For dinner tonight I made pesto gnocchi with roasted onions & peppers, topped with raw ruby red kraut, avocado and sriracha! This quick and easy dinner is packed with nutrients. The avocado and pesto are high in anti-inflammatory healthy fats, which are great for helping to improve cognitive function. Sauerkraut, like other fermented foods, is full of probiotics which aid intestinal health and boost immunity. As for the gnocchi and sriracha, they’re just good for the soul :)

http://ift.tt/1FxQvPa Acquired a kombucha scoby from a friend today, and I am so pumped to finally try my hand at brewing up some #probiotic deliciousness. 😬 I’ve got all these ideas running through my head as far as flavors and herbal infusion possibilities, buuut I’m gonna try to just keep it simple for this first batch. Don’t wanna get too ahead of myself… 😉
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