please, Ernie!”

“Coming right up, (Y/N)!”

You decided to sit in a stool while you waited when a handsome man came up to you.

“Now what’s a beautiful girl like you doing all by herself at a bar?” he asked sitting on the stool next to you.

“I’m afraid I’m not alone,” you said, pointing at the booth where your friends sat.

“Ah, well, they wouldn’t mind if I talked to you for a bit, would they?” he questioned, smiling.

“You know what, I don’t think they would.”

“I’m Aaron,” he grinned, holding a hand out.

“(Y/N),” you said, shaking his hand, giving him a small smile.


Lafayette saw that you were flirting with some guy at the bar was trying to ignore it but failing terribly.

“Dude, you have to tell her how you feel,” Herc said, noticing how upset Laf was.

“It’s not that easy, mon ami. She doesn’t see me that way.”

“How can you know for sure if you never make a move?” Alex asked while trying desperately to get Laurens to drink some water. “Come on, Laurens! You’re gonna hate yourself in the morning if you don’t drink water!”

“Look it’s just complicated. I wouldn’t want to ruin the friendship we have,” he said, looking down at his nearly empty bottle.

“You really think (Y/N) would be weird if you told her? She’s literally the most chill person we know! She has to be in order to deal with us! Whether she feels the same way or not, your friendship isn’t in jeopardy,” Hercules assured the Frenchman. “Now go be a French stereotype and do some romancing!”

“You’re right,” he said, before gulping down the rest of his beer and going to go talk to you.

While he neared you, he heard you giggling and saw the man place a hand on your leg, and his jaw clenched.

“Hi, mon ami, could I talk to you outside? Now?” he asked.

“Uh- can it wait? I’m kinda-“ you were cut off by Laf grabbing you by your arm and practically dragging you outside.

“Laf, what the hell?!” you exclaimed. “I was in the middle of a-“

“I’m in love with you.” Your eyes widened and so did his at the forwardness of the sentence. “Oh my… Did I just say that out loud? Cela n'a pas été ce que je devais dire. (That was not what I was supposed to say.) That just- just flew right out of my face. Wow. I’m in love with you. It feels good to have that out there. I am so helplessly in love with you, (Y/N). I am almost sure that I have been since the moment I met you. You are one of the strongest, smartest, and most incredible women that I know. You’re ridiculously beautiful, and it kills me every time I see you. Like just. Wow. Look at you. I’m tired of standing aside and watching you settle for guys who don’t deserve you. That doesn’t mean that I deserve you, by no means. But if you gave me the chance, (Y/N), Je passerais le reste de ma vie à essayer d'être quelqu'un qui est assez bon pour vous. (I would spend the rest of my life trying to be someone who is good enough for you.)” he finished, searching your face for a reaction.

You were in absolute shock. The man you never thought would even bother to think about you that way was just as helpless as you. You stared at him completely speechless.

“(Y/N)? You know what, um, actually just forget I said anything. I’m sorry if I made you feel weird or uncomfortable or any-“ he rambled before you got on your tippy toes and shut him up with a kiss.

“I feel the same way, Laf,” you breathed, with your eyes still closed and your forehead currently resting against his.

“Mon Dieu! That’s the best news I’ve heard all year!” he exclaimed, hugging you tightly. “You deserve the world, ma princesse, and I will try as hard as I can to give it all to you.”